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Who says adults get all the fun? There’s absolutely no reason why a kid can’t jump in a supercar and tear up the track, or learn to scuba dive, or fly around a field in a hovercraft. Don’t believe me? Well have a look below at a selection of the experiences on offer for kids and see for yourself what your children could be getting up to!

Junior Header 2Junior Driving
Driving licences, who needs one of those? Choose from a Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin and more for an adrenaline-pumping Supercar Driving Day! Kids get to drive around the track in their chosen car for up to fifteen incredible minutes, before being presented with a driving certificate to commemorate the day – and show off to their friends!
For a muddier, dirtier driving day, why not try the Junior Rally Driving Experience? Drive along off-road forest paths, skidding and spinning your way round bends and over hills and dips, a truly unique driving experience for kids aged between 10 and 17. All junior track days take place with an instructor in the passenger seat and dual control for safety.

Driving isn’t all about cars, there are plenty of vehicles waiting to be tested on tricky terrains, from Quad Bikes to Segways to Hovercrafts, there’s a driving experience for every child out there, check out the Junior Driving category for more information.

Junior Adventure
Kids have far more active imaginations than us grown-ups, so it only seems fair that they have the opportunity to run wild on a number of exciting Adventure Activities! Climb to the tree-tops and jump, swing, zip line and slide your way through a crazy tree-top obstacle course with the Beamish High Ropes Experience, perfect for kids aged ten up who love to explore the outdoors.
For adventurous youngsters who love to be in the water, a beginner’s Scuba Diving Course would be right up their street! Learning from professional instructors in a warm indoor pool, this is a great introduction to the wonders of the underwater world for children aged 8 and 9.
See the Junior category for more adventure activities, from Zorbing to Battlefield Combat, we’ve got the lot!

Junior Indoor Activities
If you’re searching for ways to keep the kids entertained on those long, rainy days, there are several activities for them to do indoors that could turn into a full-time hobby! Try an exciting Jewellery Making Class and come home with a gorgeous custom-made charm bracelet, or try your skills at Archery to get a taste for this fantastic age-old sport. For a great birthday party idea, there’s the ‘Popstars’ Group Recording Studio Experience in West Sussex, suitable for all ages and with a minimum group size of 8, this is perfect for a unique and unforgettable day out!

There you have it, a wide range of activities for kids that will keep them entertained, and won’t break the bank! Check out the Junior category for more fun ideas for children, as well as a whole range of activities that can be done as a family.

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