Extreme Lava Kayaking

Just when we thought we had seen some extreme kayaking, we find this…

Oh yes, that really is lava! A whole team of fearless kayakers take to the boiling water to get up close and personal to the oozing molten lava … all to create some incredible images and unforgettable memories … and, of course, to wow us! Check out some more of these jaw-dropping images, all taken by Alexandre Socci:

I’m sure you’re all wondering, ‘Just where is this awesome place?’ Well, it’s an active volcano (surprise, surprise) called Kilauea on Hawaii’s ‘Big Island’. This bunch of daredevils braved the waters all to get some awe-inspiring footage for a Brazilian TV show, KAIAK on Channel OFF. Well worth it, if you ask us!

Absolutely unbelievable. Think this rates pretty high on the ol’ extreme-ometer… anyone fancy giving this a go? Think we’ll give it a miss this time, and leave it to the kayaking pros!

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