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There’s so much to love about flying, from the incredible once-in-a-lifetime views to the thrill of a perfect take-off and landing, it’s always a wonderful experience. With the range of exciting flying lessons available from Mersey Flight Air Training School, you now have the opportunity to take the controls and soar through the skies yourself! I’ve been talking to Neil about the history of the company, and what we can look forward to in the future.

1) Please explain your journey as ‘Mersey Flight Air Training School’ so far.
Merseyflight’s roots can be traced back to 1970 and an organisation which was known as Cheshire Air Training School. The school has transformed over the years, both in terms of fleet and owners, but its high standards remain intact. Being a flight instructor is a dream job, and above the clouds is without doubt the best place to spend your working day – Everywhere looks better from the air! Teaching people to fly, and taking people up for their first experience in a light aircraft, is extremely rewarding. Almost without exception, everybody who takes a trial lesson ends up grinning from ear to ear by the time we get back on the ground.

2) What differentiates your company from others?
We consider ourselves to have the smartest, best maintained fleet of aircraft and a thoroughly professional – and friendly – team of instructors. We operate from Liverpool International Airport, taking off and landing among the Easyjet Airbus A320s and Ryanair Boeing 737s, giving our customers a real-life Commercial Pilot’s eye view. We can also record our flight experiences on to DVD, so that our customers can enjoy, and share, their experience over and over again.

3) Is there any inside information you can give us?
It’s always easier to pick something up on the ground rather than learning it for the first time once airborne. Our instructors do conduct a thorough pre-flight brief regardless of the customer’s level of experience and I would encourage anybody to ask lots of questions. Other top tips would be to relax on the controls and don’t be afraid to have a bit of a play. Feel free to ask the instructor if there’s anywhere in particular you would like to fly over – it’s not always possible but we can accommodate most requests.

4) Do you have any exciting plans for the future that you’d like to tell us about?
We certainly do have exciting plans for the future, but I’m afraid you’ll have to watch this space…

5) What would you say is your most frequently asked question?
‘Can I fly over my house?’ – Most of the time, yes. However, we do operate in Liverpool’s Controlled Airspace so we can’t always guarantee it.
‘How much flying do I get on an experience flight?’ – As much as possible. We try to get you taxying the aircraft, doing at least some of the take-off and, once airborne, taking control for the remainder of the flight until we’re coming in to land again. If you like, you can even do some of the radio calls!
‘How long does it take to get your Pilot’s Licence?’ – It varies from person to person but depends mostly on how often you fly, how dedicated you are and your natural ability.
‘What’s your scariest experience?’ – Rather boringly, nothing to write home about. These aircraft are incredibly robust and there are so many safety processes in place.
‘Do you realise that you’ve got possibly the coolest job in the world?’ – The answer to which is a resounding YES! Having previously been in the IT industry, I can confidently say that talking to somebody about flying and talking to them about computers are two TOTALLY different experiences…

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