Staff Day Out – Go Karting with Team Sport Brighton

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Out of all the experiences I have taken part in during my time here, only the bungee jump has involved several members of the teanm, and even then it wasn’t everyone. So I was very excited when we decided to go Go-Karting with Team Sport as a whole office!

Arriving at the centre, we were kitted out in racing suits and shown upstairs to the briefing room. After a short video teaching us the rules of the road, it was karting time! I was in kart number 13, which could be a good thing or a bad thing, but luckily I’m not superstitious (much). Everyone else from the office had done this experience before, so I wasn’t expecting to rank very high on the leader board (good excuse, huh?).


The instructors said the first lap was supposed to be a practice, but apparently that doesn’t mean anything to the men of the office, as they were off tearing up the track and overtaking me at every opportunity. The go-karts themselves go very fast, a lot faster than I was expecting, and it’s fairly easy to skid round corners and bump into the sides (for me, anyway).

The track starts with a couple of hair pin bends, then up a ramp, round a corner and down a slope, round a few more hair pins before going through a tunnel, then a long straight before you’re back to the beginning. It was so much fun navigating the tight corners and building up enough speed to fly up the ramp, even if I wasn’t very good! At one point I did completely spin out and the race had to be stopped so I could be put back on track (literally), but altogether everyone did very well.

To make up the numbers for the first race, a Team Sport member joined us – and won! For the second race, Dee sat out because she didn’t feel well, and the Team Sport member didn’t participate, so there were only six of us racing. I did slightly better in this one, as you can see from the Leader Boards:


Once the second race was over, we collected our racing stats and headed to McDonald’s for a nutritional post-race dinner. Altogether it was a very enjoyable evening, definitely worth the aching arms the next day! Huge thanks to Team Sport for being so accommodating and making the races run smoothly. Can’t wait to try it again!

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Indoor Grand Prix Go Kart Racing

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