Editor Review of a RIB Blast with Lagoon Watersports

HeaderWho says two RIB rides in two months is too many? No one, that’s who! Heading down to Brighton Marina, Stella and I met the guys from Lagoon Watersports, and got ourselves kitted out in the dashing waterproof gear, ready for our extreme RIB ride. Oh, and guess what? They hadn’t forgotten about my capsizing incident the year before…

Picture26As we were setting up the cameras and waiting for the other participants, we witnessed several other staff members and customers coming in on various boats and dinghies, all looking rather damp. Even though it wasn’t raining, it was looking very rough out there – perfect weather for a RIB ride!

Our instructor, Joe, gave us a quick briefing regarding correct stance and positioning on the boat, then we were off! The cruise through the harbour was perfectly pleasant (we even picked up an extra passenger from a jetty round the corner!), it was only when we manoeuvred around the marina wall and out into open sea that we realised just how big the waves were.

The RIB we were riding in was fairly small, meaning the waves had a much larger affect on us – it wasn’t long before we were being hurled into the air and crashing back down with almighty force! Joe was a fantastic driver (skipper? Captain?), and managed to time the acceleration perfectly to catch the waves and send us soaring through the air. I’ve been on a RIB ride before, but it was incredible how much the weather and size of the boat affected the experience.

Although we couldn’t pick up much speed due to the size of the waves, there was no denying this was one of the most extreme boat trips I’d ever been on! After just a few minutes we were soaked to the skin (extra socks are a necessity!), but having the time of our lives. The whole experience lasted around half an hour – which was plenty – before we headed back into the marina with huge grins plastered on our dripping faces.

This is one of those activities that is extremely versatile, the smallest change in the weather can dramatically alter the experience, but it’s guaranteed to be an incredible day out! I can’t thank Lagoon Watersports enough for inviting us along, and to Joe for being a fantastic driver.
A perfect experience gift for those seeking thrill and adventure – and who don’t mind getting a bit soggy!

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