Happy Families for Autumn



Now that we’re moving into the Winter months, crunching through the autumn leaves is only fun for so long! If you’re looking to keep the kids and you busy these next months then we have an array of indoor and outdoor activities across the country to take your fancy!
1751_1For Little Adventurers-
Head into the Treetops in Snowdonia, Wales. The Kids Tree Top Adventure Course will be sure to get your little monkeys swinging through trees at the safety of our expert instructors as they explore the depths of the forest. This course will have your little ones tackling the numerous obstacles as they wind their way around the woodland adventure course, overcoming the challenges that prevail from the Grizzly Bear Crossing to the Flying Fox Zip Line! The course is structured to encourage team building and personal achievement but above all to have fun!


For Creative Minds-
Graffiti is a popular writing and drawing street art that uses spray paint and marker pens 2871_1often associated within hip hop culture. Let your kids have the coolest birthday party among all their schoolmates in Liverpool as they learn to scribble, scratch, scribe and spray their own personal masterpieces. The Kids Graffiti Workshop lasts for 2 hours, where the children will be taught some basic skills in mastering the art of writing and ‘tagging’ creating vibrant and colourful artwork. The group of 10 (for example) will collaborate to create one 5ftx 5ft poster for the birthday boy/girl and each leave with the greatest party bag of all- a 1ftx1ft poster. This experience is perfect in expressing the unique originality and individuality your child has.

For Foodie Families-
3811_1The rise of Autumn also means Harvest is upon us, with a bounty of delicious ripe ingredients among the hedgerows for picking. Feast your eyes and your stomachs on an Afternoon Tea for two. At the award winning Cotswold House hotel you can truly put your feet up, stay warm in the tranquil ambience of the contemporary brasserie style restaurant. With a rustic terrace bar and flourishing garden this boutique hotel will leave you truly charmed. Fill up on delicious decadents of; teas, coffees, sandwiches, cakes, pastries and scones all served with jams and preserves from locally sourced artisan producers. Indulge your family, partner or friend with this quaint and elegant experience surrounded with the backdrop of the beautiful rolling hills of the Cotswolds.

For Nature Enthusiasts and History Lovers-
Autumn leaves are steadily moving down their seasonal colour wheel, creating a rainbow of3042_3 golds, mustards, yellows, zesty oranges, crimson reds, and scarlett hues. The Kew Gardens and Palace experience will allow you to trail through 326 acres of luscious greenery in the world’s largest and most diverse botanical collection. Kew Gardens is a garden of heritage and an ecosystem for growing wildlife. Weave through mazes and secret rainforests, walk beneath arching tree canopies and discover serene lakes and lily ponds with Victoria Amazonia (giant lily pads) growing to 2.5m long all within the Princess of Wales Conservatory. The Conservatory features 10 different climate zones with the glasshouses reaching tropical warmth of 27 °C. Lastly explore the spectacular Kew Palace home to royals dating back to the 16th century. This noble building is a full of a lavish history and rich with aristocracy heritage. This experience is ideal for families with four cafes and restaurants on site, an art gallery and gift shop ensuring everyone’s needs are met. Book now to escape to nature’s finest hidden paradise.


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