Wet ‘n’ Wild or Superdry… Which Would You Rather Win?

Celebrating both the launch of the incredible FlyBoarding experiences and the last few days before Christmas, fans of the Experience Days Facebook Page can enter the draw to win either 60 minutes FlyBoarding or £100 of SuperDry vouchers by simply liking the page, sharing the image and then stating which is more desirable in the comments box underneath.

Once you’re all unwrapped-out and the festive spirit has vanished quicker than a plate of turkey and pigs in blankets, what would you rather be doing? Powering through the sales armed with £100 worth of gift vouchers, or jetpacking across the water like something out of a sci-fi film? Much the same as the previous Helicopter giveaway, Ice Climbing giveaway, 4×4 Rocky Road giveaway and the Tank Driving giveaway – there is no right or wrong answer… so the choice is yours!

We’ll be calling the winner of this amazing giveaway on the fan page on the 27th December.

Good luck… and Merry Christmas!

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