Top 10 Activities to Try Before the Weather Changes!

With the weather slowly turning a bit miserable as seen in parts of last weekend’s London Bungee, we’ve comprised a Top Ten list of activities to squeeze in before the end of the summer…

With the weather slowly turning into the colder and more miserable winter months, we’ve devised this ‘to-do’ list to help you get out there and enjoying Blighty’s best bits before it is too late for 2010.

Based on customer reviews by you, seasonal availability and the all round awesomeness of each featured experience, we’ve managed to condense our vast entourage of experiences to this cherry picked list for your enjoyment.

So, to get yourself outside enjoying England’s experiences, we recommend:

1) Bungee Jump (5 Star Customer Rating)

We clearly love a good bungee at Extreme Element. Not just because we’re the UK’s best selling Bungee Jump agent, and not just because we have the annual Central London jump… we just love providing bungees as much as you, the public, love leaping! Based up and down the UK, you have a choice of 160ft, 300ft, Bridge, Indoor and much more!

Availability: Year Round – Age Limit: 14 – Price £49-£150

2) Rage Buggy at Silverstone (Recommended)

The Rage Buggy tickets have been selling like hot cakes ever since they first became available with us around 6 months ago. A muddy track on the grounds of Silverstone Circuit plays host to the 650cc 35bhp off road buggies, where you can race against the clock in groups and experience the thrill of off road buggying in style!

Availability: Year Round – Age Limit: 13– Price £45

3) Ultimate Tank Driving Session (5 Star Customer Rating)

Staying off road but in immensely larger vehicles, you can learn the controls to manoeuvre a Military Vehicle! With an expert at your side, you’ll drive a range of monstrous machines ranging from a 55tonne 700bhp Chieftain Tank to a FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier and more on this 4 hour war time extravaganza!

Availability: March-October – Age Limit: 16– Price £169

4)Fly With a Fighter Pilot (5 Star Customer Rating)

Flying with a Fighter Pilot is one of the most extreme experiences available today, and undoubtedly one of the most memorable for anyone lucky enough to have a go. You’ll be up in the air with an ex-RAF pilot sat behind you, pulling barrel rolls, loop the loop and much more…including flying the plane yourself! The ultimate adrenaline rush for sure.

Availability: Year Round – Age Limit: 16– Price £199

5) Ultimate Powerboat Day (4 Star Customer Rating)

The closest thing to a supercar on water; the Powerboats on offer here are designed to alter the shape of your face…for the good! Once you’ve stopped lip flappingly smiling, and come to terms with the fact that you are flying across the water at ludicrous speeds, the wind in your face makes it simply unavoidable to enjoy the power of each boat on this fantastic full day experience.

Availability: May-October – Age Limit: 16– Price £249

6) 1500bhp Thrill (4 Star Customer Rating)

If you are like us and can’t put your finger on which car you’d choose from a list containing a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Ferrari 360, a Porsche 911 and a Subaru Impreza…why not just drive them all! With an average 0-60mph of just 4 seconds and a qualified instructor in the passenger seat; you’re free to enjoy the pleasure of supercars on a racing circuit for around 2 hours!

Availability: All Year Round – Age Limit: 18 – Price £172

7) Tandem Skydive (5 Star Customer Rating)

Rightly billed as a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience and the top of everybody’s to-do / has-done list, Skydiving is the ultimate celestial choice and is available all year round. Simply turn up at the centre with your adrenaline hat on, strap on to the instructor and relax as he does all the work and you enjoy the best ride on (or off, depends which way you look at it) the planet!

Availability: Year Round – Age Limit: 16 – Price £220-£295

8 ) Discover Jet Ski Session (4.5 Star Customer Rating)

The fantastically manoeuvrable motorbikes of the Water are superb fun and make for a great afternoon out. Suit up in one of the provided wetsuits and experience around 1 hour of high octane, high speed high splashing fun! With a 23 acre lake and a ‘twist and go’ power supply, the hour will fly by for you and possibly your group, as you enjoy the water in style!

Availability: April-Nov – Age Limit: 14 – Price £45

9) High Ropes Course (Recommended)

Slowing it down a little and taking things at ground level, you can enjoy anything from 1 hour to a full day of this giant activity, obstacle adventure course! Safely harnessed in and in your safety gear, you’ll be off on the huge climbing walls, climbing blocks and zip wires, bringing back that feeling of being an adventurous kid again!

Availability: Year Round – Age Limit: 10 – Price £40

10) 30min Helicopter Tour of London (5 Star Customer Rating)

If you’d prefer to let your eyes enjoy the experience more than the adrenaline gauge, a helicopter tour of London will certainly fit the bill. With the instructor flying, you and up to 3 others can enjoy the spectacular sights of our Capital City from a spectacular height – taking in the memorable landmarks in style.

Availability: Year Round – Age Limit: 2 – Price £128

So there you have it, a list of the top 10 activities you could try and experience before the weather turns miserable! Of course, some experiences become more fun in the doom & gloom of rainy days, such as 4×4 Driving, but then there are always the indoor experiences like Indoor Skydiving and Rock Climbing that are totally weather proof!

If you would like some more help with finding or booking the perfect experience day regardless of the weather, Please Click Here to make an enquiry or for our contact information.

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