Extreme Element Does Tough Mudder

Extreme Element have just entered the dirtiest competition ever – Tough Mudder! We will be training to the max on a daily basis over the coming months, as we prepare for the most hard-core workout of our lives – a 13 mile run, riddled with some pretty terrifying obstacles. We are not just talking monkey bars and mud, the Tough Mudder course features actual extreme elements – electric shocks, fire and ice. Oh yes, things are getting serious in the Extreme Element HQ, as we prepare to well and truly live up to our name. Every day we provide you guys with the most extreme, blood-pumping activities, and now it’s our turn to put our money where our mouth is!

For those of you who have been brave enough to tackle the event in the past, I’m sure you can appreciate the nerves we are feeling, but I have extra worries! You see, I entered everyone into the race, therefore I’m to blame if anyone dies (and we did sign a death waiver)! Over the next few months I’ll be updating you guys on our trials, tribulations and tough mudder training. Bearing in mind this is a first for all of us (most of us haven’t even attempted a half marathon before, let alone one with obstacles), we’re all just hoping we make it out the other side. The lucky eight who will be tackling the 13 mile track punctuated with multiple obstacles are: Michelle, Aaron, Robb, Renata, Tatiana, Dee, Selene and myself – pictures to come!

To kick start the training and progress tracking we will be taking body fitness tests that measure our body fat, muscle balance, physique rating and many more. However, with only three months to go, will we be ready on time? I’ll be posting our first results in the next blog.

To keep updated on our progress (or lack thereof) check back here. If you want to tell us about your past experiences with Tought Mudder (and maybe offer some words of encouragement… or warning), get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter… but please don’t scare us too much, we already know a few of us may be barely crawling over the finish line, if and when we get to it!

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  1. Ollie Lammas says:

    My monies on Michelle. Why has Garry not signed up? Or is he taking photos again….

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