London Gourmet Tea Tasting Experience Staff Review

London Tea and cake tasting 1

Tea and cake is without a doubt one of the best pairings out there. Whether you’re favourite duo is a classic English breakfast and Victoria Sponge, a dark and dreamy Assam and Chocolate Brownie, or a fresh Green and Granola bar, there is no denying that a mug of hot tea and a sweet treat is a match made in heaven!

Here at Experience Days, we are all avid believers in – and lovers of – this classic combination. So you can imagine our delight when we were invited to take part in one of our newest experiences, a Tea and Cake pairing experience in London!

Evie and I hopped on a train and made our way to London’s Trinity Buoy Wharf. Situated right on the edge of the Thames, overlooking a stunning view of the O2 and crammed full of interesting architecture and quirky installations, this atmospheric area of London was the perfect backdrop for our evening of foodie fun.

London Tea and Cake tasting 2

As we entered the studio, we were greeted by Kyle, our tea master, and Kerran, the wonderful baker behind the amazing cakes we were to sample that evening. As we sat down, we were met with what can only be described as a tea and cake lover’s dream. Beautiful cakes, desserts and all manner of home made sweet treats adorned the rose petal and tea leaf strewn table, creating wonderful aromas and a sumptuous setting for an evening of tea tasting! The theme of the evening’s tasting was Arabian Nights, but each class is different depending on what Kyle and Kerran are loving at the moment, or have newly discovered and want to share with the world.

London Tea and Cake tasting 3

We joined the rest of the group and eagerly awaited our first pairing of the evening, a Jasmine Pearl tea and a Rose and Raspberry Eton Mess. As we tasted this pairing, new flavours and sensations swept over our palates. The delicate creaminess of the Eton Mess paired with the floral notes of Jasmine tea were matched perfectly, complimenting and enhancing their individual flavours.

With each cake and tea we sampled, Kyle and Kerran explained the individual tastes and combinations we would experience. Kyle’s knowledge of tea and its history was incredible; we learnt the correct steeping times for different teas in order to gain the most flavour, the traditional way in which different teas are produced, and why loose leaf teas are infinitely better than your standard teabag. Kerran’s baking was out of this world. All of the cakes and desserts we tasted were absolutely incredible, they were carefully thought out creations designed to work especially well with the teas we were tasting.

London Tea and Cake tasting 5

Our next combination was a buttery Oolong paired with a light baked cheesecake soaked in a sweet poppy flower syrup. It was the perfect match of butter and sweetness! A bright green Japanese Matcha was up next, complimented perfectly with a rich, smooth dark chocolate ganache served with choux pastry and pistachio cream.

A wonderful mix of Baklava and cake – one of Kerran’s amazing inventions – was next on the agenda. It was a masterpiece. Layers of hazelnut, light and airy sponge, golden filo pastry and rich chocolate ganache made up this cake, and it was like nothing I’d tried before! Paired with a beautiful roasted Japanese Hojicha that really brought out the nutty notes of the cake, this combination was definitely the star of the show for me!

London Tea and Cake tasting 6

A beautiful Earl Grey came next, balanced perfectly with an interesting Syrian fried pancake filled with lemon and lime ricotta. Finally, we tasted a beautiful Chai tea with a fantastic donut. No sickly jam to be seen here, instead a wonderfully subtle Cardamom and Pistachio cream filled the light dough – the perfect pairing to end what was a fantastic tasting experience.London Tea and Cake tasting 7Stuffed to the brim with exquisite cakes and refreshing teas, and of course with our newly found knowledge of tea and cake, it was time for us to head home. Kyle and Kerran were fantastic leaders of this perfectly sweet experience, answering any questions we had throughout and imparting their knowledge in a fun and engaging fashion.

This is a perfect experience gift for anyone with a love of tea and all things sweet. A range of Gourmet Tea pairing experiences are on offer, including a Tea and Cheese pairing and a Baking with Tea experience. You can also treat yourself or a loved ones to a Tea tasting masterclass, or a Tea brewing experience. Follow the links below to buy a gift voucher for these tea-mendous experiences:

Gourmet Tea Tasting Experience In London For Two 

London Tea Tasting Masterclass for Two 


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We’re attempting a Christmas World Record and we need your help!


So the secrets finally out, and you’ve heard right, Experience Days has teamed up with Bournemouth University and is attempting to break a Christmas World Record!


On the 4th December we will be attempting to break the record for ‘The most people simultaneously gift wrapping’.

Over the last few weeks we’ve had a lot of deliveries to our offices, and we’re almost ready, we’ve got the toys, the Santa hats, the gift wrap but we’re still missing one thing… you guys!

In order to break the World Record we need over 300 participants, so we are inviting you to come join us on Friday 4th December, at Citygate Bournemouth, to help us break a world record!
All presents wrapped on the day are being donated to Barnardo’s Children’s charity. There will also be free food and drink for all attendees.

What better way to get into the Christmas Spirit than by taking part in such a fantastic charity event!
Follow the link below to sign up:













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Expert Interview: Escape Games Brighton

Escape Games Brighton

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Will, the owner of Brighton’s very own first-of-its-kind Escape game. These types of games are gaining popularity fast in the UK, providing fun and unique ways to spend time with friends, bond as a family, or complete some team-building with colleagues. We were lucky enough to secure an interview with Will who owns Brighton’s first escape game!
Here’s how it went:

Hi Will, Great to meet you!
So tell us, what first inspired you to set up your own escape game experience here in Brighton?

I have been in the Escape Game industry for two years working in Berlin, Germany. I always wanted to have one in my home country and thought Brighton would be the ideal location as we would be the first and only game in that location.


It’s very exciting that you were the first person to open an escape game in Brighton! The experience sounds really interesting, what does completing the task involve?

You have to work as a team. The game requires detective work, intuition, brain power and a little luck to solve the mission.


It sound’s challenging! Do many people manage to solve the mystery within the time limit?

Yes we have about a 70% success rate from teams

Are the murder mysteries based on true stories?

Yes, they are based around ‘The Brighton Trunk Murders’ from 1934

Ooh spooky! Would you say your experience is catered for a particular audience?

Anybody really. The game is ideal for players aged 10 – 70. It’s a fun game for families, friends, students and business team building events.


Are you hoping to continue to grow your company? Where would you like to expand to?

Yes we will be opening a second game at the beginning of 2016 in Brighton.

What do people enjoy most about your experience?

Most teams leave feeling very excited because they have never had an experience like this before. There is a ‘rush’ teams feel as they solve puzzles and different clues come together to reveal a solution. It’s a very unique experience and every team will experience a different game depending on the personalities of the group.


Finally do you have anything you would like to add? Tell new/potential customers?

Just that if you are looking for something different or looking for something unique to do in Brighton, then come check us out. You can read on Facebook and TripAdvisor that every group is giving us 5 star reviews and want to come back to play another game. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks Will!

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to solve the murder at Brighton Pier?
Purchase your voucher here and find out!

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Kite Buggy Sussex Staff Review!

Kite Buggy Lesson 34

I’ve always admired kite sports. It looks so impressive as people race along the beach, surfing and jumping into the sky supported by their kites and It’s always been something I’ve wanted to try. So, when we were invited to take part in a Kite Buggy class held in Camber, East Sussex, I was over the moon to be given the chance to try out this awesome sport!

We set off to Camber and after a drive through the winding roads of the Sussex countryside, we arrived at our destination. We were greeted with sights of kites soaring above the beach, harnessing the power of the wind. The winds were set to reach 16 mph that day, so conditions look like they would be perfect!

Kite Buggy Lesson 5

After signing a few forms, wrapping up warm and being introduced to Oreo our instructor, we were ready to go! Buggies in tow, we walked down onto the beautiful beach of Camber sands and were met by a dazzling view of sea and sand.

Oreo gave us a run through of the basics of Kite Sports, introducing us to the importance of the wind directions and the way we were facing. As complete novices, we were beginning to realise there was going to be a bit more to this sport than met the eye.

After showing us the correct way of setting up the kites, Oreo gave us a demonstration of his skills. He described the technique as riding a bike – pull left to turn left, pull right to turn right – which seemed simple enough! But then it was our turn to take the reins…

Kite Buggy Lesson 7The power of the wind immediately struck us. We were using training kites, just 1.5 meters wide, (tiny when compared with the 16 meter monsters being used by professionals out on the sea!) yet Becky and I were still nearly toppled by the power! Once we found our feet, we practised controlling the kite in the correct way to harness the power of the wind and move us along the beach. Having never flown a Sport Kite before, this did take some time, especially once Oreo threw in the techniques we needed to move left and right…

After a while of taking turns practising and Oreo offering guidance and helping us every step of the way, it was time to take a seat in our buggies! We were slightly apprehensive, but soon realised they were pretty easy to control and more importantly – easy to stop!

Kite Buggy Lesson 8

Kite Buggy lesson 9

Getting the hang of flying the kite, steering the buggy and moving all at once was a challenge. However, with the help of ever patient Oreo, we were soon able to control the buggy and race across the sand – for a little while at least!

The stunning scenery of Camber Sands, dotted with other Kite Buggiers, Kite Boarders and Kite Surfers, made the perfect setting for us to try out this awesome sport. After experiencing the excitement of this extreme sport, it was clear to see why so many people become addicts!

Kite Buggy Lesson 10

I’d highly recommended this Kite Buggy experience to anyone who is looking to try out a new adventure sport. Although it is challenging, it is loads of fun and we came out of the experience feeling like we’d achieved something and learnt the basics of Kite Buggying. I can’t wait to go again!

You can buy yourself or a loved one an experience gift voucher for this Kite Buggy experience here.

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It’s Halloween!!!

It’s Friday 30th October, which only means one thing… It’s Halloween tomorrow!!!
We might not be kids anymore but we’re all still super excited about getting dressed up (that’s right you’re never too old).
But for those of you who have left it until the very last minute to find a costume, we’ve put together a selection of photos of some of our very own Halloween outfits to spur your imagination! Enjoy!

becky halloween

rosie halloween

evie halloween 2

ruscha halloween

cat 2


Garry halloween

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Interview with Stunt Drive UK


We were recently speaking with Stunt Drive UK, the UK’s first stunt driving operator! Read on to discover the history behind this company and what they’re all about.

Hey there! Please could you tell us a bit about the history of the company or how these experiences began?

Stunt Drive UK started to offer experience days in 2007, after the two directors identified a clear gap in the experience day market. No other company was offering stunt driving experience days within the UK. The company originally started up with three cars and two instructors, and has developed to now use a total of 18 cars at four venues with a team of over 30 trained stunt driving instructors.

So there’s been a large expansion within the company, that’s great! What encouraged your passion for Stunt Driving? 

A lot of the manoeuvres involved in stunt driving are based on a form of motorsport called Autotesting. Alastair Moffatt, one of the company founders, is an eleven times national Autotest champion, so stunt driving was simply a clear development of his competition.

The customers will be in good hands then. What would you say is the best thing about the experiences you offer?

We love taking a customer who is nervous or can’t drive and help them overcome their concerns to really enjoy their time with us. For example, we have had customers who have come to us after being involved in a road traffic accident and have lost all of their confidence, but have left us having reignited their enjoyment of driving.


What makes your driving experiences different to others?

There are so many ways that we are different from other driving experiences. We only employ people we like, we teach customers to use the car in a real life situation, we allow customers to drive cars on two wheels and rev the engines up to about 6,000rpm!

Perfect activity for adrenaline enthusiasts then! Would you say your experiences are suitable for everyone?

Our experiences are suitable for anyone aged 13 to 75 years who is in good health. We require no driving licenses and no previous driving experience.

Have you got any new exciting news to share with us?

Christmas 2015 sees us launch our Teen Stunt Driving Packages, which are the first stunt driving experiences designed for teenagers in the UK. We teach a wide range of skills, starting with the basics of clutch control and ending with driving a car on two wheels.


It all sounds very exciting! We will keep a look out for your future ventures, thanks for talking with us!

These experiences are fit for all ages – driving license or not – looking for an adrenaline fuelled activity. If you wish to take part in one of these exhilarating rides, have a look at their experiences here:

Discover Stunt Driving Experience

Passenger Stunt Car Ride

The Full Works Stunt Driving Course



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Brighton Bubbly Private Walking Tour Review!

Brighton Walking Tour 1

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to take part in a fantastic Brighton based experience; a walking tour of the city – including a lovely glass of bubbly to round off the trip! Have a read to see how we got on….

Brighton Walking Tour 2Brighton is known for its creative, buzzing atmosphere, unusual architecture and, of course, the glorious seaside. It’s a bustling and lively city, full to the brim with unusual characters, shops and many sights and secrets to be explored. Living and working in Brighton, it is all too easy to forget to stop and appreciate this wonderful city, as it is with anything you grow accustomed to.  So, when the Experience Days team were invited to take a walking tour around Brighton, we were very excited to have the chance to stop and learn some more about this incredible city.

We met Rick, our friendly tour guide, just outside one of Brighton’s most iconic buildings; The Royal Pavilion. After introducing ourselves to the rest of the group and having a quick chat, we were off! As we walked through the Pavilion gardens, the sun was shining, people were wandering and a busker was playing music. It was easy to see what all the fuss is about, Brighton really is a wonderful place!

Brighton Walking Tour 6


Brighton Walking tour 3Rick stopped to give an insightful talk about the architecture and history of the Pavilion. This extraordinary building was the seaside resort for Prince George, who became the Prince Regent in 1811. We stopped beneath a statue of the Prince to discuss how his extravagant lifestyle, hedonistic ways and infidelity went on to shape Brighton’s unusual identity. Rick’s knowledge of the city was extremely impressive and every piece of information was delivered in a interesting and amusing way. You could definitely tell Rick has his roots based in comedy – making us laugh at every stop along the tour!

As we made our way through Brighton’s colourful streets, we learnt that it isn’t just the city’s interesting history that makes this town famous. A number of more recent events have shaped Brighton, putting this seaside town on the map. Who knew that Abba’s claim to fame, the Eurovision song contest, took place in Brighton? Or that Brighton is the birth place of Anita Roddick’s world famous The Body Shop? We learnt so many fun facts and interesting insights into Brighton during the walking tour… but I won’t give them all away here!

Brighton Walking Tour 7

The tour ended on the seafront after winding through Brighton’s quirky North Laine and the old town shopping district of The Lanes, discovering interesting and lesser known facts along the way! We took in the fantastic seafront view, including both of Brighton’s famous piers, before popping into a wonderful Cava bar to enjoy a glass of bubbly – all included with the fantastic tour!

Brighton Walking Tour 8

I would highly recommend this walking tour of Brighton to visitors to the city, or for locals who are looking to rediscover their home town and the lesser known secrets it hides so well. It is a truly unique insight into the unusual history of Brighton, offering a humorous and informative way to explore the town. I learnt many things about the city that I never knew before, and I’ve grown up here!

So, why not get out and explore (and enjoy a lovely glass of vino) this unique city on this fantastic walking tour experience? A perfect afternoon out with a friend, or for a more unusual gift for those who are looking to explore Brighton from a different perspective. Purchase your experience vouchers here.

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We are giving away 3 tickets for The Ghost Bus Tour to celebrate this Halloween!

This chilling experience takes place in York, Edinburgh or London on the 29th October,  the perfect way to kick start your Halloween weekend… Enter if you dare!

Ghost Bus Halloween Competition 2


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Staff Review: Indian Buffet Cruise Down The Thames!

indian header

On the 24th September, Cat and I had the chance to experience an Indian Buffet Cruise down the Thames. Being lovers of Indian food, we were more than excited to be participating! And being even BIG lovers of food in general, we were even more excited that it was a buffet!

As we made our way towards Westminster pier, our departing point, we had to stop and take a photo. I’ve always thought of London as being particularly picturesque, however London at night is utterly postcard worthy! The city is so vibrant with all the lights reflecting in the water, creating an absolutely breathtaking setting. Of course we needed to take an obligatory selfie!
As we stepped on board the cruise we were greeted by the friendly staff, who immediately offered us a complimentary drink… Who could say no?!
We were shown to a beautifully laid table where we were left to enjoy our crisp glass of wine, and some poppadoms and chutney to tide us over whilst the rest of the guests arrived.


As the cruise began to fill with all the other eager individuals, there was a fantastic atmosphere on board, with everyone excited for the night ahead. Once everyone was seated we set sail down the Thames, passing some of London’s most famous sights, including Big Ben and the London Eye. With the boat’s panoramic windows, you didn’t have to crane your neck to get a good view.

indian boat

Not long after we had set off, the air began to fill with the fantastic aroma of spices, and soon after the waitresses brought the food out. Of course Cat and I were first in line for the buffet, and we couldn’t have been more spoilt for choice! They were serving a variety of traditional dishes ranging from Rogan Josh Lamb, to vegetarian chick pea dishes, ensuring there was something for everyone! And of course there were samosas and onion bhajis – my favourite!
indian food

As we tucked into our delicious meal, we had the pleasure of listening to a talented singer, who sung a variety of traditional Indian songs from famous Bollywood movies. The entertainment was fantastic, with the singer making his way round the cruise serenading each of us, and even letting some people join in with the songs! What better way to enjoy an Indian curry than by having live Indian entertainment?
As we got further into the night, (and everyone got a little jolly), the DJ took to the decks, and the floor opened up as a dance floor for all those that wanted to show off a few moves. Of course no one can resist a bit of a boogie, especially when the DJ’s playing all the old time classics.
This was definitely a highlight of the evening, and a good way to burn a few of the calories from dinner!

indian dancing

As the night began to draw to a close and we made our way back towards Westminster, we headed up onto the top deck to get the best view of London from the water, and take some photos. If you’re yet to see London by boat and at night,  then you haven’t seen London properly! (Though don’t forget your coat, as it’s pretty chilly at night time).
indian view

The overall experience made for an absolutely fantastic evening, and couldn’t have been more enjoyable, even if we did have to sprint for a train home!

If you would like to spend an evening on the Thames indulging in some delicious traditional Indian food, whilst enjoying some live entertainment, then book your experience here!

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Expert Interview with Ghost Bus Tours!

Ghost Bus Tour Expert Interview


Here at Experience Days, we love getting to know our awesome experience providers! This week we have been lucky enough to speak with Ghost Bus Tours. They offer fantastic tour experiences that are truly terrifying, tons of fun and incredibly unique. Have a read to find out more…

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us! Can you tell us a little bit about Ghost Bus Tours and how it all started?

Ghost Bus Interview 3The Ghost Bus Tours is essentially a theatrical sightseeing tour. It’s a comedy horror show while you see the sights! There are a few horror attractions around, so we decided to create an attraction for the whole family that incorporates elements of sightseeing. We show you all the places we’re telling stories about. It was created by professional actors and comedians as a fun way to experience the city at night.

Sounds really interesting! So, what makes this London tour different and exciting for your customers?

The big difference is that we combine theatre with a tour of London. We show you all the famous sites that you see on other tours, but we also have actors on board performing a show. Our actors are all professionally trained and are also comedians, so the audience has a lot of fun whilst being scared! We also have a state of the art sound system and screens on the bus to create a fully immersive audio visual experience.

Ghost Bus Tour Interview 3So we can enjoy a show whilst being whisked around sightseeing on a bus? Sounds awesome! What are the different tours you offer, and is there a favourite amongst your customers?

The main show we have been running since the beginning is the London Ghost Bus Tour. We also have a Ghost Bus Tour in Edinburgh, and one in York. We are currently in production of a New York Ghost Bus Tour as well! Alongside that we have a daytime tour called The Time Tour. This one is not about ghosts, it’s a science fiction time travel tour where you are taken around London by Professor Quantum, a Doctor Who type with some rather eccentric additions added in as well. I wouldn’t say that there is a favourite amongst our customers, all our tours have been very positively reviewed and we have received the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence for the last two years.

CGhost Bus Tour Londonongratulations, sounds like you really deserve it! The Ghost tour looks frightening… Is it suitable for everyone?

The Ghost Bus Tours are absolutely suitable for everyone. It is primarily a comedy show with elements of horror. There are some scary moments (which I won’t go into here so as to keep the surprise!), but it is designed to be accessible to a family audience. Of course, we tailor the show to the audience; if there are no small children on board then we do increase the scariness and pull out all the scary stops! It all depends on the audience, but we make sure that each show is designed to appeal to the specific audience on board.

Finally, have you got any exclusive news you would like to share with us?

Our main exclusive news is the addition of a Ghost Bus Tour in New York! We are currently working on it and are hoping to have it up and running for Christmas. Watch this space!

How exciting! We will definitely be keeping a look out for your venture across the pond. Thanks very much for talking with us, your tour experiences sound fantastic!

The Ghost Bus Tours currently operate in London, York and Edinburgh. These tours offer an unusual and creepy night out with friends or family, perfect for a Halloween treat. They certainly are tours with a difference!

Take a look and book yourself, or a loved one a gift voucher here.

We also provide vouchers for The Time Tour experience here.

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