Monster Truck Ride With Leisure Pursuits


Last weekend we had the amazing opportunity to meet Grizzly – the 4.5 tonne, 7.5 litre V8 Chevrolet Monster truck! She has 5ft 5inch wheels and can crush cars, fly over mounds, climb steep hills and make great speed. Grizzly is a genuine retro American-born ’96 model Chevrolet Silverado, and can get up to 1700 horsepower when racing. We chose the passenger ride experience, but you can also learn how to drive Grizzly yourself and share the driving experience with others!

We set off from Brighton and drove to Blackland Farm in East Grinstead, which despite being in the country was surprisingly easy to find. Blackland Farm is a large activity centre site with several other activity centres in the same area. This gave it a friendly and exciting atmosphere.

monster-truck-meeting 20160924_110336

Leisure Pursuits’ meeting point was clearly sign posted and we made it down to the designated car park where we were met by one of the instructors, Daryll. He took us down to the site in a 4×4 Jeep through the forest. We didn’t drive for long but it was still a fun experience as the Jeep was very bumpy, and it got us even more excited for the Monster Truck! The site was a huge open field on one side of a small forest featuring a stationary bus, which contained a seating area and fresh tea which we were encouraged to help ourselves to.

Once everyone had arrived, we were taken through the different parts of the truck and were briefed on the history of how Grizzly got to the UK. Believe it or not, Grizzly has made appearances in several TV shows and adverts, including ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’, ‘The One Show’, ‘Top Gear’ and the recent ‘McDonalds’ advert. Once we knew more about this world famous American classic, it was time for the safety briefing. We were provided with helmets and shown into our seats. There were eight seats in the back of the truck and as a kind gesture I was lucky enough to sit in the front next to the driver!

right-over-a-car truck-over-cars

The rest of the group got in by climbing a tall ladder, showing off just how tall the truck was. Feeling a little nervous, and not knowing what to expect of the ride, we were off before we knew it! Tim (our driver) put his foot down and floored it – the monster truck raced over the huge hill and as the grass was wet we skidded here and there which made the whole experience even more exciting. Our adrenaline was pumping as we drove through ditches, over steep hills and in-between fields, making sharp turns left and right to give us that true ‘roller coaster’ style ride. The best bit was saved for last as we drove over two cars! Making our way back to our set off point, hearts still pounding and faces aching from smiling, we were so excited to have experienced such an amazing Monster Truck ride.

Huge thank you to Daryll and Leisure Pursuits for a fantastic day in the countryside, and to Grizzly for being such a lovable beast! There are plenty of monster truck experiences available, from drives to passenger rides to off-road combos, you’re guaranteed to find the ultimate grizzly gift that’ll never be forgotten.


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Halloween Giveaway! How Many Legs In The Lanterns?


With Halloween looming, it’s time for our annual spooky giveaway! We are giving away a £100 AND $100 Experience Days gift voucher to celebrate this Halloween! Enter if you dare…

To enter this competition, simply comment on our Facebook post with how many spider legs you think you can see in the picture. We will choose one winner in the US and one in the UK with whoever guesses the right number of legs. If the correct answer is not guessed, the entrant with the closest guess will be made the winner. If more than one entrant chooses the correct answer, the winner will be selected at random from the successful answers.

The prizes are a £100 or $100 open Experience Days gift voucher which can be redeemed for one of many experiences on our relevant UK or US websites.

To enter:

  1. Like our Facebook page
  2. Comment on the competition post with your guess for the number of legs in the image.
  3. Don’t forget to check your Facebook notifications on the 31st to find out if you’re one of the 2 lucky winners!

That’s it! You have now been entered into the competition and have the chance of winning one of the gift cards.

One UK and one US winner will be revealed on the 31st of October at approximately 4pm GMT and 11am EST.

Good luck!

P.S We said legs…think about it!



*This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with, Facebook. The prize gift vouchers comply with Experience Days Terms & Conditions.


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Must See Attractions: HM Tower of London

the-tower-of-londonAs someone who regularly visits the capital and has experienced their fair share of ‘must do’ attractions, it is a wonder that I have never actually been to HM Tower of London until now – this is certainly a mistake on my part!

Arriving towards the end of a Thursday afternoon, I decided to join the last Yeoman Warder guided tour of the Tower (starting at 15:30 inside the main entrance) to gain some insight. I cannot recommend the tour highly enough…our Warder, Clive was brilliant – highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and entertaining. The group included a wide range of visitors; young and old, local and international, but the tour seemed to cater for all needs. We gained a snapshot of the Tower’s history, including some little-known facts about some of England’s most famous Kings and Queens and other interesting characters in the Palace’s time-line, as well a few of the more ‘gory’ stories of torture and execution. By the end of the guided tour, we were positioned nicely to be able to explore the separate components of the Tower, at our own leisure.

…And you needn’t be a history ‘buff’ to enjoy your visit to the Tower of London – it is well-known that the Crown Jewels are securely housed here, but the exhibit is truly magnificent and certainly an important feature not to be missed. I’d personally recommend allowing around 15-20 minutes to take it all in…maybe a little longer if you have an eye for diamonds and jewels!

Other top attractions include:
The White Tower, Bloody Tower, Royal Beasts, and Chapel Royal of St Peter ad Vincula

During my visit, I was a little pushed for time, having just over 2 hours to explore the Tower, so would recommend allowing at least 3 hours (especially during peak times) to fully enjoy all that this incredible Royal Palace has to offer.

An absolutely fantastic day out, HM Tower of London should be high on anyone’s London ‘to do’ list and is a great experience to share with family or a group of friends.


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Expert Interview With HeliAdventures


We have always had a close relationship with Heli Adventures, and this week we had the privilege of interviewing Gemma Heynes on all things airborne. For a first-hand insight into the world of helicopter flying, read on…

Q1. Hi Gemma! So to kick things off, how was HeliAdventures founded?
HeliAdventures provides helicopter tours from a plethora of locations and is part of a long established Helicopter Company based at Cotswold Airport in Gloucestershire. Further services from this multifaceted company include helicopter charters and professional helicopter training.

HeliAdventures was started out of the passion of two pilots who wanted to be able to share their passion and make available to others the experience of helicopter flights. The cost of helicopters make it prohibitively expensive to many, but by setting up HeliAdventures and selling sightseeing tours by the seat we hoped to open up the opportunity to many others to enjoy.

Q2. How do you think HeliAdventures stands out from other helicopter companies?
Not only do we operate all our own events, we always use our own pilots, our own helicopters and operate under our own Air Operators Certificate (AOC), allowing us to provide seamless customer service throughout the booking process and the experience itself. Unlike a majority of UK sightseeing flight operators, we use immaculately presented Airbus Helicopters AS350 aircraft which provides great visibility for all passengers in a much more modern and spacious cabin compared with the Jet Ranger used by most others. Our pilots are very familiar with the specific areas within which our range of helicopter flights and tours are conducted, and they have worked to put together routes that will give you the very best in excitement and spectacle.

13938013_1495000057192450_7101084448445981705_o  55574_535469663145499_768450510_o

Q3. What is your favourite part of running HeliAdventures?
Seeing the joy on customers faces after their flight when, in many cases, they have just realised a life long dream.

Q4. Tell us more about your story and HeliAdventures’ success..
HeliAdventures has grown over the years to become one of the largest UK pleasure flight operators to cover multiple locations throughout the South West and Midlands. Keep an eye out …more of the UK to be added soon! As well as this our training division has been able to satisfy the dreams of many people of becoming a pilot whose initial introduction to helicopters was a pleasure flight with HeliAdventures.

We flew 450 sightseeing tour in 2015, which equates to more than 2,000 passengers and of those 2,000 passengers over 90% rate us 4-5 out of 5 and say they would recommend us to others. We are aiming for 100% in 2016!


Q5. If you could tell every customer one thing, what would you share with them?
“ YOLO ” …. so make the most of it. Come and have fun with us!

Q6. Is there anything else you’d like to add/ mention?
If there is anything you want to know about helicopters do ask – we love talking helicopters!

Huge thanks to Gemma for chatting with us, we hope you’ve enjoyed a little insight into Heli and it’s team! Helicopter rides are great ways to see the ground beneath you from great heights, and there are plenty of locations across the country so everyone can have the perfect experience. Enjoy!

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Activity Day With Branching Out Adventures


On the 15th September, Leoni and I hit the road for an adventure filled day near Ringmer, East Sussex. We spent the day hanging from trees like Tarzan, zooming along zip wires and battling wobbly ropes. The centre has a variety of activities that will keep your day jam-packed with non-stop fun adventures; you’ll leave feeling exhausted but also grinning ear-to-ear with accomplishment. Here’s a little bit more about our day…

With a car packed full of gear, and two eager beavers ready to get climbing, Leoni and I arrived at the site (after a very wrong turn which took us to a campsite – definitely not where we were supposed to be!) We could not have picked a better day for it; the sun was shining and there was not a cloud in sight. We parked in the spacious car park (free of charge) and headed towards the woods to begin our day. Mark and his mascot, Edie the border terrier, enthusiastically greeted us whilst Leoni and I marvelled at the stunning  location of the adventure centre.


It was time to get going and get harnessed up, and as far as harnesses go, these ones were pretty comfy! Amy, another member of the team led us through a quick safety briefing before we were let loose on the high ropes. It was pretty scary as you are in charge of clipping and unclipping yourself around the course but the magnetic clips made sure it was physically impossible to fall off. The course had the perfect combination of being challenging but achievable – our arms were knackered after though!


Next, we tried out the centre’s fastest and highest zip wire. Mark showed and talked us through how it was done and then it was our chance to try it out. To get to the top, you have to climb up the tree using only small staple steps – trust me, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. You then jump off of the top of the platform and zoom through the air. Leoni and I even managed to master some tricks and zip wire upside down! We thought it was going to be our favourite activity, but we hadn’t tried the giant swing yet…


After a quick refreshment break at the onsite cafe (all this exercise was thirsty work), we prepared for our final activity; a ride in the giant swing. On our way down, I had many different visions of what the swing would entail and it really isn’t what you’d expect – it’s way better. You are strapped onto a bar with your legs dangling in the air. You are then hoisted up until you are level with the tree tops, then you pull on the cord and drastically drop down before swinging forward. You feel your face drop and your stomach turn, then comes the laughter! Our favourite activity had definitely been topped.


We had one of the most exciting days yet with Branching Out, and can’t thank them enough for inviting us down. It is somewhere you could go again and again, and not get bored. I think we will need another road trip down!

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Expert Interview With UK Bungee Club


We thought it was about time to have a chat with John, owner and founder of UK Bungee Club and one our very best experience providers. The level of professionalism and commitment to customer safety that the club projects makes it easy to understand why they are the market leader in bungee jumps. Here at Experience Days, many of our team have been lucky enough to jump and it is truly something we will never forget (you can see our jumps here). Although nerve wracking and nail bitingly scary, the rush of adrenaline is worth the anticipation and will leave you grinning ear-to-ear as you land back in reality. So, if you’ve been thinking about taking a step on the wild side and taking part in a bungee jump, have a read to find out a bit more about the adventure…



Q: Please could you tell us a bit about the history of UK Bungee and what inspired you to join the bungee jumping industry?

A: Bungee first started on 1/4/79 in Bristol when 4 members of the dangerous sports club jumped from the Clifton suspension bridge in Bristol. What most people don’t know is that Bungee jumping is a British invention. I jumped in Australia in 1991 and was hooked. Coming back to the UK The UK Bungee Club had just started operations. I became a Roadie and worked for the club more or less every weekend during the summer of 1992 completing all my exams to become a site controller. By 1993 the bubble had burst with only a handful of operations left in the UK. We decided to put a 300ft Crane next to the Thames in Battersea and we have never looked back. Today we offer 10 locations nationwide including Belfast at heights of 150ft, 300ft and 400ft plus the only Bridge in the UK plus the world’s only indoor Bungee. Overseas operations have included Moscow, Abu Dhabi, Thailand, Brazil, Australia and South Africa to name but a few. The UK Bungee Club continues to be market leader in the UK for Bungee jumping and safety consultation with the health and safety executive.

Q:  How has the bungee industry or customers’ understanding of bungee changed over the years?

A: In the early days people were naturally scared of the product which was kind of the point. People were sceptical of the safety approach and the public needed educating. We were regularly inspected by local councils which we welcomed to spread the word regarding safety and that our operations were professional and run with integrity. Bungee is now recognised as a highly safe activity run by professionals. British health and safety is the best in the world and so by its very nature the attention to safety has been very high from inception back in 1992 when the company started. The general public know that with 25 years’ experience we are the company to jump with.



Q: What’s the most frequently asked question by customers?

A: Believe it not have you killed anybody and will I die. Thankfully the answer is no to both of these.

Q: What’s next for the Bungee Industry in the UK? Any exciting news to share with us?

A: We are looking at our 25 year anniversary next year on the 16th July so potentially we are looking at a 400ft Crane jump at Wembley Stadium. Look out for information on the Experience Days website!

Thanks UK Bungee Club for letting us know a bit more about your story. You can buy a bungee jump here which is available from a number of different locations. If you haven’t got the courage to jump on your own, jump with a friend!

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Beer Brewing Experience With Home Brew Depot


Beer is one of the most popular drinks in Britain, and is as much a part of our culture as brick red telephone boxes, Morris dancing, and afternoon tea! Given its rich history and little-known making process, we were very excited to be invited along to a beer brewing masterclass with Home Brew Depot.


Simon, the head brewer, greeted us upon arrival and began the session with an introduction and explanation on what the day ahead would involve, then poured us all a drink to get started. We got stuck in straight away with the barley mashing, combining the grain and malt with around 18 litres of water in a mash tun, and mixing it with specially designed paddles. The barley actually tastes pretty good on its own, but the aim is to not eat all the grain first…


The mixture then sits for an hour, so we all gathered round and had a group chat about beer brewing, getting to know each other and talking about our brewing experience and drinking preferences. Being the only girl amongst 14 men meant my experience wasn’t quite up to scratch, but Simon was overly accommodating and not in the least a ‘beer snob’, even when I told him I preferred lager!


When the hour was up we headed back to the mash tuns to have a look, seeing how much water the barley had soaked up. The smell was quite something! Taking it in turns, more water was gathered which we had to sprinkle over the brew in a ‘rainfall effect’, using the paddles to disperse the water rather than dumping it all in one go, meaning the sand filter effect stays in place. We then used the tap at the base of the mash tun to decant the brew into large containers, which then went to boil.


Whilst we waited for the boil stage, a menu was handed around so everyone could choose a freshly baked pizza for lunch – cooked right in front of us! Simon also poured us another beer to enjoy, and we all sat around chatting and drinking whilst the brew bubbled away (and Simon did all the cleaning to make sure the containers were sterile!). Bittering hops were added to the brew after a few minutes of boiling, then just before the boil stage finished, we added the aroma hops to give it that distinguished flavour. Finally, we rapidly cooled the brew in ice buckets so it could be poured into demijohns to take home.


All-in-all the masterclass was highly informative and a wonderfully unique way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I learnt a great deal about the beer brewing process, and may even try some ales next time I’m down the local! Huge thanks to Simon for inviting us along and putting on a great experience. If you’d like to try the half day beer brewing yourself or know someone who would love it, there are two venues in London that operate throughout the year, making it a great gift for Father’s Day or Christmas!

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The Perfect London Day Out

The Perfect London Day Out

If you are looking for the perfect day out in London, you’ve come to the right place! We have taken the time to put together some of our best and most loved experiences on offer in London. From walking tours to driving days, bungee jumping to paddle boarding on the River Thames. The city has so much to offer, whether it’s an adrenaline fuelled activity or a tranquil afternoon wining and dining on a cruise. Keep reading to find out more about what you could get up to on your next trip to London!

Classic Thames Lunch Cruise for Two

This experience is perfect if you’re looking to spend the day relaxing over a gourmet meal on the river. With an afternoon spent seeing London’s sights from a whole new angle and learning about the city’s vast history – you will definitely be entertained! The London Thames cruise is suitable for London first-timers as well as London natives. Being a frequent visitor of the city myself, this experience opened my eyes to London’s beautiful sights and rich royal history, which I had no idea about before! I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who is interested in finding out more about the city, and wants to enjoy a delicious two course meal with excellent service. This makes the perfect romantic gift or a great family day out – you can make it whatever you want it to be!

Windsor Castle Bike Tour for Two


Forget Boris Bikes, the best way to cycle around London is on a classic bicycle with a basket on the front, listening to an expert tour guide point out local landmarks. This gives you the perfect chance to see London whilst avoiding the crowded pavements! With a break for afternoon tea and cake midway, this day out is as quintessentially British as it gets. The lucky participants will be guided around the city, through Windsor Castle and Thames Valley, visiting Tudor Mansion and Eton Highstreet. This experience makes the perfect gift for anyone who wants to know more about London, whether they are a local or not!

Helicopter Tour of London


Helicopter flights are one of the most popular experiences on offer. They are the perfect combination of excitement, adrenaline and sightseeing. On this helicopter tour over London you will get to see the city’s amazing landmarks from a bird’s eye view!

You will start your air tour in Essex, where you will first meet the captain who will be taking you around London’s skyline. Once you have set off you’ll have the best views of all of London’s famous architecture – Big Ben, The Shard, The 02 Arena, The Gherkin, Tower Bridge and London Eye. This is not the type of tour that people get to do everyday, so you will be one of the very lucky ones to see London from such a unique angle.

Ultimate Beatles London Tour For Two


The Beatles London Tour is ideal for seeing the parts of London that The Beatles made so popular. This internationally and historically loved band has brought so much to the city of London, and on this tour you will visit the most renowned parts! With over 50 Beatles sites to see, you are sure to be amazed and learn all about the highly inspirational band and their relationship with the city. You’ll get to visit the apartment the band shared and learn all about it’s individual members; John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison! The perfect gift for Beatles fanatics and music lovers.

Adult Entry to ZSL London Zoo


If you’re looking for a gift for animal lovers then look no more! ZSL London is one of the most famous zoos in the UK, and definitely worth a visit if you have not done so already. Spend the day learning about all the animals with the free talks, shows and activities at the zoo. With plenty of places for a pit stop and lots to explore, the day will fly by and you’ll find yourself constantly entertained. Go and see the Tiger Territory, Penguin Beach, Gorilla Kingdom, Meet the Monkeys, the huge Aquarium, and many more! This gift is perfect for a family day out, but is also suitable for just the grown-ups!

On-Road 2 Hour London Maserati Driving Experience


This two hour luxury Maserati driving experience is by far one of the most unique experiences on our website. Perfect for those who love beautiful, fast and expensive cars, this experience gives you the chance to drive a soft top Maserati around London and its surrounding countryside. Your day will start in Hyde Park where you’ll meet the instructor, then it’ll be time to set off and test the Maserati out! The instructor will be with you at all times, and will be your personal tour guide, showing you all the amazing sights of London. This experience is perfect as a birthday present, anniversary gift or just as a special treat to yourself!

Introduction to Paddleboarding


And finally, saving one of the best until last, we have stand up paddleboarding! SUP is the perfect way to combine fun with outdoor exercise, and will test your strength and agility in the water. This is a great activity to do with friends and family as a group, and is a unique way of sightseeing along the Thames. Through London’s waterways you will see London’s beautiful sights first hand and be able to manoeuvre in any direction on the river. You’ll almost definitely want to do it again once you have tried paddleboarding for the first time!

So there you have it, our London hot picks for the year. Hopefully you’ll be able to find the perfect group activity for you and your friends, or perhaps be inspired to take up a new hobby!

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Vineyard Tour And Wine Tasting With Carr Taylor


This week we had the exciting opportunity to visit one of our local vineyards in nearby Hastings, run by the Carr-Taylor family. Linda and David Carr-Taylor planted the 21 acre vineyard in 1971, and it’s quickly grown to the 37 acres site it is today. Their son Alex, together with a small team, run the vineyard and its tours. Having won 36 awards and medals since 2011, Carr Taylor’s wines are well recognised and the vineyard tours highly recommended.

We left our office in Brighton and headed along the coast to Hastings, and although we had to navigate through narrow country roads to get to the vineyard, it was not difficult to find. The vineyard was well sign-posted and was immediately recognised on the Sat Nav – lucky as we’re not sure our maps skills are up to scratch! When we arrived, we parked in the large car park (free of charge) and made our way to the country-style shop.

With a few minutes spare, we looked around the shop to see what kind of wines and farm goods the vineyard produces. As we waited for the rest of the group to arrive were offered tea or coffee (included in the price) for a quick caffeine boost before our tour began. Once everyone was there, our highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide took us around the vineyard explaining how the vines are planted, pruned and picked from start to finish. He then took us to the mini factory-style building where the wines are manufactured and fermented, talking us through the whole process from bottling to distributing.


After being taken through the entire process of the wine making, we were ready for the tasting! Our tour guide led us to an upstairs seating area where the walls were decorated in awards and certificates that the Carr Taylor Vineyard has won over the years – it was fair to say there was a lot! We tried six different wines including two whites, rose and sparkling whilst learning about the history of the vineyard and the Carr-Taylor family. It was a great, friendly and fun atmosphere. Our host was very enthusiastic and it was clear he knew a lot about wine and its production. He made the wine tasting fun and light-hearted, even juggling the wine bottles at the end!


By the time we had finished the wine tasting, our lunch was ready, so we made our way downstairs and gathered in the back of the shop. There was a seating area with a country style buffet including salads, pates, chutneys, fresh bread and a large cheese board. Piling our plates high and grabbing our glass of wine (included in the price), we decided to sit outside as the sun was shining. As we ate our lunch we reflected on everything we had learnt and got chatting to a lovely couple who also attended the tour. Once we had finished, we decided to both buy a bottle of Carr-Taylor’s finest dry white wine to take home with us.

This was a great experience and it was lovely to visit a local vineyard, as there are not many in England! We would highly recommend the vineyard tour, wine tasting and lunch as a gift for someone else or simply to treat yourself! The sight is dog and family friendly and a great place to spend the afternoon topping up your wine knowledge and feel like a professional connoisseur. Whilst enjoying a nice glass of wine and a delicious lunch of course!



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Rainy Day Gift Guide

rainy day gift guide

As the summer is coming to an end and bad weather approaching, we have decided to put together a gift guide in aid of typical British weather. These activities are still just as fun and exciting – without having to battle the outdoor climate. Why not try something relaxing like a pampering spa session or an educational culinary class? If it is something more adventurous you’re after, why not try indoor ice climbing or surfing, or even go-karting! Keep reading to find out more about fun-filled activity ideas to do with the family, or great ways to treat that special someone to something new and exciting.

Indoor Ice Climbing


Indoor ice climbing is a great way to explore your strength and agility on the ice. This is a little different to the more familiar wall climbing, as you’ll be using picks and axes to manoeuvre your way up the wall! This is the perfect activity if you are looking for a gift that is a little different, but still buckets of fun.

The ice wall will test your strength and stamina, with a surface of 300 metres squared to play with. You’ll be instructed by expert guides with one to one tuition, so you’ll learn all there is to know about facing the ice wall and getting to the top. This makes a great group activity, or if you fancy trying it for your self you can do that too, and perhaps develop a new hobby! With three locations across the UK, you’re guaranteed to find an ice climbing experience that you’ll love.

Spa Days


Spending time in a relaxing, tranquil and calm environment is the ideal place to be when the weather is playing up! Enjoy being pampered with various treatments, relax in the pools and steam rooms, or go for a dip in the pool. With many locations to choose from, you can find a spa day that suits your budget and preferences, whether it’s a Harmony Spa Day for Two in Bournemouth or a Hillmotts Luxury Retreat in Buckinghamshire.

Take time out of day-to-day life and treat yourself to the perfect pampering session, or treat a loved one to a special gift on any occasion, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or a ‘thinking of you’ gift! To find out more and find your nearest spa day, have a browse of the various treatments and locations.

Culinary courses 


We offer a huge range of culinary courses, such as chocolate making and tasting, cake baking, sushi making, or wine tasting. With a huge range to choose from, you are bound to find something you’ll love! These are great experiences to do no matter what the weather; whether it’s snowing or raining or just plain cold, you can still enjoy crafting new recipes and practising your skills in the kitchen! Perfect for aspiring chefs, wine connoisseurs and those who simply want to try something new, a culinary experience makes a wonderful gift for everyone – you can’t go wrong with food!

Indoor Surfing 


Surfing is one of the most popular water sports in the world, but it can be a little scary if you have never surfed before and you take to the open sea immediately. On top of that, surfing in the wind and rain isn’t the most fun, so why not try this amazing indoor surfing experience! It gives you all the excitement and action of outdoor surfing; the waves, the water and the wet suit – except you’ll be indoors where it is warm! With a minimum age restriction of 6, indoor surfing is ideal for getting the kids active and having a family day out. This experience is perfect for beginners looking to try something new, or veterans wanting to improve their skills in the winter months.

Indoor Skydiving


Another great, adrenaline fuelled activity is indoor skydiving. This is a unique and slightly different experience than the usual ‘rainy day’ activity, as you’ll spend your time floating in a powerful wind tunnel – not quite your average board game! You’ll be in the hands of the expert instructors at the centre, and taught the basics on how to position yourself to get the best flight. Once you’ve mastered the hand signals, you’ll enter the wind tunnel and experience the incredible sensation of freefall skydiving – just without the 15,000ft drop!

It’ll be like nothing you’ve ever done before, so enjoy the thrill and make sure you smile for the camera! This is an amazing experience and is utterly unforgettable, so it makes a great gift for adrenaline junkies.

Indoor Go-Karting


Go-Karting is perfect for thrill seekers and driving enthusiasts alike, but comes without the risk of rain on the windshield putting a downer on the experience. Driving around the track at top speed and making as many laps as you can, this activity is great for satisfying your competitive streak! Whether you are competing against friends or family or other people you’ve met on the track – go-karting is a great experience for any group to try!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog post and it’s given you more of an idea of things to get up to when the weather outside is bad. Just because you are indoors does not mean that the fun has to stop!

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