Staff Review: Tower Of London


Last week Maddie and I ventured into London to discover more about its history. Historic Royal Palaces’ Tower of London was our agenda, so we hopped on the Tube to Tower Hill and made the quick walk through to the Tower of London entrance.

Once we had collected our tickets, we were free to roam the castle grounds. With lots of stops along the way, the plaques at each stop showed details of the history over the last few decades. Discovering things from various eras, we were amazed at the vast history of the Tower and its grounds.


From the original suit of arms to statues of the animals that were once kept in the grounds, the overall experience was truly fascinating. Believe it or not, the King used to keep polar bears and elephants in the Tower Grounds! We visited the torture chambers of people that had betrayed the Royals, the King’s rooms and the places where criminals were publicly beheaded and shamed.


Out last stop was the Crown Jewels, which were fascinating and held ancient British History. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the HRP Royal Jewels, but I’m sure you can imagine the sheer beauty – swords covered in diamonds, ruby encrusted crowns and solid gold shields…incredible!

Unfortunately we did not get to go for Afternoon tea but without giving away too much, learning about the Tower of London’s history is a must-do for everyone, whether you live locally or are a visitor to the city.

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