Tech21 – Even Your Smartphone Can Go to The Extreme

Extreme Element love all things extreme, but to be extreme you need the equipment worthy enough to live up to any challenges you throw its way. That’s why my JOTR blog is taking a different direction this week. In this day and age if you don’t carry a smartphone…well then you may as well be back in the dark ages! It’s no surprise that the new iPhone is already a huge hit and whilst I’m travelling around the UK on my mini adventures it’s what I’m using to keep the social world up to date – OK tell a lie I don’t have the brand new sparkly one, but I do have an iPhone!

Well, fortunately for me (and my iPhone), Phones 4U stepped in and sent me this:

A band for my phone made of their D30 impact material, carefully built to absorb any impact and spread the shock outward – all to protect your phone from cracks and chips. As I’m sure you can imagine, a life saver for my phone during my extreme adventures…

Land Yachting:



So far both phone and case are surviving my punishing (but enjoyable) schedule. With many more experiences ahead, it will be interesting to see how they cope.

Thanks phones4U!

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