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Experience Days Has Gone Mince Pie Mad!

Now that we finally don’t feel sick anymore, we can publish our  Mince Pie Madness blog. It’s fair to say, we went a little mince-pie mad in the office over the last week. We set it upon ourselves to try … Continue reading

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Secret Santa Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again; the office Christmas party is looming, you’re hosting a reunion of old school friends, and you can’t afford to buy each of your twelve cousins a present each so you need a way of picking your favourite. Thankfully, there’s Secret Santa! Sometimes it can be difficult to buy on a budget, especially when you’re not overly familiar with the recipient, so we’ve put together this Secret Santa Gift Guide to help you choose something unique that won’t break the bank! Continue reading

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Mince Pie Madness at the Experience Days Office!


Christmas day is just one sleep away! We hope everyone – whether still working hard, or relaxing on holiday – is feeling the festive spirit. I’m not sure how other places of work celebrate whilst at their desks during the run up to Christmas, but here at Experience Days, we decided to EAT.
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