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So, my year interning at Experience Days has come to an end. And what a year it has been! I’ve learnt loads, experienced amazing moments and worked with the best people. I’m so sad to be leaving, but it’s time for me to return to student life and finish my degree. Not to worry though, I’m leaving the role of Experience Reviewer in very safe hands… Leoni and Maddie, our new interns, are starting very soon!

To try and cushion the blow of leaving such an awesome job, I’ve been chatting with all the past interns to find out where they are now and what life is like after Experience Days… Check it out, these guys have done some incredible stuff!




What are you up to now?

After Experience Days I finished my degree at Bournemouth in Leisure Marketing. I was very lucky to land a job at Living Social in Covent Garden, London. My role started as a marketing manger and then moved into a digital marketing exec role.

However my real passion in life is skiing so after 2.5 years I got my Canadian visa and moved back to Whistler, British Columbia. I have been working as a ski instructor and absolutely love it and can’t see myself changing for a long time.

What was the best thing about working for Experience Days?

Working for Robb was a great experience as he was always keen to share his knowledge with me and help me progress. Working for Experience Days itself in such a varied role made me really grow up fast and prepare me for the real world after uni!

What was the best experience you took part in or best memory whilst on placement?

My most memorable experience was attending a seminar put on by a digital agency at a gokart track. We spent the morning learning lots about digital marketing and the afternoon racing each other in 70mph go karts!





What are you up to now?

I’ve spent the past year as a programming assistant and producer for Capital radio, working along side the presenters and breakfast producers to enhance the shows and provide content. I also learnt how to edit audio for interviews and promotional work, as well as creating posts for social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat for both local and regional shows.

What was the best thing about working for Experience Days?

The experience and skills I gained from working with in a small company with a huge global reach. I developed my knowledge both in the office and out on the road, covering everything from email etiquette to networking.

What was the best experience you took part in whilst on placement?

I was given an incredible opportunity to visit the American office and participate in numerous Experience Days events – including learning how to fly a plane! Can’t really beat that!




What are you up to now?

After my placement ended I continued to work for Experience Days on a freelance basis, fitting in work around my final year studies. When I finished my degree in July 2015, I came back to work full time! It was such a relief to have the job security, knowing I didn’t have to apply for graduate schemes or apprenticeships.

What was the best thing about working for Experience Days?

My favourite part about working for Experience Days was the people. I’m so glad I chose a placement at a small company rather than a large business where you can easily be overlooked, and I’ve made valuable friends and connections here that will help towards my future career – whether that’s here or elsewhere. I found the experience and knowledge I picked up from placement was far more specialised and relevant than those who worked for big corporations, so that’s something I’ll be eternally grateful for.

What was the best experience you took part in or best memory whilst on placement?

Whenever people ask me this the Fire Eating always comes to mind, as this is something I’ve never heard of anyone else doing and makes a pretty good conversation starter. That said, the parties with the UK Bungee Club are always a highlight, and of course visiting our US office in Colorado!





What are you up to now?

I have currently just graduated from completing a Marketing Communications BA at Bournemouth University. I plan to move to the states and start working for a mobile commerce shopping site. I have even been given the opportunity to connect with the Experience Days team in America, which is definitely something I would like to look in to in the future!

What was the best thing about working for Experience Days?

I really enjoyed my time at Experience Days, first and foremost because of all the exciting experiences I was able to participate in. I tried a wide range of activities that I know were one off chances to try something that sometimes challenged me but also just purely things I never even thought to try! My favourite which was probably a combination of both these factors was bungee jumping 60ft near Brighton Pier. It was such a nice day and although I was nervous, it all sort of added to the excitement and ending adrenaline. Also I can’t not mention the staff (shout-out to: Robb, Rush, Gary, Evie, Toby and Rosie)! Even though it was a small team, everyone got on really well and it was just a pretty chilled atmosphere overall, like I wouldn’t describe it as a typical office environment… it definitely wasn’t as corporate as I know some of my friends placements were. That was a something I personally preferred, it sort of took off a certain pressure and I found it quite easy to just be myself and feel comfortable with everyone which I think is important because when you’re making the transition from a university life to a full time job, it in some ways becomes your second home so you want to feel at ease where you are.

Also location wise, I really loved Brighton especially coming from Bournemouth which I would describe as more of a town than a city. Brighton just has a lot more going on, there’s literally something going on constantly. I especially would recommend it if you have an interest in music or art. I also had the amazing opportunity to do a few experiences on holiday in New York due to the company’s American sister- Xperience Days. I went on an interactive theatre bus tour and a food tour which was so much fun and something I never even considered when I initially applied for the position.

What was the best experience you took part in or best memory whilst on placement?

As I’ve already mentioned experiences… I’ll mention a memory connected to my degree- Marketing. I was happy that via Twitter, I approached Krispy Kreme’s and ended up making a connection with their Social Media Manager. We ended up creating Krispy Kreme’s campaign as collaborated for a competition with them via social media. We celebrated with A LOT of donuts and I ate about 8 donuts in one day. So yeah, that was a pretty good day.



Hearing all the awesome things these guys are up to has definitely cheered me up! Who know’s where I’ll be this time next year? For now, it’s goodbye from me and a massive thank-you to everyone at Experience Days for one hell of a year.

Over and Out!

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