Pulpit Rock: The Highest of Tourist Attractions

Wiki Commons Image - Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock, Norway, must surely be considered one of the most extreme of tourist attractions on the planet.

The 82ft x 82ft cliff face has a sheer drop of 1,982ft and comes completely untarnished by the Health and Safety brush. Fears of damaging the natural beauty of the stunning cliff has meant no safety barriers have been set up, so tourists can literally stand on the edge, or in most cases; sit with their legs dangling over the side.

The dizzying heights and blatant danger doesn’t seem to deter the tourists though, as hordes of people nonchalantly eat their lunch perched on the edge of the cliff, and take photos jumping in the air or standing on the edge.

Formed by glacier movements over 10,000 years ago, Pulpit Rock attracts hundreds of thousands of thrill seeking adrenaline junkies each year – with the breath-taking views and unspoilt beauty of the plateau proving a truly memorable sight.

Pretty extreme!

Story Source: The Sun
Image Source: Wiki Commons

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