Mother’s Day at Extreme Element

Every year we all make the conscious effort to order flowers and buy a card, but is that really what your mum wants this year? Is it not all a little bit too clichéd and stale? Here at Extreme Element, we asked our mums what they would like to do this Mother’s Day to really mix things up – what experience would they least expect to receive? What experience would give them an unexpected adrenaline rush and make them smile with surprise? Here’s what they came up with:

Thrilling One Hour Helicopter Tour Over London
Price: £115

Ever wanted to see London from a different angle? Well now your mum can, and not only from the sky but in a helicopter – what a way to travel! Make her feel a million dollars with this unique sightseeing tour of London and soar to cloud nine.

4×4 Off Road Driving Experience in Kent
Price: £47

Send your mum on a 40 minute hands-on 4×4 driving experience through mud and streams, over hills and tricky terrain and across just about anything. Don’t worry though, she will be accompanied by a trained instructor for this exhilarating session.

Supercar Track Day Experience Anywhere in the UK
Price Range: £45 – £795

Feel like your mum is more of an on-track lady than a knee-deep-in-the-mud kind of gal? Well, then get her behind the wheel of a fantastic supercar. Lamborghinis at Goodwood, Ferrari driving at Silverstone and beautiful Aston Martins in Oxford!

Fire and Broken Glass Walking in Somerset
Price: £49

This is an experience she really will not be expecting to open come Sunday 10th – walking over broken glass and fire… with your feet still in tact after! Most mums say they’d walk over broken glass for their children … so give her the chance to prove that!

Forget those flowers and typical cards and give your mum something extreme this Mother’s Day to make it truly memorable.

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