2020 Archery – Expert Interview


We had a great catch up with 2020 Archery’s Heidi, who told us the ins and outs of the company! Archery is one of the oldest target sports in the world, so there’s lots to say on such a fascinating subject. Keep reading to find out more…

Q. How was 2020 Archery founded?

A. I was shooting with a club called Hampstead Bowmen in North London and I became Volunteer Course Co-ordinator. I realised that there were at least 100 people on the waiting list hoping to learn how to shoot – or just experience traditional target archery – and we just didn’t have the capacity to assist everyone in their goals. At the same time as realising that there were many people needing archery coaching, I realised that I had achieved everything I wanted to competitively (I was shooting at County Team level) so I began making the transition into teaching. Everything grew from there.

Q. Where did the idea behind running the archery experiences stem from?

A. Archery can be a difficult sport to get into – it can be perceived as expensive as lots of gear is needed, and weather dependant because most people usually see archery done outdoors. I realised that we could shoot indoors all year round and, if we provided everything needed equipment-wise, it would be a super fun thing for people to try as a one-off. Then, if they love it (and we hope they do!) it’s an easy transition onto one of our full beginner courses.

Q. If you had one thing you could tell every customer what would it be?

A. We make sure that Archery is totally achievable for everyone on our experience days. There ARE prizes to be won but it’s the taking part that counts. If you love the idea of bows and arrows but you don’t know how to get started we’re here for you! Oh, and we make an absolute point of keeping everything safe. We provide special long arm guards so that no-one goes home with a bruised arm. If you’ve ever done archery on a holiday camp and experienced ‘string bite’ you weren’t being looked after carefully enough. It’s a personal bug-bear of mine! Archery shouldn’t ever hurt!

Q. What is your favourite thing about the sport?

A. I love that archery is super sociable and friendly but that you’re only answerable to yourself trying to do your best on the day.

Q. Do you have any plans for the future? Expanding, adding more experiences etc.

A. We specialise in archery so we’re definitely not going into catering or cocktail making experiences!! We have recently launched Indoor Archery Tag though. If you haven’t heard about Tag it’s super fun, Hunger Games style combat archery. We have open Tournaments every few weeks – you just need to find 3 or 4 mates and £75 and you can give it a go!

Q. Do you have anything you would like to add that has not been covered?

A. Archery is a great activity to experience. We try and make our events fast paced enough that you don’t get bored but there’s also time for socialising with your friends. We share bows between pairs (but you get your own set of arrows) so you can give constructive feedback to the person you attend with and it allows for a bit of a breather between arrows. Oh, and we give individual support to every participant for their first three arrows. No-one gets left behind and we’ve never – in ten years – had anyone that hasn’t hit the target!


We would like to say a massive thank you to Heidi for taking the time to answer our questions. We hope you have enjoyed finding out more about 2020 Archery!

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