Top 10 Track Days

The UK’s Track Driving Venues are reopening soon, so here’s our top 10 ‘Must Drives’ for this season!

To celebrate the reopening of the UK’s circuits for driving experiences, we have given some care and attention to our track driving menu and navigation – making it much easier to find your perfect track day or birthday gift. It’s easy to get lost for choice with the huge range available, so here is our top 10 based on ratings, tickets sold and overall quality! With so many supercars at so many circuits including Silverstone and Goodwood – it’s not easy to find the perfect experience to realise those childhood dreams…so allow us to help!

Special – Supercar for 1 The best selling track day of the lot is the Special – Supercar for 1, giving drivers their choice of 4 supercars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi R8 & Aston Martin) at 3 different tracks in the UK – how can they go wrong when they can choose it themselves?!

4 Star – Was £99 – £75 – 3 Locations

1500bhp Thrill The magnificent 1500bhp Thrill lets them drive 4 supercars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche & Subaru Impreza) at their choice of 2 tracks in the UK. Drive 4 laps in each of the stunning motors, with a qualified instructor present throughout.

4.5 Star – £179 – 2 Locations

Lamborghini Thrill The single most popular supercar thrill is the Lamborghini, as the incredible power and beautiful styling of the Gallardo is too good to miss! With 500bhp and a 5.0L V10 engine – experience the Italian stallion at any of the 5 available tracks!

4 Star – £99 – 5 Locations

Ferrari Thrill Second only to the Lamborghini Thrill for tickets bought, the Ferrari Thrill is a fantastic Track Day as you can choose between the old favourite F355 or the F360. With around 350bhp and a 3.6L V8 engine – enjoy a Prancing Horse experience at any of the 5 circuits!

5 Star – £99 – 5 Locations

Lamborghini and Rally Thrill The Lamborghini & Rally Thrill is a fantastic value ticket as it provides a superb insight to the world of the supercar and the rally car! Drive the 5.0L V10 Gallardo, and then choose between the Subaru Impreza and the Mitsubishi Evo! Fantastic value!

4 Star – £149 – 1 Location

Aston Martin Extended Thrill Enjoy an extended drive in Britain’s finest, behind the wheel of the 400bhp Aston Martin AMV8! Drive 6 laps of the Staffordshire circuit and enjoy a 2 lap high speed passenger ride to finish! A quintessentially English supercar experience!

4 Star – Was £99 – £85 – 1 Location

Silverstone Thrill Choice Choosing just one supercar to drive at the UK’s premier circuit is no mean feat, especially with a range that includes a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Audi R8 and Single Seater – so let them choose at the time of booking! Leave the choice up to them!

NEW – £120 – 1 Location

Ferrari 599 GTB Thrill The newly added 559 GTB is a monster of a track day as it includes 3 or 4 laps (depending on the circuit) in the awesomely powerful 599 GTB! With a 6.0L V12 engine producing 600bhp and a top speed of 205mph – this is one for the petrol heads!

NEW – Was £155 – £125 – 3 Locations

Aston Martin at Silverstone The fantastic Silverstone Aston Martin combines two of England’s finest driving aspects to create an unforgettable track day – behind the wheel of a British icon at Britain’s world-famous race track! Enjoy 3 laps in the AMV8 with an instructor present!

3 Star – £120 – 1 Location

Americana Driving Experience Second only to Silverstone, Goodwood hosts some of the most exciting and alternative driving experiences – including this awesome American Muscle car trio – behind the wheel of a Mustang GTV8, Chevrolet Corvette and the Dodge Viper! – Supremely powerful vintage machines for the enthusiast with great taste!

5 Star – £271– 1 Location

And there we have it, a top 10 list of the finest supercar track days to experience this season, including the most suitable birthday gifts and the best value for money driving experiences. There’s barely enough stables in the world to house all of this horsepower, so take it to the track and enjoy your choice of the world’s finest – driving on Britain’s finest circuits!

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