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With what has been a pretty freezing cold winter, it’s easy to see how getting outside and enjoy activities may have been difficult! Although we did recommend some great Activities in the Cold, that still doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want to turn off the TV and move away from your cosy lounge… so how about some of the more accessible activities held indoors?

The summer months are fantastic for getting outside and enjoying days out like Bungee Jumping, Quad Biking and Water Sports – but how do you quench the insatiable thirst for a thrill during the bleak winter months? Well, we’ve made a selection of the 15 best Indoor Activities that cover all 5 of our elements – so take a look and keep the adrenaline flame flickering on until the summer…when there’s a whole load of activities waiting to blossom and be enjoyed – like the Tower Bridge Bungee Jump for a start!

Indoor Bungee Jump Well, if you simply can’t wait until the summer to enjoy a bungee, why not travel to Sheffield for a fantastic jump in the Magna Centre! Enjoy the lights, smoke and crazy bunch of adrenaline pumping activities – indoors and all year round! The 150ft Bungee is one of the world’s only indoor jumps, and is a truly unique experience.

5 Star – £50 – Sheffield

Discover Indoor Skydiving Enjoy a perfect simulation of freefall with the fantastic indoor skydiving experience! The wind tunnel is commonly used for formation divers and those looking to train without jumping out of a plane every time, and with 2 locations & a 5 star rating – enjoy the safest way to try skydiving!

5 Star – Was £55 – £47 – 2 Locations

2hr SKiing or Snowboarding on Snow Enjoy skiing or snowboarding on real snow for 2 hours with this fantastic indoor snow slope experience! With real snow at all 3 locations and a giant slope – learn the ropes or polish those skills in time for your winter break holidays!

Unrated – Was £39 – £33 – 3 Locations

The Awesome Foursome Continuing the great indoor adrenaline pumpers, The Awesome Foursome is a combination of 4 of the great activities available at Sheffield’s Magna Centre, including a Zip Wire, Bungee Jump, Abseil & Parachute Simulator! Includes the 150ft Bungee mentioned above, so is great value for 4 activities!

4 Star – £99 – Sheffield

Discover Scuba Diving for 2 Open up a whole new world under water as you learn the basics and more with the great Discover Scuba Diving course. Once you’ve got used to the equipment and learnt the techniques in the pool, you can then decide if you’d like to take it further with a PADI course and really see what’s down below!

Unrated – Was £59 £49 – 5 Locations

Beginners Indoor Rock Climbing These fantastic indoor Rock Climbing experiences are a superb way to get active and learn a new sport, as you’ll have 6 hours in total to ‘get to grips’ with the challenging wall. With a range of courses and walls, you can set the difficulty and take it at your own pace – hopefully sparking a new love for a great sport!

Unrated – £50 – London

Shark Diving This amazing Shark Diving experience allows you to get up close and personal with some of the oldest and most fascinating creatures on Earth, as you can actually swim with all sorts of marine life including Sand Tiger Sharks, Angel Sharks and Tope Sharks in an amazing 4.5 million litre underwater safari which is home to over 2000 other fish – including rays and crabs!

5 Star – £169 – Edinburgh

Rock and Ice Climbing Expanding on the rock climbing outlined above, this superb 4 hour session will include lessons in technique and application – learning how to safely and efficiently conquer the indoor climbing wall before getting to grips with the incredible Ice Wall! Patience, skill and the to-be-learned skills are essential!

5 Star – £89 – Fort William

Air Sphereing for 2 The incredible Air Sphereing is a frightening combination that brings together two of the most popular experiences available – Zorbing
& Indoor Skydiving to make a devilishly extreme activity that more than satisfies the adrenaline gauge for a while! Step in, gear up and get ready for a truly crazy ride!

Unrated – £70 – Milton Keynes

Grand Prix Indoor Go Karting Take to the indoor track and prove your driving skill with the magnificent indoor grand prix Go Karting! Once briefed and geared up, you’ll be racing for around 3 hours, attempting to show your mates exactly who is the don behind the wheel of the 125cc 2-stroke go karts!

Unrated – £45 – 7 Locations

Archery Taster Archery has proven a huge success since its introduction to the site last year, with a special that finished up a huge best seller! Here you’ll be learning the skills and techniques to an age old sport with an expert paying close attention to your every move! Rewarding and great fun, indoors!

Unrated – £29 – London

Indoor Paintball + 500 Balls Paintballing is one of the most exciting sports on the market, as the multi combat experience requires technical nous and a fine aim, utilising your position and team mates to conquer the course! This fantastic indoor session is a real challenge as the close proximity of your opponents leaves little room for error – just enough space for winners!

Unrated – £49 – Oldham

One to One Indoor Surfing Lesson If you’re looking to learn the basics of Surfing before hitting the seas this summer, what better way to learn than in a purpose built pool with an expert – where nobody can see you fail and bail out! The wave pool is an ideal start before hitting the waves with all the confidence of Mark Foo!

Unrated – £99 – Swansea

Treehouse For 2 The Tree House experiences have proven fantastically popular since they became available last year, with many extreme sport lovers flocking to the forests for a day of activities before a romantic / exciting stay in the eco-friendly buildings! There’s loads to do surrounding the tree houses, so a memorable weekend can begin from up in the trees!

Unrated – £349 – Wales

iPilot 15minute flight Held in one of Europe’s largest shopping centres (Blue Water), the iPilot is a fantastic introduction to the world of flying a huge aeroplane! With a perfect representation of the processes and challenges a pilot faces, these timed experiences are available for you to fly to and from your favourite airports around the world…virtually!

Unrated – £49 – Kent

And there we have it, a list of the top 15 Indoor Experiences available here at Extreme Element. There’s a load more to choose from mixed in throughout our elements, but with this great selection you can’t go wrong when attempting to get keep the love of extreme sports burning strong until the summer when the party really starts!

If you would like some more help with finding or booking the perfect experience indoors or out, Please Click Here to make an enquiry or for our contact information.

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