Expert Interview With Segway Events

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This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Jon, founder of Big Bang Promotions, who own Segway Events. Big Bang Promotions have been with us since day one, being one of the first companies we set up with back in 2006! Segways have become a growing trend, and are now one of the most popular experiences to try. With this in mind, we decided to find out a little more about how it all began – so, enjoy!

Q. How did you get into the Segway experience industry?

A. We had seen the product appear on some of the experience websites so made some enquiries to see if we could do with Segways what we had done with Bungee jumping. We had 10 Bungee locations which were able to take Segways so we could expand nationally and exclusively with the major agencies very quickly to make Segway Events the no 1 provider in the UK within two years of entering the marketplace.

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Q. What’s unique about your Segway experiences; what sets you apart from any other operators out there?

A. We offer a consistent 1-hour product nationwide at 15 locations. No other operator offers this service. We create events with over 100 like-minded people to enjoy the experience together rather than on your own, with all locations chosen so customers can experience the venue once they have been on a Segway with us. For example two of our locations, Tatton Park and Clumber Park are national trust sites. New venues for 2017 include Richmond Golf course in London and a national park near Southampton.

Q. Do you have any interesting customer stories you can share with us?

A. Our oldest rider was 102 and he loved the experience and was part of over 55000 people who came to Segway with us in 2016!

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We would like to thank Jon for taking the time to answer our questions and for telling us a little more about one of the most unusual driving experiences available. If you’re interested in trying out a Segway for yourself then take a look at our Segway experiences!

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