Mighty Mothers

Last year we published a blog post featuring our favourite extreme Fathers, so now, what with Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, it’s only fair we give a nod to the Mighty Mothers of the world!

Jessica Ennis 1Jessica Ennis
Up first is our very own British national treasure, Jessica Ennis-Hill. Although not technically a Mother yet, Jessica is expecting her first baby with husband Andy Hill – and is already planning her return to training later this year. As well as being the current Olympic heptathalon champion, Jessica was also voted ‘Top Inspiration for Under 25s’ by UK Youth, which is quite an achievement for some who is only 28 herself! She is one of ten women who has completed a high jump a foot over her own height (also a joint British record at 1.95m), and holds the world record for the fastest 100m hurdles time within the heptathalon event. In 2013 she received a CBE from the Queen for her Olympic triumph. When she’s not running, jumping and throwing, Jessica writes columns for The Times, is a patron of a children’s hospital and the Wells Sports Foundation, and is an ambassador for the Jaguar Academy of Sport – quite the philanthropist!

Nadya Suleman 1Nadya Suleman
Another record breaking mum, but this time for something rather different to athletics! Nadya Suleman holds the record for the most babies surviving one birth in the USA – eight babies! The record was also held by the Chukwu octuplets, but sadly one died a week after birth. What makes this story even more incredible is that Nadya (known as Octomom) already had six children, making her a mother of fourteen by the time she was just 34. The births have been surrounded by controversy regarding the medical assistance Nadya received during conception, with the Doctor who implemented the IVF treatment having his licence eventually revoked. This hasn’t stopped Nadya from providing a happy home for her children though, social workers have never removed a child from her custody and claim they are in no danger under her care. We don’t know how she managed to raise fourteen children with eight of them babies, but good on her for doing so!

Barbara Odanaka 1Barbara Odanaka
Barb, AKA Skateboard Mom, is one seriously cool lady. Her aim in life is to empower women through skateboarding, as well as improving literacy for kids in need by distributing books through her Rolling4Reading programme – on a skateboard of course! Barb is a children’s book author and journalist, and has spent large chunks of her life travelling the world, spreading the skateboarding love, all while being a full time mother. She has inspired a number of blogs written by mums who have taken up skateboarding, who were previously too apprehensive to join a bunch of teenagers in a skate park, but now absolutely love it! Of course we love all kinds of sports and think everyone should have a go, so what you’re doing is great Barb, keep it up!

Lisa Andersen 1Lisa Andersen
Another title-holder in her field, Lisa Andersen is a four-time world champion in surfing from the USA. Along with these impressive accolades, Lisa has also won various positions in sports polls, earning her a spot on the Legendary Surfers section of the Surfing Heritage and Culture Centre blog. She doesn’t simply win surfing awards however, Lisa has also topped polls in Great Sportswomen and Female Athlete categories – quite the achievement! Lisa started surfing when it was largely dominated by men, and was a vital part of bringing it overground as a sport for women all over the world. She now has two children, and continues to surf in her free time.

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