New Year Resolutions: Learn To…

So 2015 is officially over, meaning it’s time to say hello to 2016! We’re wishing you a Happy New Year from all of us at Experience Days HQ.
Now we know how gloomy January can be with the awful weather and Christmas being over way too soon – but never fear, we are here with some unique and fun ways to liven up your year with some adventurous new hobbies to try. We know many of you have probably made similar New Year resolutions such as losing weight, keeping fit or even experiencing new things. Well, you can make those New Year resolutions a reality with this list of exciting experiences to try this year! Read on for our ‘learn-to’ guide for 2016.

If you’re looking to try a new hobby, you could learn a new culinary skill by taking part in a Cookery Class in Hampshire. You can choose from a wide range of classes and cuisines to brush up on your current culinary aids or learn whole new ones! You will have a chance to watch demonstrations, taste dishes and practise techniques. You will gain so much insight into your chosen cuisine, this class will leave you feeling like the next Jamie Oliver!

Hampshire Cooking Lesson

Brew your own beer
Try something totally unique with the Brew Your Own Beer Experience. This experience will give you the chance to learn all there is to know about brewing your own traditional ales, including all the techniques used to perfect your homemade artisan beer, such as sparging, mashing and boiling. This is a great experience for those of you that wish to try out a new skill and face a challenge. You will also be able to use these new techniques and skills at home for your friends or family to enjoy!

Brew your own beer experience

Is 2016 the year to try something new or step out of your comfort zone? If it is then why not try skiing? If you’ve been dreaming of that cosy ski holiday but don’t have the ski experience, this Fast Track Ski Experience is the perfect thing to get you prepared for a possible holiday on the slopes this year. This experience will give you expert tuition on real snow and a variety of slopes to ensure you are prepared for those challenging outdoor terrains.

Skiing Lesson

Ride a Horse
Horse riding is the perfect experience for those of you that would like a fun and adventurous hobby. This Horse Riding Beginner Lesson is just the thing to get you started in this wonderful outdoor adventure activity. This beginner’s lesson will teach you not only techniques when riding the horse, but also the grooming and tacking of these beautiful animals. This experience will even let you practise on a state of the art mechanical horse before moving on to the real thing! Horse riding is a great way to keep fit whilst trying something new – perfect New Year motivations!

Horse riding lesson in Hampshire

Scuba Dive
Have a holiday booked for summer ’16 already? Then try scuba diving for a kick start at water sports before your annual summer holiday. This Scuba Diving Lesson for Two gives you a chance to learn the techniques including hand signals and maintaining your equipment under water whilst feeling ultimate weightlessness. Scuba diving is one of the ultimate adventure sports out there so who wouldn’t want to give it a go?!

Scuba Diving Lesson

Practise Yoga
Try out the latest yoga craze with an Anti-Gravity Yoga Class in London. This novel exercise focuses on stretching, strengthening and relaxing. By using the material to help you balance and practise a variety of different moves, you will be working all different parts of your body, especially those abs! This is a great opportunity to get you started in a fun and unique style of exercising. It is also great for socialising so bring a friend along as well. Who knows, by the end of 2016, you could be a fully-fledged yoga professional!

Anti Gravity Yoga Class in London

Eat Fire
If you’re not one for intense exercise or adrenaline sports but still want to try your hand at something unique and challenging, then try this Fire Eating Lesson in London. This is a great experience for fun-loving individuals with a sense of adventure. Taking part in this lesson will not only allow you to experience something truly unique, you will feel the magic and mystery behind Fakir and fire manipulation.

Fire Eating in London

These are just a few ideas of some adventurous new challenges you can take on this year, but there are plenty more online that might tickle your fancy! Take a look at hundreds more exciting thrills that we offer here.

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Mince Pie Madness at the Experience Days Office!

Christmas day is just one sleep away! We hope everyone – whether still working hard, or relaxing on holiday – is feeling the festive spirit. I’m not sure how other places of work celebrate whilst at their desks during the run up to Christmas, but here at Experience Days, we decided to EAT.

While it’s normal and definitely acceptable to put on a few pounds this time of year, we are beginning to question whether our indulgence in a certain festive favourite may have a more worrying affect on our waistlines…

Experience Days Christmas Mince Pies

There are 7 of us here at the UK office (2 of which don’t even eat mince pies – madness I know!) but of course, we felt it entirely necessary to make our way through 6 different types of mince pie during the past week….

As you can see, we take mince pie munching pretty seriously here at Experience Days. We’ve even gone one step further and given each pie a rating out of 5 for their appearance and taste, in hope to find the definitive winner of the much fought over award;

The Experience Days Mince Pie of the Year!

Take a look at the contenders:

  1. Waitrose All Butter Mince Pies

Experience Days Christmas Fun 3


Experience Days Rating: Appearance:  4   Flavour: 5    Total: 9

These pies are a classic all round people pleaser with simple design and tasty mincemeat.


2. M&S Puff Pastry Mince Pies

Experience Days Christmas Fun 5


Experience Days Rating: Appearance:  5   Flavour: 2        Total: 7

These buttery beauties look fantastic, however we weren’t so sure of puff pastry used on a mince pie…


3. Waitrose Duchy Organic

Experience Days Christmas Fun 6

Experience Days Rating:  Appearance: 2   Flavour:  3   Total: 5

These pies had a little left to desire appearance wise and the rather crunchy pastry let them down… however, we can’t deny the mince in these mince pies tasted fantastic!


4. Waitrose Hestons Spiced Shortcrust Mince Pies

Experience DaysChristmas Fun 4

Experience Days Rating:   Apperance: 2.5    Flavour: 2.5   Total: 5

These fancy festive treats split the office right down the middle. Some loved the unusual take on the classic, whilst others bemoaned the alterations to the simple pastry and mincemeat combination.


5. ASDA Extra Special Luxury Mince Pies

Experience Days Christmas Mince Pies 2


Experience Days Rating:  Apperance: 5  Flavour: 4  Total: 9

These are stunning little pies and the clear winners on appearance for us! The taste was also great, however a little more mincemeat to pastry ratio would have been the star on top of the tree.


6. M&S All Butter Classic Recipe Mince Pies

Experience Days Christmas Fun 7


Experience Days Rating: Apperance:  4   Flavour:  4   Total: 8

These pies were another great all rounder. With just a little more flavour and a slightly fancier design, these would be perfect!


So, after much judging and some very difficult decisions, we have decided to crown (da da da daaa)….

Waitrose All Butter Mince Pies  and  ASDA Extra Special Luxury Mince Pies

The Experience Days Mince Pies of the year!


MERRY CHRISTMAS from everyone at Experience Days!

We hope you have a fantastic festive break and enjoy everything the season brings – Mince Pies and all!

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Hovercrafting Staff Review

Experience Days Hovercraft Staff Review

We recently had the pleasure of taking part in a hovercrafting experience in Leicestershire! On a cold wintery weekend in November, we headed up to Leicestershire to take on this rather futuristic style of driving.

Arriving at the centre, we were welcomed by our friendly instructor Chris who got us geared up in helmets, ready to take on these incredible machines. Admittedly, we weren’t sure what to expect as we made our way out to the field, but Chris was confident that we’d pick it up soon enough.

hovercrafting lesson (500x239)

The field was set up like a race circuit, with the track being marked with tyres. This was our challenge of the day – don’t hit the tyres! Chris demonstrated how to use the hovercraft with a lap round the track – then it was our turn… We had a few practise runs to begin with by zig-zagging through obstacles. This was to help us get used to steering the hovercraft – which was certainly harder than it looked! As the vehicle was so large, we had to put as much pressure on the direction we wanted to go in by putting all our weight on that side whilst steering. The heavier you are, the easier it is to steer. This definitely proved difficult for us girls. A few of us ended up a couple of yards off of the course by not having our steering correct!

20151128_113114_001 (3) (500x281)

Once we were done with the practise rounds and felt confident enough to take on the full track, we set off! One at a time, we followed the course of the track for 1 and a half laps on the first go. We had to try to avoid obstacles such as the barrels marking the edge of the track, a horse manure pile and even a magnetic fence! Getting used to the speed of the hovercraft proved difficult as it’s nothing like driving an ordinary car, so those of us without drivers’ licences actually had an advantage there.

hovercrafting chris

Becky set off first around the track, hesitant of the speed of the vehicle but she powered through and made it round without any faults. Next it was my turn and let’s just say I wasn’t the best at steering. On my way round the track there were a few near-misses close to the manure pile (oops!). Evie was next up, looking and feeling rather nervous but with ease made her way around the track. Rosie and Robb followed shortly after, both showing off expert steering techniques – until Robb ran over the Go-Pro!

We all completed 3 laps each around the track, giving us enough time to get used to the vehicle and improve on the skills we’d learned. Another guest that had joined us on the day tried out his hovercrafting skills on water, but we all agreed he was most definitely braver than we were!
The whole experience was great fun and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the harsh Northern weather conditions (well, Midlands, but we’re from Brighton!).  If you would like a chance to experience these incredibly unique modes of transport, you can purchase this hover crafting experience here.

Huge thanks to Chris for being such a fantastic instructor and making the day truly memorable. Can’t wait for what 2016 has in store for us!

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Staff Review: Indoor Skydiving


On Friday 27th November the team and I hit the road and headed up to Milton Keynes for an indoor skydiving experience.
With it all being our first time flying, the journey consisted of us discussing funny stories of what could happen, and watching previous blooper videos. Definitely not the best way to calm our nerves, but an excellent way to pass the hours of stand still traffic on the M5.

Once we arrived at the centre and had all tied our hair into plaits, we met our lovely instructor Glenn, who instantly put us at ease. After we had filled in all the vital documents, we were invited to watch a safety briefing video, before getting kitted up and moving onto the fun stuff!

Now styling very fashionable attire of blue and red overalls, bright yellow helmet, ear plugs and large safety goggles, we were ready to fly…


As we made our way over to the wind tunnel to wait our turn, we caught a glimpse of what we were about to experience. The instructor and flyer were chasing each other round the tunnel in what we can only assume was a game of tag, either that or they’d totally lost control! Whatever they were doing, it looked immeasurably enjoyable.

Once their session had finished we swapped over, making our way into the glass tunnel and taking our seats in order around the screen. Luckily I wasn’t last in which meant I wasn’t going to be skydiving first!

By now the excitement was starting to mix with the nerves as we took our seats around the tunnel…

We were scheduled to have two flights, each consisting of one minute. A minute doesn’t sound particularly long but having now tried indoor skydiving and finding it to be quite a strenuous activity, I would say that it is the perfect amount of time. (And turns out that’s as much free-fall as three tandem skydives!)

funny skydive

First up to fly was Evie. As she stepped into the tunnel she was instantly lifted by the power of the winds, and she was flying! She made it look easy. On our first round we did some basic flying as we got used to the feeling and technique of how to hold our bodies. Those that had a slightly better knack to it were able to venture up higher, whilst the instructor supervised below.


Next up was Cat who also made it look effortless – if they could both do it I definitely could! Or so I thought up until I got into the tunnel, and was hit by the 120mph winds. It’s as if as soon as I got in the tunnel I completely forgot about keeping my body relaxed and my legs straight and I was all over the place, my legs flailing up and down – it’s fair to say I wasn’t the most graceful. It was a good job we got a second flight so I was able to redeem myself.

By my second turn I was feeling far more relaxed, especially after watching everyone else and observing the (correct) technique. On our second goes once we had mastered basic flying with the assistance of Glenn, we got to have a go at flying all the way to the top of the 20ft tunnel. Glenn began by slowly spinning us round gradually picking up the pace before we both blasted up to the top and back down again! The feeling was absolutely fantastic, as it made you feel so light and free, whilst enabling you to experience the real sensation of free fall flying. Something I would definitely recommend.

flyingcollage2Once we had all experienced the thrill of flying, we of course needed an obligatory team photo, to document the moment! Really we should have taken this before we all went skydiving and had that wind swept look, but we managed to style it out!

We each received a certificate from Glenn showing which flying skills we had mastered, as well as a downloadable photo and DVD documenting the whole experience – this provided excellent entertainment as my first flight was definitely You’ve Been Framed worthy!


If you like the sound of indoor skydiving then grab a gift voucher today.
And don’t forget to check out the video of us flying below!

From the team at Experience Days.


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Experience Days World Record Attempt – From The Start

rosie facebookPicMonkey Collage4

Experience Days – Breaking a world record!

So who can remember what they were doing/thinking about all the way back in August? I’m sure most of you weren’t thinking about Christmas… but for us here at Experience Days it was all we had on our minds as we began researching ideas for our Christmas event.

After a month of brain storming, and deciding that we wanted to host a charity event, we finally decided to attempt a World Record. And what better record to represent our gift voucher company and tie in with Christmas than the record for ‘the most people simultaneously gift wrapping’.

As you might imagine, a lot goes into becoming world record holders – after all it’s about achieving something that has only happened once in the world! So we’ve put together this blog for you guys to have a read through, to find out exactly what goes into planning a World Record Christmas event.


As three Bournemouth University students on placement here at Experience Days, we were all very excited to be involved with such a big charity event. We began planning a few months back, beginning with the search for a venue, charity, toy company for donations and, of course, participants!


We wanted to find a charity to work with that we could really try and help at Christmas time. We immediately thought of children’s charities… what if we could give 400 children a present this Christmas who otherwise might have gone without? As a gift company, we all thought this would be a good idea.

Barnardo’s were the first charity we thought of. Their centres do such great work supporting local families, we thought they would love to receive gifts around Christmas time. Thankfully when we phoned they were delighted to be chosen, so the first stage of preparations was complete.Banardos-Logo

Next came securing a toy company that would be willing to donate 400 gifts for a charity event. We were somewhat worried that this might be a bit of a stretch, but Mattel, the toy giant behind Barbie and Hot Wheels, very kindly agreed to donate all the gifts we needed for the attempt to go ahead! They played a huge part in the success of this world record attempt, and we are so grateful for their involvement.


Next on the agenda was finding somewhere that would fit 400 people seated with enough space and table area to wrap a gift. This turned out to be a slightly trickier than we had first anticipated… no where we looked seemed to be big enough! So we decided to return to our roots and get Bournemouth University involved.


Visiting Bournemouth was great. With the help of Emma Matthews and Emily King, plans for promoting the attempt and getting the students involved were coming together. But still, we had the issue of finding a venue.

Where could we fit this amount of people, that would also be easily accessible on a Friday night? The obvious choice was the ever popular student club, The Old Firestation. Based in Lansdowne, the venue is renowned for holding over 800 students on club nights, so we were pretty sure this would be the one. We went along to meet with venue manager Alan Dove. As he showed us the space, it quickly dawned on us that a nightclub with capacity of 800 was not going to be big enough. Sure, this venue was ideal for 800 people dancing within millimetres of each other, however, for 400 seated wrappers –  it was not.

venue collage

However, Alan had another trick up his sleeve and he put us in touch with Citygate Church. This venue is often used by BU to seat 1000 exam students, and it’s a vibrant church that has up to 500 in its Sunday congregation. Throwing caution to the wind, we took our chances and walked the short distance from the Firestation to Citygate, in hope that someone would be willing to show us round.

We were lucky enough to meet Eliot, the venue manager. After showing us the space, we immediately knew this was the one. The venue is a huge hall with a stage, lighting, enough chairs for 500 and it would even be decorated for Christmas by the 4th of December! After a quick diary check, we had secured Citygate as the offical venue for The Big Gift Wrap. It was a huge relief and we can’t thank everyone at Citygate enough.



In the lead up to Christmas we all know the Post Office gets very busy, however they were probably a little curious as to why we were having around 6 parcels shipped to our office everyday! Granted we may have got a little carried away, but when it comes to planning a Christmas wrapping record event, one can never be too prepared. Of course we were going to need 800 festive bows for the 400 presents, that’s not excessive, right?

PicMonkey Collagedelivery2

As more and more stock arrived at our office, including projectors, screens, wrapping materials, sticky tape and hundreds of Christmas hats, it began to look like we were building our very own grotto! Christmas had most definitely come early!

PicMonkey Collagedelivery

You can only imagine our excitement when we heard through the intercom that two palates had been delivered, that’s right two whole palates of toys! As we were loading the toys into the lift you could see how excited we all were, it felt like Christmas morning and we were about 10 years old again!

Once we had all the toys up to the 5th floor (of course our office would be the one at the top of the building), we began to open up the boxes to see what goodies were hidden inside.
We couldn’t believe our eyes when the first toy we pulled out was Woody from Toy Story, next came Cinderella and her carriage – the gifts were absolutely fantastic, Mattel had definitely pulled out all the stops and we can’t thank them enough! With a collection of 400 fantastic Disney Pixar toys, we knew there would be smiles on all the children’s faces come Christmas day.

toys collage



When it came to promotion of the event we knew it wasn’t going to be easy, especially considering our offices are based in Brighton and we were hosting the event in Bournemouth, it’s a good job we’re all fans of road trips!

Luckily we had members of Bournemouth University RAG (Raising and Giving) society helping us out, as we couldn’t have done it without them. They arranged for us to come down to the University on three separate occasions and set up a stall to promote the event. All we needed now was to design the leaflets, get thousands printed, and hit the road.

Leaflet Print

On each of the promotional days we had members from RAG as well as members from Barnardo’s come and join us to help advertise the event. They were all fantastic, and we would especially like to thank Barnardo’s as they were able to provide more information about the charity itself and all the fantastic work they do to help the children, which we feel really helped to grab people’s attention.
Over the three days we managed to get over 300 sign ups – so we were feeling hopeful.


Whilst we were at the university we also arranged an interview with Lauren from Nerve Radio, which was to be broadcast to all of the students to further our reach. We’re so glad Lauren was able to get involved with the event and we would like to thank her for her support.


Once we returned to Brighton, despite feeling like the promotional days had gone really well, we felt like we still needed to do more to make sure we had 400 attendees on the day, so we decided to open the event up to the general public.
First stop the Bournemouth Echo – what better way to capture peoples attention than by placing a full page ad slap bang in the middle of the Sunday paper? So that’s exactly what we did!

We also sent one of the team back down to Bournemouth to leaflet around the town, to try and get the word out as much as possible.
Participants were the key to breaking the record, so we had to make sure we focused as much of our attention on getting sign ups as possible.



Next came hiring the staff, sounds simple enough doesn’t it? But when you’re attempting to hold a World record event, nothing is simple. In order to adhere to the record guidelines we needed to source two professional time keepers, two independent witnesses and eight stewards, all of which had to have no connection to ourselves or the event – this was going to be tricky!

A hundred calls down the line and a well deserved McDonald’s break later, we had finally managed to secure not just two but five independent witnesses, as well as all the stewards and our time keepers!
We would like to thank Intouch Accounting, Dorset Police Department, Dorset Fire and Rescue Service, and everyone else that came out to help us, we couldn’t have done it without you all!



As the big day was drawing closer, there was only a few things left to do, though we most definitely hadn’t left the small tasks last. The most important item on the agenda was to cut all the wrapping paper and ribbon to size, though with 400 to cut this wasn’t going to be a quick task so we decided to turn half of the office into a factory for the day, well, more of an elf workshop, and of course no Christmas workshop is complete without a tree and festive tunes, so we had to do some decorating first.

Once we were feeling festive enough we put on our Christmas hats and got to work! I’ve always loved wrapping presents, though after having had to cut 400 pieces of paper each to size it’s fair to say we were rather glad that we weren’t allowed to take part in the actual wrapping ourselves, though at least we know we would have been pros!

12274649_964933806882779_6777073657900356881_nPicMonkey CollageNext on the agenda came the mammoth task of loading the van, luckily it was a quiet day in the office so everyone was able to help out.
The only thing now left to do was hit the road, get to Bournemouth, and get an early night ahead of the big day!


The day had finally arrived and it was going to be a long one, first stop; a quick dash to the local radio station for a spot on the breakfast show.

Tom and Laura, two lovely representatives of Bournemouth University’s Raising and Giving (RAG) and Volunteering Societies, had offered to take part in the interview. But this was no ordinary Radio show where a simple chat would suffice, Tom was to go head to head with the presenter in a wrap-off!

Following the radio show, we made our way to Citygate Centre to begin the immense task of unloading and unpacking 400 toys. With toys and boxes everywhere, it was like a scene from Santa’s grotto!

PicMonkey Collage7

Setting out tables and chairs for 400 people took some strength and organisational skills, and with only a few hours before the doors would be thrown open to the excitable public, time was of the essence.
By 4 o’clock everything had come together, and with each of the 400 wrapping stations equipped with a present, wrapping paper, bow, and Santa hat, it was time to begin.
All that was left was to prep all the fantastic stewards, time keepers and witnesses on their very important roles, set up the cameras, invite everyone in, and let the magic unfold!

PicMonkey Collage2

As the individuals were shown to their seats and the room began to fill, the atmosphere was amazing. The event really had brought people of all ages together in Christmas spirit.

“Are you ready to WRAP? I can’t hear you, ARE YOU READY TO WRAP?!?!  3..2..1…WRAP!!!

Steve Harris (BBC Radio Presenter) announced to the hall of eager volunteers, as they all set about quickly wrapping the present in front of them, resembling a scene of Santa’s elves preparing gifts in his workshop.

PicMonkey Collage3

As we stood up on the stage observing the festive scenario unfolding beneath, the sense of achievement was overwhelming as we could see that all our hard work had paid off and everyone was actually enjoying themselves!

With 6 seconds to spare the final ribbon was tied, the last Christmas hat was placed on the participants head, the clock was stopped and it was over. Now the only question that remained was; had the World Record been beaten?!

PicMonkey Collage5

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to break the record, as we didn’t quite get enough wrappers, nonetheless we all still felt that the event was a huge success, and felt very honoured to be able to donate all 400 toys to Barnardo’s just in time for Christmas!

Carole Banton from Barnardo’s Children’s charity said: “Despite not breaking the record, it didn’t matter as the event was still brilliant.”

She added “Children and families in Bournemouth are going to really benefit from all this fantastic goodwill. Some of the children and families we work with are really struggling financially, especially at this time of year. We’re really thrilled.”

PicMonkey Collage4

Knowing the achievement that day was all for a good cause couldn’t have been more rewarding, and we’re sure everyone that took part thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We are so delighted to be able to help support Barnardo’s this Christmas, and we hope that all those that receive a gift have a very Merry Christmas.


And so there you have it, the process of planning a Christmas World record event from start to finish!
We’re hoping to re-attempt the record again next Christmas, and this time with more knowledge and experience we’re sure we can break it! A big thanks again to all the staff that helped us on the day, and of course all the wrappers that came and took part! We hope to see you all again next year!

Until then have a very merry Christmas! – From the team at Experience Days

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Brighton Escape Game Staff Review

Escape Game (500x213)

We recently had the amazing opportunity to take part in Brighton’s only Escape Game! Escape Games are becoming popular activities for groups all over the world and we felt especially lucky to have the opportunity to experience this one right in the heart of Brighton. We have tried our best to not give any clues away, so read on for more details on this incredible experience!

Being Brighton’s only Escape Game we were very excited to be taking part. The theme of Brighton’s escape room is based on the infamous ‘Brighton Trunk Murders’ in 1934 – which were never actually solved!

Escape Games (500x202)

Arriving at the Escape Game location, the escape room was situated in the basement of a traditional Brighton townhouse. We were very apprehensive about what this evening had in store, although in some ways not knowing added that extra thrill! We were warmly greeted when we arrived and were given the aim of the game plus any restrictions, before being shown to the room that would become our prison for the next hour.

The room was decorated in the authentic style of the 1930’s with props such as briefcases, teapots, maps and books scattered around for added atmosphere. A video clip was projected onto the wall which displayed a short video of the case to solve. We were then locked in the room to begin the game, although we were reassured that we could ask for clues if we got stuck, using the walkie-talkie in the corner.

Escape Game Brighton (500x231)

The aim is to solve the murder in 60 minutes, with a bonus game of guessing the murder weapon at the end! We began by scanning the room for any clues we could use to kick off the investigation. Searching through draws, cupboards and books, it was harder than it seemed to find clues.

The clock was ticking and we were almost half way through – without having found enough clues to solve the mystery, the nerves definitely started to kick in! Luckily enough, Richard was there to help us out by giving some hints to help us find the all-important clues.

Escape Rooms (500x227)

At the 57 minute mark… We solved the mystery! Unfortunately that left us with only 3 minutes to find the murder weapon, and so we fell at the final hurdle. That didn’t take away our sense of achievement though, as it’s definitely more difficult than we initially thought.


This 1 hour murder mystery was an incredible experience, it really let us live out our inner detective, whilst putting our combined intuition to the test! If you would like the opportunity to take on the task of solving the Brighton trunk murders, grab yourself a gift voucher.


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Private Dining With La Belle Assiette


We’ve recently been lucky enough to partner with La Belle Assiette, a private chef booking platform that gives you the dining experience of a lifetime… For a totally unique culinary evening, these experiences allow you to select a chef from a wide range of choices, invite them into your home to cook a delicious high-quality meal for you and your friends, then have them clean and wash-up afterwards!

Experiences like these are entirely bespoke, meaning you can choose the type of cuisine, the cooking style, personalise your dietary requirements, and select an event type, providing an utterly one-of-a-kind night of fine dining.

An incredible experience gift for food lovers this Christmas, a night with a La Belle Assiette private chef is sure to provide memories for a lifetime. With six experience options to choose from, there’s a variety of personal dining evenings to suit everyone. Treat a lucky someone to a Private Chef Home Cooking Class, or gather your friends for a Private Chef Dining Experience For Four. Maybe you’d rather keep it cosy with a Romantic Private Chef Experience For Two, or have a weekend to remember with the Private Chef-Prepared Brunch For Six – the list goes on! For a totally unusual Christmas gift thisyear, these experience days are certainly not your average hight-street find.


For the full list of La Belle Assiette experiences, see below:

Private Chef Home Cooking Class

Private Chef Home Cooking Class For Four

Romantic Private Chef Experience For Two

Private Chef-Prepared Brunch For Six

Private Chef Dining Experience For Four

Private Chef Dining Experience For Six

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Christmas Special Offers 2015 Gift Guide

So.. It’s that time of year again, some would even say the best time of the year! As Christmas is approaching, there may be some of you that are a little stuck for gift ideas for your loved ones. Well not to worry because Experience Days are here to save the day! We have put together a gift guide of some of our Christmas specials. Instead of getting the same boring jumper for your dad this year, why not get him a helicopter flight over the Jurassic Coast? Or a Bannatyne Spa Day for your mum? Read on for our guide to unique gift ideas this Christmas, that will ensure you’re the favourite!


Spa Day for Two £49 2839_2
We can all admit to indulging over the Christmas period, so why not treat a loved one to further indulgence with a Bannatyne Spa Day for Two! This spa day gives one lucky person and their even luckier companion a chance to sit back and relax in ultimate comfort. They will receive a 15 minute mini treatment of their choice; from a manicure, 15 minute back massage, scalp massage,  facial or a leg massage. After feeling truly pampered they can unwind in the sauna, steam room or Jacuzzi to fulfil all their pampering needs. For just £49 for two, this is a must-have gift to give this Christmas!


Helicopter Tours £99 – £139
For most people a helicopter tour is a dream come true. So why don’t you make somebody’s dream a reality this Christmas with one of our Helicopter Tour Specials! Take in the views of the incredible Jurassic Coast on our Jurassic Coast Sightseeing Helicopter Tour. You will get to experience this famous coastline from the best view possible! Alternatively, you can treat a special someone to a more historical tour with the Bournemouth, Sandbanks, Poole and Corfe Castle Sightseeing Tour. This tour unveils the true beauty of the Dorset countryside and landscapes, as well as some medieval history of Corfe castle. Our Cardiff Helicopter Sightseeing Tour allows you to view the eye-catching scenery of Cardiff Bay, Cardiff castle and the Millennium stadium- perfect for any sporting lovers out there.

Helicopter Tours


4350_1Indoor Skydiving 2 for 1 – £49 for Two
Give the gift of flight this Christmas with our Indoor Skydiving 2 for 1 Special! This is the perfect gift for any adrenaline junkies out there. This experience is a great gift for anybody that would like a kick start in the skydiving world. This experience will give 2 lucky participants the chance to take 2 flights each in the wind tunnel. They will learn the technique and feel the true wrath of terminal velocity at 120mph. This is an excellent and unique gift to give for the adventurous members in your family or for those of you that fancy taking on a challenge in the New Year!


Supercar Driving Experience 2 Car £69
If you want to surprise a friend or relative with a heart pumping adrenaline fuelled experience, then this Supercar Driving Experience is just the thing! With the chance to drive not one, but two supercars, this is an incredible gift experience to give to all adrenaline junkies and petrol heads alike. The lucky participant who receives this voucher will have a choice of 2 cars from a wide selection including; Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari, Aston Martin or Porsche – to name a few! This will give one lucky individual the chance to experience life in the fast lane in some of the most renowned supercars in the world. For just £69 to drive 2 incredible supercars, who can resist?!


1796_2Segway Rally for 2 – £65
Treat a loved one to this unique style of driving with the Segway Rally for 2. This is a
great experience to enjoy with your most steady and balanced friend or relative! You will have a practise session before heading out around the rally. Before you know it you will be
wanting to ride one everywhere you go. This experience includes 3 rounds to practise, whilst you get to grips with the machine before you head out to explore on your own. Surprise somebody with an experience on one of these futuristic machines. This is certainly a gift they will be telling everybody about!


4241_1Manchester City Stadium and Club Tour £16 Adult
For all you football fanatics out there – this is the perfect gift for you! So why not treat a loved one to this incredible Manchester City Stadium Tour this Christmas. Explore the outstanding Etihad Stadium with a guided tour. With exclusive access to areas that are not open to the public, including the conference rooms, the tunnel and even the manager’s chair. With exclusive back stage access, you can truly experience what it feels like to be a world famous sporting star – especially as you walk out onto the pitch through the player’s tunnel!


5BXT_HEtihad Christmas Tours £20 Adult £15 Child 
Etihad Stadium are hosting a Christmas Stadium and Club Tour throughout the Christmas period, with their trusty club mascot as the club tour guide! These family festive tours will run from 19th December – 3rd January. You will visit the dugout, stand under the beaming lights pitch-side and even challenge Moonchester to a penalty shoot-out! This Christmas Stadium and Club Tour gives you behind the scenes access to the press room, home team changing room and the player’s tunnel. A festive treasure hunt will be available on the tour with the home mascots making appearances throughout the tours, plus each child will receive their very own Christmas gift. Make a visit to the Etihad Stadium this December to take in the true beauty of this stadium in all its Christmas glory!
Tours run at 3pm and 4pm, buy here:


These are just a few of our Special Offers for Christmas, you can browse more here.

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London Gourmet Tea Tasting Experience Staff Review

London Tea and cake tasting 1

Tea and cake is without a doubt one of the best pairings out there. Whether you’re favourite duo is a classic English breakfast and Victoria Sponge, a dark and dreamy Assam and Chocolate Brownie, or a fresh Green and Granola bar, there is no denying that a mug of hot tea and a sweet treat is a match made in heaven!

Here at Experience Days, we are all avid believers in – and lovers of – this classic combination. So you can imagine our delight when we were invited to take part in one of our newest experiences, a Tea and Cake pairing experience in London!

Evie and I hopped on a train and made our way to London’s Trinity Buoy Wharf. Situated right on the edge of the Thames, overlooking a stunning view of the O2 and crammed full of interesting architecture and quirky installations, this atmospheric area of London was the perfect backdrop for our evening of foodie fun.

London Tea and Cake tasting 2

As we entered the studio, we were greeted by Kyle, our tea master, and Kerran, the wonderful baker behind the amazing cakes we were to sample that evening. As we sat down, we were met with what can only be described as a tea and cake lover’s dream. Beautiful cakes, desserts and all manner of home made sweet treats adorned the rose petal and tea leaf strewn table, creating wonderful aromas and a sumptuous setting for an evening of tea tasting! The theme of the evening’s tasting was Arabian Nights, but each class is different depending on what Kyle and Kerran are loving at the moment, or have newly discovered and want to share with the world.

London Tea and Cake tasting 3

We joined the rest of the group and eagerly awaited our first pairing of the evening, a Jasmine Pearl tea and a Rose and Raspberry Eton Mess. As we tasted this pairing, new flavours and sensations swept over our palates. The delicate creaminess of the Eton Mess paired with the floral notes of Jasmine tea were matched perfectly, complimenting and enhancing their individual flavours.

With each cake and tea we sampled, Kyle and Kerran explained the individual tastes and combinations we would experience. Kyle’s knowledge of tea and its history was incredible; we learnt the correct steeping times for different teas in order to gain the most flavour, the traditional way in which different teas are produced, and why loose leaf teas are infinitely better than your standard teabag. Kerran’s baking was out of this world. All of the cakes and desserts we tasted were absolutely incredible, they were carefully thought out creations designed to work especially well with the teas we were tasting.

London Tea and Cake tasting 5

Our next combination was a buttery Oolong paired with a light baked cheesecake soaked in a sweet poppy flower syrup. It was the perfect match of butter and sweetness! A bright green Japanese Matcha was up next, complimented perfectly with a rich, smooth dark chocolate ganache served with choux pastry and pistachio cream.

A wonderful mix of Baklava and cake – one of Kerran’s amazing inventions – was next on the agenda. It was a masterpiece. Layers of hazelnut, light and airy sponge, golden filo pastry and rich chocolate ganache made up this cake, and it was like nothing I’d tried before! Paired with a beautiful roasted Japanese Hojicha that really brought out the nutty notes of the cake, this combination was definitely the star of the show for me!

London Tea and Cake tasting 6

A beautiful Earl Grey came next, balanced perfectly with an interesting Syrian fried pancake filled with lemon and lime ricotta. Finally, we tasted a beautiful Chai tea with a fantastic donut. No sickly jam to be seen here, instead a wonderfully subtle Cardamom and Pistachio cream filled the light dough – the perfect pairing to end what was a fantastic tasting experience.London Tea and Cake tasting 7Stuffed to the brim with exquisite cakes and refreshing teas, and of course with our newly found knowledge of tea and cake, it was time for us to head home. Kyle and Kerran were fantastic leaders of this perfectly sweet experience, answering any questions we had throughout and imparting their knowledge in a fun and engaging fashion.

This is a perfect experience gift for anyone with a love of tea and all things sweet. A range of Gourmet Tea pairing experiences are on offer, including a Tea and Cheese pairing and a Baking with Tea experience. You can also treat yourself or a loved ones to a Tea tasting masterclass, or a Tea brewing experience. Follow the links below to buy a gift voucher for these tea-mendous experiences:

Gourmet Tea Tasting Experience In London For Two 

London Tea Tasting Masterclass for Two 


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We’re attempting a Christmas World Record and we need your help!


So the secrets finally out, and you’ve heard right, Experience Days has teamed up with Bournemouth University and is attempting to break a Christmas World Record!


On the 4th December we will be attempting to break the record for ‘The most people simultaneously gift wrapping’.

Over the last few weeks we’ve had a lot of deliveries to our offices, and we’re almost ready, we’ve got the toys, the Santa hats, the gift wrap but we’re still missing one thing… you guys!

In order to break the World Record we need over 300 participants, so we are inviting you to come join us on Friday 4th December, at Citygate Bournemouth, to help us break a world record!
All presents wrapped on the day are being donated to Barnardo’s Children’s charity. There will also be free food and drink for all attendees.

What better way to get into the Christmas Spirit than by taking part in such a fantastic charity event!
Follow the link below to sign up:













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