Guinness World Record Attempt – Most Bungee Jumps: 60mins

Sunday the 26th of September is set to be a very special day for everybody here at Extreme Element, as we are adding a whole new dimension to our fantastically popular Central London Bungee Jump – we’re officially making it the best!

The roaring success of 2009’s inauguration for the Central London Bungee Jump set us thinking, ‘how can we possibly make it any better?’ Well, with an extra crane thrown in for good measure, we’ve decided to really go for it and make a bit of history…

With an official Guinness World Records adjudicator on hand, we shall be attempting to break a seven year old Guinness World Record for:

The Most Bungee Jumps in 60 minutes by 1 Person.

The Bungee takes place in Pottersfield Park, right next to Tower Bridge and is open to the public from morning till late on the 25th & 26th September. The bungee jump is part of the 2010 London Rat Race – the urban adventure challenge event that turns cities into high adrenaline adventure playgrounds for teams to hike, bike, abseil, climb & kayak across the Capital City.

James Fields, Operations Manager of UK Bungee Club is the fearless man challenged with breaking the current record of 19 Jumps, set in South Africa in 2003. James said: “I spend my life jumping from cranes in my line of work with UK Bungee; so I’m expecting to do around 23-25 in 60 minutes and break the record by at least 3 jumps”.

A 3D film crew for Guinness is also to be on site filming the event as part of a pilot for a new 3D series. Rob Molloy, Director of Guinness TV, said “This fantastic event will kick-start a new 3D series, and we’re hoping the buzz around the bungee and the record will be portrayed in the show.”

Pipa Nogaro, MD here at Extreme Element, said “We’re very excited about the whole event and this year we are doubling our efforts by bringing a second crane to jump up to 600 people. This is just the first step for us, next year we’ll be attempting to break the record for most people jumped in 24 hours, which is currently set at 502”

If you’d like to be part of the event and watch the daring record attempt, you can see all of the availability and book yourself in easily here for either a Single Jump or a Tandem Jump!

There’s just two weeks to go and there’s only a few slots left, so hurry to get your piece of the action!

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  1. Mark Pawlak says:

    I’m up for it! See you there.

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