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Evie on the Road Film Strip 4Every year we take on a placement student here at Experience Days, and this year we have the wonderful Evie joining us while she does a year in industry during her Event Management degree (it’s definitely not her writing this post…)

Recently, Evie started a blog documenting her time here and all the incredible experiences she’s embarked upon. The blog is called Distaceful, because her surname is Stacey, a couple of people refer to her as Stace, and everything she says is lacking taste. Okay that’s not entirely true but you get the idea.

Have a read for opinionated, dry humoured posts about a number of the experiences we offer on the site, including Dinghy Sailing, Chocolate Making and Segways!

(Please note it is a work in progress)

About Evie Stacey

Marketing Assistant and Chief Experience Reviewer at Experience Days
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