Staff Review of Archery and Quad Biking in Warwickshire

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We recently had the amazing opportunity to participate in some fun activities at Garlands Leisure in Warwickshire. Garlands Leisure offer activities from Motor Sports to Country Pursuits for everyone, including large groups and family days out. Read on for my review on our fun-filled day in the country.

When I first heard about the opportunity to take part in quad biking and archery, I was initially a bit worried, especially due to my driving skills! But nevertheless, I was glad I took part as the day was an adrenaline fuelled rollercoaster.

Arriving at Garlands Leisure, located on a 150 acre farm, the venue looked superb for hosting a variety of outdoor activities. At 08.45, we were greeted in the lodge by the friendly staff who checked us in and gave us the all important forms to fill out. We then met our friendly instructor Glyn, who gave us a little run through of the activities for the day.

Looking out at the archery range through all the fog, concerns set in as to whether we’d even be able to see where we were firing our arrows. However, approaching the archery range, all became clear. The fog actually added an effective atmosphere!


Glyn explained the dos and don’ts of archery and how to keep ourselves- and especially others- safe. Demonstrations of how to connect the arrow to the bow and how to hold the bow itself were shown, as well as a practise round to get us used to the bow. Once we’d all had a quick practise, we got started in the competition.

As most of you probably know, it’s best to aim for bullseye for the best scores. I, on the other hand, wasn’t the best at aiming for bullseye and actually didn’t hit the board at all on some of my tries (oops!). However, to make it a fair competition, Glyn switched up the rules of the game (to help us less fortunate archers out) and had us aiming for the outer circle, which became equivalent to bullseye. This definitely helped a few of us out as we got our highest scores in this round.

PicMonkey 2

The archery experience lasted for an hour, with all the scores being kept throughout in order to announce the winner at the end of the day. Then it was time for quad biking!

Glyn walked us back over to the lodge for a quick break, and to prepare ourselves for our next adventure. We were then given waterproof clothing (which is optional) and a helmet (which isn’t). Once we were kitted up, it was time to head over to the quad biking ground.

As we approached the lined up quad bikes, the nerves set in again. Glyn ran us through how to use the bikes, as well as all the safety procedures to remember in an emergency. One by one, we each had a turn to practise on the quad bike by doing a figure of eight round the field. It was harder than it looked but once everyone had had a practise, it was time to head out!


We set off through the open fields in a line behind Glyn, with a second instructor, Matt, at the back. We were guided through small woodland areas, leaving some of us in tricky situations when we got stuck between tree trunks or veered off the track into the shrubs. We even managed to get our quad bikes stuck on top of one another! Luckily, the instructors were always there to give us a hand and manoeuvre us out of these conditions.

We carried on through the shrubs and woodlands until we came to a river bank. It was a steep slope into the river but we all managed to conquer it! With guidance from our instructors, we were told to lean back and use our brakes. One at a time, we made our way down the steep bank and onwards through the river, feeling very much relieved!



Throughout the 1 hour quad biking trek, we tackled a variety of terrains including steep slopes, rivers, tricky woodlands and even fields of sheep! The open fields were my personal favourite as it allowed you to gain speed and properly experience the power of one of these off roaders. Some of the fields had small obstacle courses which we made our way through, which gave us a chance to test out our steering techniques.
As a whole, this quad biking experience was a challenge, but in a very good way. It was adrenaline fuelled, action packed and was a great experience for a large group.

Back at the activity base we returned our waterproofs (and attempted to fix our helmet hair), before meeting up with Glyn to hear the scores of the archery competition. The top three were given medals to commemorate the day, and poor Evie and I got nothing for coming 4th and 5th!

pic monkey 4

The whole morning was challenging but enjoyable, so I would highly recommend it for groups of friends or as a unique adventure gift to celebrate a special occasion.

If you want to put your outdoor skills to the test by participating in either of these exciting activities, follow these links here:

1 Hour Archery Tuition – Warwickshire

Quad Bike Trekking – Warwickshire

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Cheese and Wine Tasting: Staff Review

Cheese and wine tasting 9cheese and wine tasting 10Cheese and wine are a combination made in heaven. I’m not sure if there is a single person who could deny a nice tipple coupled with a nibble of savoury cheese! As a true lover of all things boozy and foodie, wine and cheese are up there with the two things I’d never want to live without. So as you can imagine, I was over the moon when La Cave à Fromage invited the Experience Days team along to try out one of their Cheese and Wine Tasting Evenings. Our experience; ‘In Full Bloom and Wine,’ featured a range of ‘bloomy rind’ cheeses (think cheese with soft, white rind like Brie or Camembert), that had been produced in France or Britain and each paired with a white or rosé wine.

Originating in South Kensington, then quickly spreading to Notting Hill and south to bustling Brighton, La Cave à Fromage is an absolutely incredible set of cheese shops. Each venue is full to the brim and almost overflowing with the vast selection of over 250 ever changing, seasonal cheeses sourced from the UK and Europe. They also offer a fantastic selection of wines, charcuterie and accompaniments such as white truffle honey and fresh breads. The really exciting part of these shops are the cheese and wine tasting sessions they offer, an experience that will tantalise your taste buds with the wonderful marriage of carefully selected cheese and an accompanying wine. This is what we had come for and we just couldn’t wait for it to begin!

cheese and wine experience 11

We entered into Brighton’s La Cave à Fromage around 7:30 pm and were immediately greeted by our friendly cheese masters. Laid out on a clean slate ready to tempt us were 6 types of cheese, baskets full of artisan breads and a board bursting with different sliced hams and charcuterie. I could hardly resist diving straight in! However we didn’t have to wait long as the first glass of wine, a Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon that has been especially chosen to compliment the first cheese, a local Sussex soft goat cheese, was promptly poured into our awaiting glasses.Cheese and wine tasting 13


We were introduced to the cheese and wine and their particular flavourings, followed by an informative description explaining how their unique tastes would complement each other. We were advised to first sip the wine, then taste the cheese, and finally taste the cheese and wine at once, in order to appreciate the flavours. The way the flavours changed when experienced together was surprising. It’s the kind of thing you need to stop and think about in order to really appreciate how the subtle notes of sweetness in the wine were matched perfectly with the creamy tang of goat’s cheese. The fantastic cheese and wine ambassadors were great at answering our questions and were very attentive, visiting each group for a chat and to ensure we had enough bread and water to last the whole night.

Cheese and wine tasting 15


We were given time to relax and nibble our delicious breads and sip our wine. Almost as soon as our glasses were empty, they were being filled again with a fresh, new wine to be paired with the next cheese. Over the night we sampled 6 different cheeses with their 6 matched glasses of white or rosé wine. It was a night full of spectacular wines and magnificent cheeses, some of which I’d never tasted anything like before. The Brillat Savarin was a particularly unusual soft cheese. It’s name famously comes from the celebrated gastrononomer who coined the phrase ‘You are what you eat,’ in reference to this decadent double cream infused soft cheese. It was paired with a slightly citrus wine that cut through the richness perfectly, it was one to remember!

cheese and wine tasting 17

At the end of what was a boozy and delicious evening, we were happy, full and had definitely learned a lot. The relaxed atmosphere of Brighton’s La Cave à Fromage meant it was ideal for a night out with friends. There was no long, over the top lectures on the wine and cheese, just to the point, interesting information with plenty of time for you and your company to enjoy the night. The experience came to an end at around 10pm. We were given plenty of time to peruse the fascinating shop, and to make any purchases of the cheese, wine and other delicious products we had tasted during the night!

This cheese and wine tasting is perfect for a romantic night out, a family get together, or for a more sophisticated night out with friends. I would recommend this experience to anyone, cheese and wine experts, or newbies alike!

To buy a gift voucher for this fantastic gourmet experience, click here.


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Competition Time: Chocolate Hamper Giveaway!


It’s that time of the month again, competition time!

As we all know, winter is coming..

Here at Experience Days, we have been thinking of the best foods to indulge in during the winter months and we have chosen our favourite, chocolate!

If you agree, you’re in luck as we are giving away some chocolate goodies for 2 lucky winners.

If you are UK based, we are giving away a Cadbury chocolate hamper, filled with all the Cadbury essentials.

If you are US based, we have a lovely Hershey Kisses Chocolate Tower to tend to all those chocolate cravings.

To be in with the chance of winning either of these delicious chocolatey prizes, all you need to do is guess how many chocolates are in the jar from the picture above.

Enter by heading over to our Facebook page and comment on our Competition Post with your guess and include CADBURY for UK entrants or HERSHEY for US entrants.

The winner will be chosen at random on Monday 28th September, 4pm UK time and 11am New York time.

Good luck and get guessing!

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Our Top 5 Unusual Sports To Try This Winter!

winter sport Collage


With winter just around the corner it’s time to say goodbye to those summer water sports, and welcome in the ski season! That doesn’t just have to mean skiing or snowboarding, however, as winter hosts a variety of different sports – so why not try something a little more unconventional this year? We’ve put together a list of 5 unusual winter sports to mix up your season!


1. Skijoring








Ever heard of Skijoring? Us neither! Turns out it’s actually a recognised winter sport that’s been around for years and nearly became an Olympic sport!

Think skiing and then think Husky racing… Now put the two together and that’s pretty much Skijoring! The idea behind the concept is that the dogs act as the ‘powerboats’ which pull the skiers. It’s a pretty unusual sport but is highly popular in countries like Norway, Sweden and Canada (basically anywhere that gets a lot of snow – hence why we don’t have it here in the UK). For those that are even more daring you can ‘upgrade’ and swap the dogs for horses – due to the speed of the horses the Skijorers can tackle some pretty impressive jumps.
Check it out here!


2. Air Boarding 








Next up it’s air boarding, a sport similar to sledging but for the slightly more advanced. If you’re looking for more speed and a smoother ride then this is the right sport for you! The sport is a mix between sledging and body boarding, as you race down the snowy hills on your front on a specially designed air inflated board. Experienced riders can reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour – now that’s fast! This is an experience we are definitely going to look into!


3. Curling

Fancy your turn at becoming a curling champion? Since the Winter Olympics, curling has become a popular sport amongst many. The idea is to slide stones along a sheet of ice and get them into the target areas, without being intercepted by the opposing team. Sounds pretty easy, right? But these stones move pretty quickly on the ice making it a lot harder to keep up than you would expect!


4. Snow Kayaking

snowkayaking 1











If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie then snow kayaking will probably appeal to your thrill-seeking nature. This extreme sport is definitely not one for the faint-hearted… As you race down steep snow covered hills as if they were frozen rapids, you will reach speeds up to 40mph! This has become a competitive sport with racers taking on steep turns and plummeting drops, racing to cross the finish line at the bottom first.


5. Ski Ballet

Peirce, Richard Barma, Lucie


And finally, if you want to stick to your skis and the slopes, but are looking to change it up a little bit, then let us introduce ski ballet! We’re not kidding, this is actually a sport and was once even a Winter Olympic sport! If you’re struggling to imagine it, think dancing on ice, now think how they do the flips, the jumps, the rolls, the legs crosses and the spins and now imagine all of that but on skis instead of ice-skates, pretty impressive right? Take a look at it here!


So there you have it, our top 5 unusual sports to try this winter! Which ones are you going to be trying out ? We definitely want to give Air Boarding a go!

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City Cruises: Cutty Sark & Royal Observatory Review

PicMonkey Collage

On August 25th Rosie and I headed down to London for a day of sightseeing – though this wasn’t your typical tourist day out, hopping on and off the underground. Instead, we were traveling in style, boarding the City Cruise ferry from Westminster pier, and embarking on a sightseeing tour of the Thames all the way to Greenwich.
You may have visited London hundreds of time before, but you haven’t properly experienced London until you see it by boat! Removed from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, you truly get to absorb the beauty of London and the juxtaposition of the calm and tranquil cruise compared to the flurry of the City centre.

picmonkeyAs we travelled down the Thames taking in the magnificence of this spectacular city, we were provided with on board commentary from one of the very funny staff members. The tour guide made our voyage particularly enjoyable as he had us laughing from start to finish. We learnt all about London’s most famous sites; Big Ben, The Tower Bridge, St. Pauls Cathedral, and many more! The knowledgeable guide also talked about some of London’s most historic figures, letting us know which pub William Shakespeare used to spend his Friday nights in!
PicMonkey Collage1


As we disembarked the cruise at Greenwich, we immediately bo20150825_144900arded a second boat… But this time from a completely different time period! You might have guessed it – (but for those of you that haven’t) – the boat I am talking about is in fact the Cutty Sark! The Cutty Sark, built in 1869, is a national icon of British Maritime History and the world’s last surviving tea clipper. As we stepped on board we were pleasantly surprised to find that the ship comprises of three floors, all of which are open to the public to explore. As we made our way through the boat, we found many interactive activities dotted around, from touch and feel games, to dress up boxes – you’re never too old to dress up! The ship has a lot of cabins furnished exactly how they would have been all those years ago, so you can get a real feel for what life on board would have been like for the sailors.
PicMonkey Collage2

Next, we made our way to The Royal Observatory, situated a short but steep walk away from the Cutty Sark.  At the entrance we were greeted by a spectacular view of London, making the walk most definitely worth it! As part of the Royal Observatory experience you gain access to the Flamsteed household, which was the official residence to over ten astronomer royals and their families, for nearly three centuries. Just think how much history would have been made there!


As we walked through the house, we got a real feel for how those that once occupied it must have lived, spending their nights studying the stars. It was in this very house that it was proven that the timekeeper method of finding longitude was practicable.
The Royal Observatory is also home to the Meridian Line, providing an opportunity for you to stand with one foot in either hemisphere, an opportunity that we were definitely not going to miss out on – as it makes for a great photo!

PicMonkey Collage3
Once we had exhausted ourselves from all the sightseeing we headed down to the pier to jump back on the ferry, not before stopping at the Nando’s conveniently placed just metres from the pier of course!

If you would like to attend one of these two experiences yourself, or even both book your tickets here:

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ZSL London Zoo Staff Review!

Lions and tigers and bears… Oh my! We saw them all during our trip to…

ZSL London Zoo!

london zoo header

London Zoo now boasts two new exhibits that opened in 2015, so we were incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to check these out! The new exhibits are highly engaging walk through enclosures, which are rather aptly named; ‘In with the Lemurs’ and ‘In with the Spiders’. As you can probably guess, you are literally ‘in with’ these magnificent creatures! The exhibits are entirely open, so you experience the lively Madagascan lemurs leaping and jumping around right overhead and get up close and personal with one of the most misunderstood creatures of all time, the spider, as they hang in webs above you.

in with collage

Both were set to be awesome experiences, but the idea of being ‘in with’ spiders did start to ring some alarm bells… Still we set off to London ready to have some fun!

After a 15 minute walk along the leafy lock from vibrant Camden Town, London Zoo emerged. Set in the grounds of Regents Park, we left the concrete jungle behind and stepped into enjoy the timeless wonder that always accompanies a trip to the zoo.

Now all we needed to do, was decide where to head first… Were we going to relax at the famous ‘Penguin Beach’, step ‘Into Africa’ or head straight to the much anticipated ‘In with the Lemurs’ and ‘In with the Spiders’? Not wanting  to miss a thing, we picked up an incredibly handy zoo map which, as well as offering a guiding hand in zoo navigation, lists all of the events taking place throughout the day. These events range from animal feeding times, enlightening talks about each animal and their habitats, to bird of prey displays. These talks and demonstrations really help bring your experience to life and give extremely important information on how these animals and their habitats need to be protected.

So after much deliberation, we put our best foot forward and were off to Africa! No matter how many times we may have seen these magnificent savannah creatures, whether in previous visits to zoos or in classic TV documentaries, a sense of wonder always transpires. Giraffe’s huge eyes peered over us, zebras waggled their stripy pants and the African wild dogs relaxed with their huge ears quivering as we walked through the area.

Savanana Animals

Next came ‘In with the Lemurs.’ This kind of open enclosure was something I’d never experienced before. Lemurs were bounding around their Madagascan shrub forest enclosure, climbing over branches, sunbathing on platforms with their incredibly long, ringed tails lolling lazily as they relaxed. These gorgeous lemurs were right in front of us, with no barriers in sight, really letting us appreciate their cheeky faces and how they would behave in their natural habitats.

lemur collage

We then ventured over, with slight apprehension, to step in with the spiders. Situated in the B.U.G.S building, spiders are definitely not the only creepy crawly London Zoo has to offer! However, the new ‘In with the Spiders’ walk through exhibit was certainly the stand out, shiver inducing, experience of the day. This exhibit really is an homage to the spider, testing its visitor’s nerves and challenging our fears, including the classic, there’s a spider in the bath! moment we all secretly dread…


As we walked through the humid heat that is the home of the Orb spiders; it was hard to ignore the prickle of anxiety that crept over us. What were we doing walking through a space with these gigantic eight legged beasts hanging over us in their metre wide webs?! And more importantly… what would happen if one fell?! We were rather jumpy for a while, both of us sure we could feel something on our backs…..

spiders collage20150819_150640


But we soon20150819_150229 became a little more accustomed, taking an all-important ‘spider selfie’ and getting a close up view of one of these fascinating creatures eating its dinner. Their webs are oh so impressive and despite these spiders super-sized appearance, we were assured they are perfectly harmless. By the end of our walk with the spiders, I was beginning to think that maybe the nation’s fear of spiders is a little unjustified?

However, I can’t say I was quite ready to get as close to these arachnids as the little girl in the picture and we definitely needed a cup of tea to calm us down once we left the exhibit. We headed over to ‘The Terrace’, a lovely eatery that serves a great range of cakes, sweet treats and all manner of main meals and snacks. It’s located right next to ‘Penguin Beach’, which of course meant we had to pop in and say hello to these happy little critters on the way. After our fill of penguin fun, it was definitely time for a cookie and cup of tea out on the veranda that overlooks the rest of the zoo.

After our little pick me up, we wandered through to ‘Butterfly Paradise’. This unassuming tent may not seem much from the outside, but it’s definitely worth a visit. Huge, colourful butterflies flutter around, landing on the jungle like foliage right in front of you, transporting us away into the deepest Amazon. This enclosure really lets appreciate the majestic beauty of the Butterfly and is a definite must do on your visit.


As we walked on through the zoo, we passed many wonderful creatures at every turn. Stopping to watch the baby monkeys play in the open ‘Meet the Monkeys’ exhibit is another must do, along with getting up close with the meerkats by crawling through the tunnels that lead right to the centre of their home. We entered the kingdom of the Gorillas to marvel at their awesome power and watched the stripy tigers flirt and lounge in their jungle home. We even petted extremely fluffy sheep and fat little goats in the children’s area. Not forgetting our trip into the aquamarine, where we gazed at some of the most beautiful fish I have ever seen.animal collage

London Zoo is an incredible walk on the wild side. It’s a great way to experience a change from the urban bustle of London city, which makes it a perfect day out for anyone who finds themselves in the capital wanted to escape for a while. There really is a phenomenal amount to see and do, so I would recommend spending the whole day (the zoo opens at 10am and closes at 6pm) to be sure you manage to fit it all in!

This experience is the perfect day for all the family, suitable for any age and animal lover. You will leave the day feeling inspired and thrilled from witnessing the huge diversity of the animal kingdom, along with learning of the vital work ZSL are doing in order to conserve these animals’ natural habitats.

You can book your tickets to this top London day out here, take the little ones along with our child tickets and if you fancy cutting the queues, buy fantastic fast track tickets here.

Check out our Experience Days video review of this fantastic London experience:








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Expert Interview with Fun London Tours!



Looking for something fun to do in London? Well look no further! Matt is a qualified guide lecturer who offers a variety of fun unique tours around London. We caught up with him to find out a little bit more about what he has to offer.

So Matt tell us, what differentiates your tours from others offered in London?

6My tours are all completely unique, lovingly crafted by myself and often focus on the more unusual aspects of London’s past and present. I’ve tried to ensure my walks are informative, but not dry, entertaining, but with a purpose and depth. I’m a qualified City of London and City of Westminster guide lecturer ,which hopefully means that I have a wealth of knowledge and a degree of expertise to fall back on. But I also have a playful nature which ensures the tours are fun. Importantly, I limit my group size to ensure more of a personal experience.

And would you say that your tours are catered towards a particular audience?

5The tours are catered for just about everyone. Even walking around some of the more famous sites there are so many surprises and of course if you take a more quirky tour – like our Hidden London walk – you will be seeing things which very few people have taken the time to notice. So my tours are catered to the curious, open minded, people who like stories and history, Londoners and tourists alike. Maybe not surprisingly I do have a fair few couples and families on my tours.

So your tours are catered for everyone and anyone, that’s great! What would you say people enjoy most about your tours?

One of the most common exclamations on one of my walks was “I’ve never noticed that before!” This sense of discovery is really exciting for a lot of people, and of course everyone likes to hear a story about something unusual or scandalous. The tours can often be reasonably sociable, or a good chance to catch up with old friends. And of course learning about one’s own heritage and understanding the city around us is extremely satisfying.

Which of your tours would you say are the most popular?

Currently the most popular tour I lead is to see the Changing of the Guard. It’s a lot of fun for tourists and Londoners alike as it involves people in the ceremony in a unique way by moving around from place to place, with history, anecdotes and even some marching!1

For people who know London a bit better, my more quirky tours are very popular. Secret London is full of surprising facts and features, while the Liar Liar tour is completely unique in London in that it focuses on interactivity, competition and separating fact from fiction.

You’re clearly very passionate about tour guiding, have you always felt this way?

Yes! I’ve been guiding for over 4 years now and have loved it from day one. What is there not to enjoy? I walk around with curious people who genuinely seem to appreciate having their eyes opened to the amazing city around them. I not only lead tours, but also design them, which is immensely satisfying, as I’m constantly learning and deepening my historical knowledge of London.

Finally do you have anything you would like to add? Tell new/potential customers?

Of course –  come on one of my walking tours once and you may be hooked!

They sound fantastic, we would definitely love to give it a go! Thanks very much for speaking with us Matt!


A walking tour is surely one of the best ways to experience everything London has to offer. These tours make a perfect London day out for visitors and locals alike looking to get a more unusual insight into London and its history! 

Follow the links below to find details on Matt’s fantastic, quirky tours:

Liar Liar tour of London 

Hidden tour of London 

Forgotten tour of London



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Extreme Archery

Do you have the talent, accuracy and self-discipline to become a master archer? If you’ve answered yes, but are yet to try archery, then I would suggest you book yourself onto the next available course, as this is an adventure activity you do not want to miss out on! And for those of you that have had a go at archery before, then I’m sure you will agree with me that it is an exhilarating, fun sport that you would recommend to almost anyone!

Archery is often left in the shadows, while other activities such as water sports and driving experiences steal the limelight. That said, archery can be just as extreme and just as exciting, involving a level of danger that can’t be found in other experiences!

Archery has been around for centuries, so as soon as you pick up the bow and arrow you will feel as though you have been transported back through time to the medieval era! Back in the 15th Century Archery was mainly used for hunting and combat, but has since developed over time and is now most commonly used as competitive sport and for recreational use.




The sport requires provision and skill, but is also one that almost anyone can master, if given enough practice. It is less physically demanding than other sports such as rugby and football; however it is said to be more challenging, as it puts your focus, hand-eye-coordination and aim to the test. So if you are able to master the art of archery, who knows what else you’re capable of!


If you’ve already got the hang of standard archery and want to push the limits further, then why not try out the world’s latest extreme sport; archery tag! The game follows a similar concept to paint ball; you go to battle with your teams trying to get as many hits on your opponents as possible, and yes, you will be using a real bow and arrow. Of course these arrows are completely safe, but you’re guaranteed to be completely pumped as you run from arrows flying in from every direction!


So if you’re looking to become as cool as Katniss Everdeen or become the next Robin hood then Archery is an extreme sport you should definitely take up! We offer several different Archery experiences, for individuals of all levels all across the country, check them out here.

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Rock Climbing with Hatt Adventures: Kyle Holman

hatt adventures pictureWe recently caught up with Tom from Hatt Adventures to learn more about the Sussex-based adventure company as a whole…having spoken with them, we then felt compelled to dive a little deeper, and find out more about some of the awesome people who work there.

Senior climbing instructor Kyle Holman kindly shared his personal experiences with us…check it out – we think he’s a hell of a guy!

  • How and when did you first get into Rock climbing?Hatt 2

My first introduction to rock climbing was in against the incredible scenery of Glen Nevis, at the foot of Ben Nevis in Scotland.  Glen Nevis hosts hundreds of small granite rock outcrops (Polldubh) and is easily accessible from the roadside, probably what my father had in mind when he took a grumbling eleven year old out.

I was led to Pinnacle Butress, to climb Pinnacle ridge (grade: very difficult) – a great beginners route with lots of holds, fantastic rock, and great exposure to the elements.  Now, as a guide, I’ll never forget the importance of being clear with my instructions; as when my father called down to an eleven year old me to “swing around the corner”, I took this rather literally took hold of the rope with both hands, leapt out and swung round!

I must have climbed it a dozen times since, as have thousands since me, as the rock is polished – but it’s still great.  Great scenic locations, a manageable challenge and an adventurous experience got me started that day. Soon after I was zip-wiring into quarries (another story for another time).

hatt 3Wow – sounds like you’ve lead a pretty adventurous life so far!

  • How long have you worked at Hatt Adventures for, and what did you do as a living before your current position?

I have worked for Hatt adventures since 2007 as a part-time member of staff, balancing my adventures work alongside my job as an Apprenticeships tutor at a Brighton college.

In past lives I worked in various outdoor centres and colleges teaching and running environmental science courses, youth work programmes, and guiding clients.

So you know your stuff then!

  • What’s the biggest perk of your job?Tom Hatt

I love the outdoors, so meeting enthusiastic people who want to take up a new hobby, learn skills and find an adventure is great.  I never bore of seeing clients become empowered and having a great staff team means that we ourselves are continually off on our own adventures.

  • And what makes the rock climbing experiences with Hatt Adventures so great? What sets you guys apart from similar experiences within your field?

Our rock climbing trips are open to all, everyone can be challenged. We like to empower new climbers so they can confidently make decisions – whether they want to learn skills or have a great experience, the customer always has a say.

Our Hatt Adventures staff are knowledgeable, qualified and recognise that tailoring programmes to clients is key to ensuring all clients get out of the day, what they intended.

Organisation, lots of climbing, Q&A, local history and geology, an opportunity to learn skills and techniques, empowerment to become an independent climber and an enjoyable day out!

Sounds good to me!

  • What’s your most frequently asked question from customers…and of course, could you share the answer?

“Is it dangerous?” – A huge question, often asked at the beginning of the day.  My answer is “No” – not if you exercise considered judgement.

Health and Safety is often cited as an excuse these days and a lot of people are no longer allowed or used to learning new skills and making judgements on their own. Fortunately that’s what we are for – to help you to make those judgements and recognise and manage risks.

  • And finally…have you got any funny rock climbing anecdotes you could share with our readers?

Everyone at some point pulls off a piece of rock or knocks a pebble when climbing. I once Hatt 4knocked a refrigerator-sized block off and into the sea whilst on Lundy. Tom Hatt (Company Founder) thought the enormous booming splash was me!

Slightly over-enthusiastically climbing in Wales in the winter – a 90m route which was supposed to take an hour – it took us 6 hours to climb with one head torch and no ice axes between us. We were very much be-knighted.

It is often said that walking to and from a crag is the dangerous part of climbing trips.  My partner, on a Peak District trip, was carrying the heavy bag and tripped, falling over and landing on his back – head first down a small slope, in stinging nettles…he was wearing shorts and t-shirt!  Apart from the amusement this caused, the same person then fell off his route and had to be lowered off…again into the same stinging nettles (groan). I got to the top though and it was a fantastic route!

Thank you ever so much for sharing your knowledge and stories with us Kyle!

If you fancy having a go at rock climbing, then Kyle is your guy – check out our Rock Climbing Introductory Experience, with Hatt Adventures!

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Product Review with 2020 Archery London

Archery collage

On Saturday 15th August Rosie and I headed down to London Bridge for our first ever archery experience! Having not taken part in the sport before, we were both super excited when we were invited by 2020 Archery to come and try their hour and a half Have a Go at Archery introductory session. The class was perfect for individuals of our ability (which was non-existent) as the groups were limited to 12 people per instructor so you were given plenty of help and guidance, which in our case was very much needed!


The session began at 12:30pm taking place at the Downside Centre. The Centre is conveniently located only a 15 minute walk away from London Bridge station. However if you are a tourist when in the city of London, like me and Rosie, then I would definitely recommend giving yourself at least half an hour to make your way there! London can be a very confusing place and google maps does occasionally like to have a laugh at your expense; by tricking you into walking the wrong way.

Once we arrived at the centre we were taken to a large gym hall where we were introduced to our groups and our instructor Cuong.
We were then given a safety briefing, and kitted out with our equipment, before taking it in turns to have a few practice shots to get to grips with everything.


Having never tried archery before, I was initially quite fearful of the bow and arrow, however after being reassured numerous times that archery is in fact one of the safest sports, I finally got into the swing of things, and was managing to hit the target. Not the one I was supposed to be aiming at, but none the less I was managing to hit something!
Our instructor Cuong was excellent; he studied all of our shooting techniques, and then offered us tips to help us improve. Which we actually did! That’s the good thing about being one of the worst to begin with, you can only get better, and by the end we were practically pro’s, well for beginners! All of the 2020 staff are professionals in the sport, so you couldn’t ask for better instructors.


Once we had all got the hang of shooting, we took part in a friendly competition against our fellow fledglings. This is where things got really interesting, as there was a bag of chocolate coins up for grabs!  This was a great opportunity for us to show off our new found skills and see how much we had improved! It also gave us the chance to learn the archery point-scoring system, which will come in very handy when I challenge my friends to an archery competition!


Overall the experience was absolutely fantastic, and we couldn’t have asked for better instructors. If we were able to improve that much in just one session, image how good we would be if we did a block of lessons!
Olympics we’re coming for you!

If you would like to have a go at archery, which I would definitely recommend then you can purchase your experience here.

The centre offers both adult archery classes, as well as junior classes. They have also recently introduced Archery Tag, which is a super fun archery variation kind of like paintball but with arrows!

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