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Jogging 4London attracts thousands of tourists every year, and it’s not difficult to see why. With its stunning architecture, diverse cultural population and rich, fascinating history, England’s capital is a haven for those seeking knowledge and adventure. Added to Experience Days this week, we now offer Londoners and tourists alike the chance to see the capital from a new perspective; through a camera and on a group jog!

Jogging 1Our newest suppliers come in the form of City Jogging Tours and Photo Walks of London, who both offer very individual tours of London, but exciting and informative nonetheless. If you love the combination of fitness and sightseeing, then the jogging tours will be perfect for you, and with three to choose from, you can see different famous London landmarks every week! There’s the Parks And Palaces London Jogging Tour, the Scenic London Jogging Tour and the Riverside Jogging London Tour For Two to choose from. Each tour is lead by a fitness instructor/tour guide, who is professionally trained at finding the perfect balance between leisurely running and explanatory sightseeing. A great way to meet new people, learn about this historical city and get fit!

London Photography 3Photo Walks of London offer a massive five experiences for you to try – think of how professional your photography will be after taking those! Maybe the Pool of London is an area you wish to explore, or you have a favourite spot in Westminster you want to capture, or London’s splendid South Bank. There is also a Night Time Photography Tour Of London, which allows you to practise your photography in the dark, whilst also seeing a completely new side to this hectic city. Finally, for the thousands of us who practise amateur photography on our phones, there’s the iPhone Photography Tour Of London, a great way to improve our skills and capture those fleeting moments when we’re out and about. All the tours are lead by a professional photographer, who will help you get the grips with your cameras and teach you how to take beautiful pictures, as well as dishing out fascinating information about the sights you’ll be seeing.

So if you’re expecting visitors and want to give them a unique gift, or just want to learn a bit more about the capital, these experiences are great fun and fantastic twists on average sightseeing tours.

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