Expert Interview with Mithril Racing


Here at Experience Days, we sell over 3,000
different products, ranging from relaxing Spa days to adrenalin pumping skydives. However, our most popular experiences are our driving days; it seems nothing quite beats the feeling of speeding round the racetrack in the finest vehicles of our time.

From Ferraris to Aston Martins, Classic Minis to jaw-dropping Lamborghinis, Mithril Racing has it all. Located at the famous Goodwood Racetrack, a driving day with Mithril is sure to leave you buzzing. This week, we chatted to Chris, who told us a little about Mithril’s journey so far…

Hi Chris! Please explain the history of Mithril

Mithril was started in 1983 – we think this makes us the longest established operator in the UK……..certainly with the two Principals still behind the Helm! In the early days we only did Corporate Days with Single Seater racing cars– no “Experiences” at all. But over the years, particularly after a couple of so called “recessions” we began to expand into this market and have steadily added to our fleet, particularly with the Classic Cars, in keeping with Goodwood’s reputation as the home of the World’s Premier Historic Race Meeting, the so-called Goodwood Revival.


What have been the highlights of your journey?

We’ve had a lot of fun with Celebrities, media starts, we’ve been on Blind Date (as a prize I hasten to add!) twice, the Holiday Programme, Michael Portillo’s “Great Railway Journeys” , Top Gear, Cash in the Attic and a few more too. But I think the best bit for the types of people who work here, is the regular interaction with ordinary folk from normal lives who are for the first time, able to get behind the wheel of some amazing cars at a most amazing venue. Seeing their reactions is something none of us will ever get tired of! It is more than great fun being associated with the Guests having fun themselves.


What differentiates Mithril Racing experiences from other driving experiences?

We’re constantly being told, and I mean a dozen times a day, how friendly and approachable the entire Team is. How from the moment they arrive to the time they leave every single Mithril person treats them with the upmost charm and friendly consideration. We have very low staff turnover and we are a very close knit team who loves what we do. And this shows. This is something any body who comes here will absolutely notice.


Plus. We are in the minority of track day providers, in that we operate on a proper race track, not a disused airfield. It makes us more expensive, but the Product is lifted immeasurably by the sheer beauty of Goodwood with its manicured lawns, white picket fences, Spitfires and Harvards taking off and landing, with the South Downs on one side and the sea on the other…….it’s the best venue for driving cool cars in the UK, by far.

We are the only operator with a fleet of pristine quality classic sportscars. Not cars that race at the weekend and double up as voucher providers during the week…….our cars are meticulously maintained and aesthetically beautiful, all to provide the best possible driving experience for your clients!



You certainly do. Do you have any exclusive information you can share with us?

No………..when we’ve decided what car we are buying next, we’ll tell you!


We look forward to it! What is your most frequently asked question from customers?

We use Alfa Romeo saloon cars to prepare guests for some of their experiences. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is a perfect car for this as it is massively competent on the track, very fast and very safe and great fun to drive. It is also just a bit different – not quite so common or garden as …..well, the Alfa Romeo brand epitomises driving passion and the number one question from guests after they have driven the Alfa Romeo is “Is the car I just drove standard – is its engine and suspension and steering the same as the ones in the show room!” The answer is yes, we don’t do anything to them. Guests just can’t believe how scintillating the Alfa Romeos are to drive, with no modifications whatsoever.


Sounds amazing! Finally, do you
have anything you would like to add?

As I touched on above. I’d urge your clients not to pick the cheapest options. Goodwood is the UK’s beautiful race circuit and the longest used for driving experiences. It is well worth paying a little more for such a prestigious location.

If you would like to try out a driving experience with Mithril yourself at the prestigious Goodwood Racetrack, take a look at these experiences.

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