Extreme Christmas Ideas for Two

Crack out those Christmas decorations people – December is here! As we’ve been scraping the frost off our windscreens and digging out the warm winter thermals for a couple of weeks already, it can only mean one thing: Christmas is almost here… and it’s time to get shopping!

If, like most of us, the panic of what to buy is suddenly kicking in, then fear not – for you have a quite brilliantly unique range of Christmas gift ideas at your finger tips right here. Last week we brought you the Christmas Extreme Best Sellers – and this week we’re bringing you the perfect gifts for partners and friends. We’re good like that you see. Well, with all of these amazing experiences and cracking deals we’re sitting on – we might as well spread the festive cheer and all that.

Christmas is all about giving and receiving, but what if the gift you carefully picked out for your loved one is just too good to give away on closer inspection? Especially with the risk they might have skimped out and not got you something as good?! Well, young gift-hungry unwrapping machines – Christmas is not about all receiving, it’s about sharing… so get them that experience you wanted, and go along with them. Sorted!

Husky Ride For Two in Kent
Price: £150
One for the dog lovers – now we know dogs are for life and not just for Christmas, but these furry four pawed pooches definitely won’t judge you for a bit of seasonal love. With 40-60 minutes of husky sledding to mush your way through, you’ll enjoy learning all about these magnificent creatures as they pull you along. Kids as young as 8 can climb aboard the four wheeled sled, which is of course great for Christmas spirit if you can’t get to Lapland. We would have asked for reindeer but apparently they’re a little tied up this time of year…

Sunseeker Powerboat Experience For Two in Southampton
Price: £249
Luxury, speed and relaxation – the perfect combination for a couple’s day out. You’ll find yourself enjoying a gentle cruise down the river before the powerboat shows its true potential – speeding up with you at the controls. A fantastic 3 hour experience with snacks and drinks provided – you and your lucky partner will enjoy a range of the majestic Sunseeker’s talents as you cruise around some of Britain’s most picturesque waters surrounding the Solent. With the sea spraying and the scenery whizzing by, keep an eye out for Cowes, the River Medina and Osborne Bay in Southampton. Merry sailing!

White Water Rafting For Two in Perthshire
Price: £105
Enough of the lovey-dovey experiences, time for something a bit more extreme that will really get you and your partner’s heartbeat racing – white water rafting! Top of nearly every bucket-list since the early 1990s, WWR is about as fear-conquering and extreme as it comes. With 3 hours of high octane rafting to really get to grips with alongside your terrified partner, and a team of six other people, the aim is simple – successfully make it down the river. Sounds simple? It’s not. Whether you take on the rapids solo, with one other person or even in a group – the rush of excitement out on the rapids can speed up a ‘movement’ quicker than a whole plate of Brussels sprouts. Make sure you’re up for an adventure… it will be wet and wild!

Rock and Ice Climbing for Two in Inverness-shire
Price: £139
Pick on something your own size… Wrap up warm for this mini winter-wonderland, as keeping this giant slab of ice ready for climbing is a chilly business. Once inside and ready to start, taking on the cold hard challenge of ice climbing will thaw the motivation you’d put on ice over the festive period… ready for some unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions! With 1.5 hours on the rock and 3 hours on the ice, you and your partner will have plenty of time to work on your techniques for abseiling, ice hacking, coordination and more. With some of the weather we’ve seen forecast for late Dec / Jan – you may be wise to get some practice in early!

Keep checking back for more ideas in the build up to the big day, and if we don’t see you before…

Merry Christmas!

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