New Year Resolutions – Try Something New in 2014

Most New Year Resolutions revolve around giving certain things up, whether it’s unhealthy foods, drinking alcohol, or spending too much time on social media, there’s an abundance of ‘No’. Here at Experience Days we like to mix things up a bit and say ‘Yes!’.

Trying something for the first time, taking up a hobby or learning a new skill is way more fun than giving stuff up, so why not make 2014 the year for adventure and excitement? Don’t be shy, jump in at the deep end and do something you’ve always dreamed about. This post features just a few of the things you could be doing in 2014, but there are loads more experiences waiting to be discovered!
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The ultimate experience for all motor-enthusiasts has to be supercar driving, nothing else compares! You can get behind the wheel of a Porsche, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini – even a McLaren MP4-12C, and tear up the tarmac at some of the world’s best race tracks. Drive a Mustang Gt at Brands Hatch, or an Audi R8 at Silverstone, the UK’s finest race circuit.
If you fancy driving something a bit heavier, we have countless 4×4 Driving Experiences for you to try. With tricky terrains to navigate your way across at a choice of superb locations, 4×4 Driving is one of the most popular driving experiences, and a must-do for 2014.
Check out the full range of Driving Experience Days on offer and find a new love for a beautiful machine!

Now here’s one that will feature on numerous ‘To-Do’ lists in 2014, Skydiving. It’s one of those things that needs to be done, and once you’ve done it, it needs to be done again and again! Whether you want to go big and do the 15,000ft jump, or start a training course leading up to a qualification, there’s a skydiving adventure for everyone. So take a leap of faith, and jump!

Whilst we’ve got our heads in the clouds, it may be worth mentioning all the fantastic Flying Lessons we offer. For those who want to pick up a new hobby, flying a light aircraft or a helicopter might be just the ticket to make 2014 the best year ever. Choose from some fabulous locations and a mighty selection of aircrafts, such as Tiger Moths, a 1936 Piper Cub vintage plane, or a Robinson 22 Helicopter – to name a few! Flying is an exceptional activity that you’ll enjoy immeasurably, making it a great hobby to pick up this year.
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If you want to get out of the house this year and experience the great outdoors, we have some incredible Adventure Activities that will have you getting back to nature, and never looking back! You could find a new passion for rock climbing, or take to the water in a one-man kayak. Maybe you want to get more active with your friends and try paintballing, or try something really crazy like fire eating – whatever you want to experience this year, we’ve got it covered.

Many people will aim to learn something new this year, and with our range of wonderful courses available, you can get a professional, informative introduction to whichever activity you’re interested in. Have a go at Chocolate Making in London to really please your friends and family, or learn the fine art of Patisserie Baking with a class from a top chef. Perhaps you’d like to refine your art skills, or learn something completely new like ice sculpting – the possibilities are endless!
See the full range of Lifestyle Experiences for a look at what you could be learning in 2014, and the full list of Gourmet Experiences to choose which delicious delicacy you want to discover.

That concludes our Experience Guide, but don’t worry if nothing there took your fancy, there are thousands more activities on Now is the time to try something brand new in 2014 and make this year the one to remember. Enjoy!

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