Half Term Activities, What to do With the Kids!

Struggling for ideas to keep them entertained this half term? Look no further for great ideas of what to do to protect them from boredom this school holiday with our great Half Term Activities Guide!
If you’re struggling for ideas to keep the kids entertained now that School’s Out, why not take some inspiration from some of the great ideas we have to get them outside and even keep them involved way beyond the half term break! We’ve got some great offers on Junior Track Days for the developing young petrol-heads, and some unmissable special offers on Water Sports like Wakeboarding and Jet Skiing in amongst many others including Kite Buggying, Paintballing and Mini Moto !– All in all, you’re sure to find a solution to keep them from boredom and out from under your feet this school holiday…and maybe spark an inspiration for a new hobby!

Discover Indoor Skydiving Enjoy a perfect simulation of freefall with the fantastic indoor skydiving experience! The wind tunnel is commonly used for formation divers and those looking to train without jumping out of a plane every time, and with 2 locations & a 5 star rating – enjoy the safest way to try skydiving!

5 Star – Was £55 – £47 – 2 Locations

Quad Biking Experience Take to the off road on 4 wheels with this awesome Quad Biking experience! Twist and go for the most enjoyable way to traverse the countryside’s contours and tricky terrains, sat on a powerful quad bike at any of 4 locations up and down the UK.

4.5 Star – Was £55 – £47 – 4 Locations

2hr Skiing or Snowboarding on Snow Enjoy skiing or snowboarding on real snow for 2 hours with this fantastic indoor snow slope experience! With real snow at all 3 locations and a giant slope – learn the ropes or polish those skills in time for your winter break holidays!

Unrated – Was £39 – £33 – 3 Locations

2for1 Mountain Boarding Take to the Surrey slopes with a friend on the amazing 2for1 Mountain Boarding experience and enjoy an afternoon of bumps and grinds! The popular off road sport is a big hit with all generations, learning the skills and thrills of the off road skateboard!

5 Star – Was £80 – £40 – 1 Location

Hovercrafting Half Day Use your bodyweight to control the hovercraft on this fantastic half day experience where you’ll learn the skills and techniques to the nippy vehicle! Beat your course times and push your limits on this great hovercraft adventure in Kent!

Unrated – £40 – 1 Location

Discover Jet Ski Session Enjoy an afternoon of excitement onboard the most manoeuvrable motors of the water! The Discover jet ski experience is an awesome taster and insight to the thrilling world of powerboating – whether standing or sitting down; enjoy riding these powerful bikes with expert instruction throughout!

4.5 Star – £45 – 1 Location

Rage Buggy at Silverstone Drive at the UK’s premier racing circuit in a 650cc Rage Buggy and experience the most thrilling venture on 4 wheels at Silverstone! Race against your best time on the dirt track and enjoy an afternoon of muddy marvellous, authentic racing!

Unrated – £50 – 1 Locations

2hr Junior Private 4×4 Tuition The old ones are very often the best, and this old classic 4×4 experience has stood the test of time! Let them learn the basics of driving on an off road circuit and with expert tuition, giving them invaluable driving experience and a truly enjoyable afternoon in the mud!

4.5 Star – £149 – 1 Location

Junior Supercar Thrill Make them the talk of the playground and realise a dream (at a super young age) and let them drive in a supercar! Choose from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Audi R8 and more at any of 3 circuits! Let them learn the basics in the finest cars Europe has to offer!

Unrated – £79 – 3 Locations

Discover Skateboarding Kids will never tire of Skateboarding, so let them learn with a professional from Rubicon at any location you’d like! Let them learn the correct skills and techniques to becoming a top skateboarder in a safe and controlled environment! The Discover Skateboarding can be taken on a weekday or weekend.

Unrated – £35 – 4 Locations

And there we have it, a top 10 list from the many different activities to keep them entertained and try this half term! With taster sessions and experiences to ignite a new hobby, spoil them to an experience they won’t ever forget and maybe start something beautiful! Check out the entire range of Half Term Activities here!

If you would like some more help with finding or booking the perfect experience this school holiday, Please Click Here to make an enquiry or for our contact information.

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