Jo on the Road – Introduction

Hi! I am here to give you the inside scoop on the experiences we provide! I will be travelling around the country in the Experience Days Mini, trying to visit as many exciting experiences as possible.

Experience Days offer such an incredible variety of pamper days, aquatic adventures, flying lessons and many other experiences that will have you gaining skills you never thought you would. With so many gift options and treats for you or a loved one, we want you to feel confident that it’s the right choice.

Which is where I come in! I will be your Experience Days guru, finding out all those vital answers to questions such as, will food be provided? Exactly how long will the day last for? Where will I need to go on the day? Can my friend come?

Over the next ten months I will be updating this blog with photos, videos and as much information that I can collect, so you can be sure when purchasing a gift or treat that it’s perfect for the lucky person in mind!

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