The Perfume Studio Interview

We interviewed Ben Janousek, one of the founders of ‘The Perfume Studio’ to find out more about their incredibly unique perfume making experiences.


Fragrance Bottles1) Please explain a bit about the concept of Perfume Classes. Where did an interest in the market stem from?

The Perfume Studio concept was created to fill a gap between the commercial perfumes on the market and high end bespoke perfumes. The off the shelf fragrances tend to be generic and offer nothing personal, so do not fit with individuals personalities and preferences, while the fragrances created by top perfumers are usually out of most people’s price range.

The Perfume Studio creates a happy medium giving the customer a chance to create their own personalised scent in an accessible and affordable way with the help of our specially trained consultants

2) What are your objectives for the business?Afternoon Tea

The Perfume Studio launched in 2005 but we are currently in the process of updating and re-branding the business, working hard to offer the best experience possible whilst keeping it accessible for a wide audience.Essentially, we want people to love their perfume and develop a life-long relationship with us, re-purchasing their fragrance and creating new ones for different seasons and occasions as well as gifting the experience to their friends and family. This is also why we have launched our perfume experience with the option of a delicious Afternoon Tea afterwards.

IMG_40083) Do you have any exclusive information you can share with us about the Perfume Studio’s future?

As a business, we expect the Perfume Studio to rapidly grow as we improve and expand what we offer. The Perfume industry is worth over £1 billion in UK alone and is dominated by a few major players. The Perfume Studio is 100% unique as we are the only company offering bespoke perfume as an affordable price. Customers are extremely savvy shoppers, always on the look out to experience something new and whilst they buy into ”brands” they also seek out individualism and quality. At The Perfume Studio we are creating a club environment using the finest perfumery ingredients but with the unique bespoke twist, giving customers the best of both worlds!

4) What makes your experiences unique and special for customers?IMG_7119

No other company in the UK (or perhaps the world) offers the opportunity on a national basis to design your own bespoke perfume as per The Perfume Studio concept. All of our team have been trained under the watchful eye of our Master Perfumer Francois Robert and offer a completely unique, perfume blending experience. The personalised perfume is then registered onto our club database and your bespoke perfume can be ordered at any point in the future with the possibility in the future of personalising!

5) What are your most frequently asked questions from customers?

Q. Can I re-order my perfume?
A. Yes you can. When you create your fragrance you are automatically registered on our database. It’s simple to log onto our web-site and follow the instructions. Your perfume can be re-ordered directly and will arrive within 5 days!
Q. Do you use natural ingredients?
A. Like all perfumes on the market we use a combination of materials in our perfumes. All of our blends contain high levels of natural ingredients. Our master perfumer Francois Robert has hand-picked only the highest quality materials for our blends.




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