Another One Flies The Nest – Farewell to Maddie

Sadly, it’s time for me to say goodbye to Experience Days, as my 12 month internship has come to end. I’ll be leaving all intern duties in the capable hands of Rebecca and Blossom, who have already made a fantastic start to the job. This has been a completely unique placement and one I can definitely brag about back at University. Shout out to my side kick, Leoni (the other placement intern) – it wouldn’t have been the same without your crazy ways. Here’s some of my best bits from the year….

Bungee Guinness World Record

The moment the final dunk of the chocolate hob nob hit the tea, and the crowds jumped for joy, is something I can’t imagine I’ll experience again. The success of the footage going viral on social media and published across all major news channels couldn’t have gained more publicity if we’d tried. It’s something great to add to my CV and hopefully help me to stand out in job interviews. I’m looking forward to hearing about any future records Experience Days takes part in!

Favourite Experiences

Of course, I couldn’t write a farewell blog without speaking about a number of the experiences I have done this year. Completing a colossal 33 experiences (7 of those delicious afternoon teas), I can’t mention all of them but here’s just a couple I loved…

One mention has to go to my Aerial Yoga experience – I really didn’t anticipate I’d enjoy it so much. With the help of our expert instructor, we were trying out all sorts of flips and spins on the yoga silks which is always going to be fun! The different cooking experiences I have taken part in were obviously great as well – particularly when I got to eat the creations after, yum yum. Finally, my very first experience has to be the biggest tick off my bucket list when I tandem bungee jumped with Leoni. Although my legs were shaking and I was positively protesting I couldn’t do it, once we’d done it (with a little encouraging push from the bungee crew at the top) I was beaming with pride. Definitely recommend bungee jumping once in your life!

Robb Thumb Pics

The best bit of looking through footage has to be the ‘Robb thumb pics’ as his face pops up turning the cameras on. These pictures without fail every time would have myself and Leoni in fits of giggles. So thanks for that Robb!

Working in Brighton

Finally, I couldn’t have taken my placement in a more fun and vibrant city than Brighton. There is always so much going on, constantly tempting Leoni and I out for activities after work. I’ll miss the city and will look forward to coming back after my studies.

BUT most of all it’s the people I’m going to miss! Made some friends for life (cringe factor). I’ll miss all our jokes and laughs together as we do have a giggle. I’ll be sure to pop in the next time I’m in town.

So here is my final goodbye – thank you to everyone at Experience Days for such a fun and crazy year!

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