Sports We Think Should Be In The Olympics

The Olympic Games attract the top athletes to perform on the world stage and compete for the most prestigious award in sport – the Olympic gold! Most of the disciplines included in the summer games have been there since it’s creation in ancient Greece, with each of the top cities or states taking part sending their best soldiers and warriors to compete. Modern day Olympic Games include a much wider variety of events but extreme and action sports fail to make the cut. Below, we have listed a selection of sports that we think would make for an exciting addition to the competition!

Fly With A Fighter Pilot Weekday
Price £249

Imagine the spectacle of multiple aerobatic planes racing across the sky around a pre determined course competing for the fastest time. Akin to the famous Red Bull Air Race, the best aerobatic pilots in the world will compete to win the gold medal by flying the fastest and most daring route around the course, with extra marks awarded for breath-taking stunts.

Experience Includes: 35 minutes Aerobatic flying with ex military pilot, perform a range of aerial stunts, fly the Bulldog military training aircraft
Available at: Cirencester (Wiltshire)

The World’s Wackiest Racers
Price £99

With the Olympic track usually reserved for the running events, how apt that the exact contrary of exercise should make it to our short list! Shaking things up to include some of the world’s craziest racers, we’d include the four poster bed, the mobile office and of course the coach-potato dominating sofa! We reckon a selection of different household furniture lining up to start the 400m race might just add that new dimension every sport from time to time…

Experience Includes: Ride in some of the world’s craziest vehicles, world’s fastest sofa, motorised four poster bed and world’s only motorised office.
Available at: Northampton (Northamptonshire)

Wake Boarding Pro Coach Tuition
Price £40

With many water sports in the Olympic games already, Wakeboarding would make an excellent new age addition. Athletes would could compete in a high jump style competition or in a slalom head to head event. The spills would only increase the thrills of the crowd as the athletes put their body on the line to complete the slalom the fastest… or reach the highest off a jump.

Experience Includes: One-to-one wakeboard coaching, learn behind a pro wake boat, video analysis of your session
Available at: Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire)

Forest Rally-Half Day
Price £219

Rally Driving, and particularly Rally Cross is one of the most thrilling motor sport styles to watch. With two cars battling it out head to head around a dirt track strewn with jumps and hair pin corners, the action is non stop and would make for an excellent spectator event at the Olympics. The UK would also fair quite well with medals – as we’re blessed with some of the top rally drivers in the world here in Blighty!

Experience Includes: Rally Tuition on a genuine rally stage, expert coaching throughout, finish with a high speed passenger ride with a professional at the wheel
Available at: Carno (powys)

Introduction To Indoor Skydiving
Price £75

Normal skydiving would be a very hard sport to judge, but in an indoor wind tunnel the stunts could be easily monitored and scored by the crowd and judges. The team could perform synchronised moves much like the swimmers do in the pool, with points awarded for the difficulty and range of manoeuvres perfectly executed. Indoor skydiving would make a great addition as free-fall is one of the most exhilarating feelings imaginable!

Experience Includes: Indoor skydiving from expert instructors, 4 minutes total flight time, DVD of your flights to take home
Available at: Manchester, Milton Keynes

So there we are, a selection of extreme sports we think would make great additions to the Olympic Games. With an ever increasing interest in extreme sports, it’s only a matter of time until action sports are included; so why not jump ahead of the crowd and experience the sports before they become popular!

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