Guinness World Record – Interview With James Field

Name: James Field
Company UK Bungee Club
Occupation: Operations Director / Jump Master / Site Controller
Record Most Bungee Jumps In 60 Minutes by 1 Person
Date 26.09.2010 at 4pm

Hi James, thanks for talking to us today! So, how excited are you at the Guinness World Record attempt next week?

Hi there, of course I’m buzzing about it, there’s still quite a bit of preparation but I’m excited, for sure.

So are you nervous about it at all?

Only about not beating the record, the jumps don’t bother me!

How many Bungee Jumps do you think you will manage?

We’ve said 23/24/25 as a guide, but I’m hoping to get nearer 30.

Have you done any recent training, or are you just going to ‘go for it’?

I’m going to ‘go for it’ – the only training I’ve been doing involves drinking red wine and eating good food! (Strict schedule…)

How many Bungee Jumps have you done in your life do you think?

More than 500.

Wow, that’s quite a lot! Should be a walk in the park then…How many Bungee Jumps have you done in one day before?

No more than 5 in one day.

Ah, I see. Not so much a walk in the park then…What is the highest you’ve ever Bungee Jumped from?

220metres (721ft)

That’s huge! You must have some serious memories from your time Bungee Jumping, what is your best memory?

Doing it as a job means there have been a lot, but appearing on NBC’s Today Show in America was pretty special. I was the jump master to one of their News Anchors doing a bungee in aid of charity. It was broadcast live to 8 million Americans!

Where in the world have you Bungee Jumped, and where is your favourite?

I mainly jump in the UK and Ireland, but my favourite has to be Verzasca Dam in Switzerland – the same jump that featured on the start of the James Bond film Golden Eye.

How long have you worked with UK Bungee? And what does your role involve?

I’ve worked with UK Bungee for 10years and I’m the Operations Director but also a qualified jump master and site controller.

Thanks very much for talking with us today James, see you there on the 25th & 26th September.

James Field will be attempting to set a new record for The Most Bungee Jumps in 60 Minutes by 1 Person, Using a 6m Cord. The attempt will take place on Sunday, 26th September at 4pm at Tower Bridge, London.

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  1. Pipa says:

    Come on james! Beware if you collapse half way, we’ll throw you from the crane unconscious!

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