Parkour With A Twist

Just when we thought Parkour couldn’t get any cooler…the friendly canines get involved!

A week ago, this American Staffordshire Terrier stole the hearts of the Youtube audience with this highly entertaining take on free running:

Apparently this fearless pooch isn’t the only dog to be jumping off walls and over objects…

Oh yes Parkour…or Barkour as some may call it, has caught on!

Want to get involved? Here at Extreme Element, we offer Parkour tasters and workshops…or you could get your friends involved and go for a group session! (For humans only I’m afraid!)

Parkour Taster
This one hour session is a perfect introduction to get anyone bouncing off objects and over walls – all in a safe gym environment! By the end of the workshop you’ll have picked up the skills and confidence to jump, roll, vault, climb and swing from just about anywhere…may need another couple of lessons first though!

Price: £75

Parkour 2 Hour Workshop
Feeling that an hour might not be long enough? This two hour session in the gym will give you plenty of time to really master the art or free running. You’ll want to leap, jump and climb every obstacle in your way! This experience is perfect to really build your confidence and skills!

Price: £150.00

Parkour Group 4 Hour Workshop
If you want to get a group of your mates together, why not book into a group workshop!? This four hour gym session will have you and your friends climbing, jumping and flipping over obstacles, working on your skills and gradually building confidence as you work your way around the room!

Price: £1,125.00

Unless, of course, you’re afraid of being shown up by a couple of dogs? Find out more about Parkour

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