FreeRunning or Free Running-Shoes?!

Welcome back to you, our favourite facebook fans and bestest blog buddies! It’s getting serious now as we prepare to do it all again, concocting a host of New Year’s Resolutions and empty promises to help you feel better as the final turkey / cranberry sauce sandwich settles. Well, now that the excitement has settled for another year and the world kicks back into normality, it’s about time we made some wholly unrealistic attempts to improve our physique… Well, it wouldn’t be January otherwise!

Whether you’re looking to shed a few pounds with a few gentle jogs each day, or you’d like to inject some high octane adrenaline into your lives… Extreme Element are here to help you start the year with the best intentions.

Much the same as the previous Helicopter, Ice Climbing, 4×4, Tank & FlyBoarding competitions, all you have to do is ensure that you have liked the Experience Days Facebook page, publicly share the image and let us know which you’d prefer to win in the comments box underneath:

FreeRunning Experience or FREE Running Shoes from FootLocker? The choice is yours!

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