We know what you’re thinking, surely Experience Days aren’t giving away another year’s supply of something? After the incredible Krispy Kreme Giveaway celebrating 12.12.12, we’re going one better to celebrate 18.12.12… by offering you 2x 1 year supplies of Millie’s Cookies!

Two whole years of cookies?! Yes. That’s right. 12 cookies a month, for 24 months! How you choose to claim this gluttonous gift is entirely up to you. In the festive spirit you could gift someone special, or if you’re prudently planning ahead… get ready for 288 cookies over the next 730 days! In fact, there’s nothing to stop you collecting all 288 in one sitting – but you may not be the most popular person at the food court!

So, how do I enter? we hear you cry as you desperately look for an ‘enter me’ button. Well, fear not young cyber-liking cookie monsters – if you’re already a fan of Experience Days’ facebook fan page, your name is in the hat already. If you’re not a fan, well – what are you waiting for?! Quick, before someone else claims this magnificent prize!

Check back on 19.12.12 to see if you’re the lucky winner! If not, we’re sorry. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes…

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