Tough Mudder Update: 9 Days to Go

So, we have nine days to go until Tough Mudder, and the panic is beginning to set in as we have just been sent our start time! Next Sunday we will be setting off from the muddy, wet starting point at 10.40 am … so no Sunday lie-ins for us then!

Back to the point – Tough Mudder: 12 miles, 25+ obstacles, and a whole load of mud. BRING IT ON! There will be six of us all together to tackle the course on the day – you can find out more about the other five in my latest JOTR Tough Mudder update.

With only nine days to go, we should be race-prepared, both mentally and physically, and apart from one or two of us, I’m not sure we’re ready! Over the next week keep your eyes peeled for panicked facebook updates and last minute photos – and if we survive then hopefully there will be plenty of updates the following week too!

See you at the starting line … and wish us luck!

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