Experience Days Goes Out!


Here at Experience Days, our UK office recently went out for some fun in the sun! We were visited by our web designer Marcelo, who had travelled over from Argentina. So, we decided to do some typical tourist activities to show him the very best of Brighton (as if we needed an excuse to go out). It was his first visit to the UK and luckily the great British weather was on our side – it wouldn’t have been much fun on the pier if it had been pouring down!

On our first trip, we headed  down to the pier for a classic seaside dinner – fish and chips. You can’t beat one of Britain’s favourite meals when it’s done right, especially munching away whilst you’re sitting on the pier and the seagulls are soaring around you (as long as they aren’t trying to grab your food!) We decided to eat at the Palm Court Restaurant, which was definitely a good shout. We all stuck true to the classic, ordering cod and chips and the best complement – mushy peas. After we were finished and our bellies were full, we walked along the pier and watched the sunset along Brighton’s idyllic coastline.


Next on our adventure was a visit to the brand new BA i360 observation tower built along the seafront. Everyone in the office has seen it being built over the last few years, so we were very excited to see what it would be like at the top! And what better way for Marcelo to see Brighton than from 450ft in the sky. As the sun was shining and the skies were clear, we could see for miles around the coast and across the Sussex Downs.  As I’m a not a lover of heights (and a bit of a scaredy-cat if I’m honest) I was apprehensive before I went on, but you barely notice the height and the views are worth the fear. There is also a bar in the ‘bubble’ where you can purchase a celebratory drink (to calm your nerves). We could even spot the office and our blue benches on the balcony!


After our flight,  we set of for our last supper with Marcelo at the new Stock Burger restaurant. Many of us ordered the ‘Craft Beer Classic’; a mountain of beer battered onion rings, roast garlic mayo, smoked sweet cured streaky bacon, beef burger, crisp lettuce and classic stock burger sauce, it was impressive to say the least. Everyone in the office had a fab few days out, it was sad to see Marcelo go but hopefully we will all see him again soon.


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Fire Engine Driving Experience in Oxford


A driving day spent at the wheels of a 1950’s Dennis V8 fire engine is a must for all classic car fans – this engine is a classic car with a twist! For all the old dreams of becoming a firefighter, this experience can make the childhood memories become reality.

Evie and I were lucky enough to be invited to take control of the wheels our self. We arrivied at the airfield, in Bicester near Oxford and saw the selection of vehicles on site, from fire engines, to army trucks and single seater race cars. We headed over to the driver sign up,  our eyes glued on the single seater cars whizzing around the track (they truly are speedy!) The driver sign up was a covered area, with a converted double decker bus selling hot drinks, rolls and burgers – great for a much needed energy boost after  your tiring laps.  As the typical British weather wasn’t on our side, we grabbed a cup of tea and waited our turn.

We were greeted by Simon, the owner of the driving day, and you could tell he loved what he does. He led us over to the fire engine and it was Evie who climbed aboard first. After a quick briefing of how the engine works, it was time to give it a go! With Simon seated next to her, he provided lots of  hints and tips to steer the beastly engine effectively. You truly do feel like real firefighter on the way to the next call as the sirens are played and the lights turned on. Just minus the gear!  Watching from the sidelines, Evie seemed at ease as she reversed the engine out the space, headed down the course and parked it up again. The experience includes trying to manoeuvre the fire engine around cones, without knocking them over of course. Once finished, Evie mentioned how much easier she found it than she imagined – it would be great for all drivers to try! Or if you haven’t got your licence,you can still take part and experience a Classic Fire Engine Passenger Drive. 

PicMonkey Collage1

After our time spent driving the fire engine, it was time to witness the speed and nimbleness of the single seater race cars. All drivers are given a safety briefing before getting geared up. Then it’s a case of putting on your helmet and overalls and take to the track (whilst looking like a true professional) As the drivers lapped around the course, you could see the exhilaration in their faces whilst they took the twists and turns at high speeds. At the site, there is also the option to take part in a Single Seater passenger drive – this is perfect for kids or those without a driving licence. The single seater passenger drive zipped around the course at full speeds whilst the professional driver mastered each corner. There is a great view of the track for spectators as they watch their friends and family in suspense.

PicMonkey Collage2

Evie and I had a great day out, we would definitely recommend this driving experience to every motor maniac that has wanted to try driving something a little bit different.

Check our Fire Engine Driving and  Passenger Drive, Leyland 4×4 Army Truck and Passenger Drive, Alvis Stalwart Military Truck Passenger Drive and Single Seater and Passenger drives for more information!


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Leyland 4×4 Army Truck Driving in Oxfordshire


When it comes to driving, I have to say it isn’t one of my strongest qualities, but when I was invited to drive a Leyland 4×4 Army Truck for the day I couldn’t turn this down! It was going to be very different to the little cars I am used to.

After a smooth trip from Brighton up to the airfield in Bicester, Evie and I parked up and headed over to driver sign up tent to be met by one of the friendly driving team. The sign up tent was under cover (a great escape from the sudden downpour of rain) and was attached to a converted double decker bus, which sold a variety of hot and cold drinks, bacon rolls and burgers. After a quick cup of tea, we were ready to start. Simon, the main guy in charge of the track,  showed us over to the monstrous variety of army vehicles – and it was time to begin!

army truck collage 1I was to drive the Leyland 4×4 Army Truck, and it was massive! I climbed up the steps and sat in the drivers seat, with Simon next to me. He explained exactly what I needed to do and provided great tips and tricks whilst I was out on the course. My first manoeuvre was reversing out the parking space, which was surprisingly easy considering the size of the vehicle! I then drove around around the course and parked back in the space, pressing a little to hard on the breaks and sending Simon flying – oops! The experience also includes driving around a cone course and try not to flatten them in the process.

army truck collage 2

Evie and I really enjoyed the day and learnt a thing or two about driving fire engines and army trucks. The airfield is also home to many other marvellous motors you can drive, including an Alvis Stewart Military Truck which you can take as a passenger drive, as well as the Leyland 4×4 Army Truck! Or a ride in a Dennis V8 Fire Engine or Classic 1950’s Fire Engine. If you are looking for more of an adrenaline rush, try the thrill of driving a Single Seater race car or experience a high speed passenger ride driven by a racing professional, or both!

Huge thanks to Simon for inviting us along for the day, hopefully you’ll recover from the emergency break soon enough…


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Latest Experience Gifts and Activities

new products blog post header

We have recently added some amazing new products to our website. With a huge variety to choose from – you are bound to find something that tickles your fancy! Keep reading to find out more about the amazing things you could get up to with your family or friends.

Chocolate Workshop


This Devon based chocolate making workshop is an amazing way to exercise your chocolate handling skills. With a large variety of recipes and skills to learn, from chocolate tempering, melting and swirling, you’ll be a chocolate master in no time! Whether you want to learn new skills or just have fun making and baking with chocolate, there is no doubt that this is the perfect cooking workshop for true chocoholics! The ingredients in this class are some of the best you can get – and of course you’ll get to try your delicious creations at the end, or take them home to show and share with friends and family!

Introduction To Paddle Boarding 


Paddle boarding is an exciting way of getting fit, having fun in the great outdoors and learning a new water sport! Also known as SUP, this introduction in particular is in various locations around London and provides a unique way of seeing our famous capital. Paddleboarding makes a great gift for anyone who wants to try something new and adventurous and is a great activity for family or friends – even with the kids! With an expert instructor leading the way you’ll pick up the technique in no time, and discover a new hobby that you can enjoy developing!

R22 Trial Flight Lesson


Fancy seeing Wales from a whole new perspective? Why not check out this Trial Flight lesson in an R22 helicopter! Definitely one for the thrill-seekers; not only do you get to go up into the sky and admire the sights, but you’ll get to learn how to fly as well! You’ll have an instructor next to you at all times, guiding you through your flight and ensuring you’re developing your skills whilst having an unforgettable time. This is one aerial adventure you’ll most definitely crave to do it again!

DTV Shredder Adventure 


For something utterly new, unique and out of this world, the DTV Shredder ticks all the boxes. The vehicle lets you battle a whole variety of terrains, and is often described as an on-land jet ski due to its individual make up. Controlling it with right and left movements, the Shredder is an amazing machine that can tackle snow, ice, sand and mud! An incredible way to test your agility and try something you (and probably everyone you know) have never done before.

London Cabaret Show 


This fun-filled, action-packed cabaret show in London is one of the most exciting ways to spend a night out with friends. With a whole evening of glittering entertainment and a delicious tapas dinner, you’ll enjoy music, dancing, performances and great food. The night finishes with a DJ set so you can dance the night away until the early hours, and practise your own cabaret moves! This stunning performance is truly unforgettable and spectacular, and makes a unique gift that is guaranteed to beat the usual pair of socks.

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London Day Out with The Original Tour

London bus tour header

This week we were lucky enough to be able to join The Original Bus Tour in London, exploring the city on the classic London transport. We got to see all the classic landmarks on this beautiful sunny day on the open top red bus! Throughout our bus tour we learnt about the history of the different iconic buildings, famous stories about the Royal Family and interesting (and amusing!) facts about London itself. One of the great things about this bus tour is that when you have your ticket, you can hop on and off any of the Original Tour buses for the rest of the day!

Our journey started at Trafalgar Square, which was easy to get to from Embankment tube station. We were greeted by the friendly stewards and shown on to the bus, taking our seats on the open top deck (half of which was covered in case the true British weather decided to make an appearance). We set off and the tour started, the enthusiastic guide talking us through the various roads and landmarks from the top deck.

PicMonkey Collage1

We heard about Trafalgar Square’s iconic history, the Nelson memorial, its big guarding bronze lions and the two huge fountains. Our next stop was the Ritz Hotel, where we learnt about its celebrity visitors and grand past. The bus took us around Green Park and Hyde Park, stopping at Buckingham Palace. We had come at the right time – the Changing of the Guards was just about to start so we decided to jump off and join the Royal Walking Tour (included in the ticket) to have a look. This really added to the classic London experience, with Beefeaters on horses making their round in front of the Buckingham Palace golden gates. Once the spectacle was finished, we made our way back to the bus (which runs every 10-15 minutes), stepped on and opened our Original Tours map to choose our next destination.

We decided to sit on the bus for a little longer this time, to learn more about the history of Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. We headed to The Houses of Parliament then crossed the Thames over the Westminster Bridge and Waterloo Bridge. Before long we were driving along the classic ‘Monopoly board’ Fleet Street, passing the Royal Courts of Justice, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Monument and The Tower of London. The busy London traffic actually worked in our favour, as we got to take in our surroundings and listen to the guide whilst having enough time to look at the beautiful architecture of the buildings and landmarks.

PicMonkey Collage2

Even though we decided to stick to the bus tour, there were two more walking tours available that were included in the ticket. The “Rock ‘n’ Roll” walking tour which departs daily at 1pm from the visitors centre, and the Jack the Ripper walking tour which departs from the Tower of London everyday at 3:30pm. All three walking tours have different start times, so you can attend all three if you want to!

We finished our tour by the the Tower of London and crossed the road to Tower Hill tube station, where we got on a direct train back to Victoria station. It was a great day out and definitely one of the best ways to explore London and learn about its history – whilst avoiding the busy pavements and all that walking! The bus stopped at all the important places – the landmarks as well as almost all of the museums, galleries and The London Dungeons, Madame Tussauds and Planet Hollywood. The guides were enthusiastic and passionate about their jobs, with incredible knowledge of the city – as well as a great sense of humour!

Individual child tickets, adult tickets and group family tickets are available. Have fun!

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Exciting Things To Do With the Rest of Your Summer!

Final Facebook

As August is fast approaching – it’s time to make the most of the rest of the summer! Whilst the weather has been truly British, there’s no reason why you can’t still take part in some of these outdoor adventures. Although the sun isn’t always on our side, here are some exciting new things to try…

Kite Surfing 

PicMonkey Collage

Kite Surfing is the perfect combination of adrenaline fuelled fun and getting active, whether you’re a first timer or a pro on your board. What better way to spend your summer than on the beach, learning new tricks and perfecting moves on the water? We have plenty of exciting offers on Kite Surfing (including 2 and 3 day courses!), so you can spend some quality time outdoors and get your surf on!

Horse Riding 

PicMonkey Collagehorses

Why not spend your time galloping along beautiful stretches of sandy beaches? A great summer activity to enjoy outdoors, you can practise your riding skills and get up close and personal with some beautiful animals. Don’t live near the beach? Why not ride in the forest, learn polo in York or try your luck at medieval trick riding! These are just some of the many horse riding experiences we offer.

Zorbing/ Sphereing 

PicMonkey Collagezorb

Something fun to do with friends and family – Zorbing is a great group outdoor activity to get the adrenaline pumping.  This new craze is set to put your mind in a spin as you roll downhill in a bubble filled with buckets of water – at speeds of up to 30mph! Zorbing is a totally unique activity that can be enjoyed throughout the summer, even on those cloudy days. If you’re daring enough to accept the challenge, check out all the types of Zorbing we offer… good luck!

Hot Air Ballooning 

PicMonkey Collagehbloon

A classic hot air balloon flight is by far one of the best ways to watch the sun rise or set – a tranquil and calm morning or starry evening will allow you to see the most beautiful landscapes from above. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list, and with locations across the whole of England, you’re sure to find an aerial adventure that ticks every box.

Jet Skiing and Fly Boarding 

PicMonkey Collagejetskifly

Jet Skiing and Fly Boarding are up there with the most exciting activities available for true thrill-seekers; with the ability to reach speeds of up to 70mph on water, who wouldn’t want to have a go? Whether you decide to go for the classic jet ski or try the futuristic fly-boarding craze, both these experiences will definitely get your heart racing and be days out you’ll never forget! From jet skiing in Bournemouth to fly-boarding in Dumfries, there are plenty of options to choose from to have a truly memorable summer.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our fun filled ideas for ways to spend the rest of your summer; fingers crossed the weather perks up.. Good luck and enjoy!

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Lunch Cruise on the Thames with Citycruises

header picture

lunch on the thames citycruiseHaving both been to London before, but amateurs to the city’s iconic history, we were both excited to find out more. And what better way to do this than during a relaxing cruise and lunch along the river Thames! We were lucky enough to be invited on this experience, giving us the opportunity to explore the famous landmarks from a whole new angle. Here’s a bit more about our experience…


We hopped on the Tube to Tower Hill  station and made our way to Tower pier, which was very easy to find. Due to arriving early, we decided to pop into one of the various cafes surrounding the pier and grab a drink. Once it was time to make our way down to the boat, our group was instantly greeted by the Captain himself and the rest of the staff, as we climbed aboard the Citycruiser. After being shown to our table, that was right next to the window with a perfect view, it was time to set off. We started our journey by the Tower of London, setting off past the Shard, Gherkin and heading down the river through London Bridge. It was time to get our cameras out to start capturing London’s skyline from this unique angle.


The next part of the trip was something we had all been looking forward to – lunch. The set menu included- a delicious plate of chicken breast with cream of mushroom sauce, dauphinoise potatoes and a mixture of seasonal vegetables (vegetarian options also available). We enjoyed the views of Westminster Abbey, The Houses Of Parliament and of course – Big Ben, whilst enjoying our meal. Throughout our trip, we listened to the Captain’s live commentary of fun facts and historical details of each landmark. One fun fact is that it is illegal to enter the Houses Of Parliament in a suit of armour! After some more sightseeing, dessert was served –  a layered double chocolate mousse cake (perfect for chocaholics!). We then travelled past the London Eye and County Hall, where we decided to go to the top deck to get a better view. Despite the clouds, luckily  for us it stayed dry and we could enjoy the remainder of the trip upstairs, taking in the stunning views.










Before long the trip was over and we returned back to Tower Hill pier, with a full belly and knowing all about London’s history and its quirky truths!

If you fancy having a fun day out in the city over a delicious lunch for two, this is the experience for you! Or if you’re looking for something a bit lighter, why not try the Afternoon tea cruise on the Thames for Two ?


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Welcome to the team! Here’s all you need to know about our new interns…


It’s sad to see Rosie leave after a year in the office, but it’s time to meet the new interns! They’ll be running and editing the Experience Days blog with all the exciting and new experiences they’ll be faced with in the coming year.

Here are some questions we asked them about the exciting things to come at Experience Days.. 

Q:What was it like meeting the team?

Maddie: I was apprehensive on Monday morning waiting outside the office, but everyone soon put me at ease. I was quickly introduced to the whole team and shown to my new desk. The office is really nicely decorated and welcoming. It even has a balcony where you can sit and eat your lunch overlooking the centre of Brighton. It’s really nice that I have Leoni (the other new intern) here as well, so we are both the new girls! There has been lots to learn so far but everyone has been so helpful if I have been stuck on a task. I am excited to see what the year will bring and the experience I will develop.

Leoni: Although I was very nervous about meeting the team, it was nice to meet Maddie before hand so we could talk about it on the way to the bungee jump. We already knew each other from Uni and we were both nervous about the same things. When we got to the bungee jump in the marina – despite all the adrenaline – actually meeting the team was really relaxed. I quickly felt comfortable and everyone was really friendly and welcoming. After the jump which Maddie and I did together (despite being petrified.. we thought we’d make good first impressions) we all went for a meal and then drinks with the office and the bungee jump crew. It definitely made me glad that I knew I’d be working in a small office for my placement and got me excited to start my first day.



Q: Are there any experiences that you would really like to do?

Leoni: Almost having finished day two, there have been loads of experiences that I have come across over the last few days that I am really keen to try. Since facing my fears at the bungee jump, it’s made me want to do more adrenaline fuelled experiences such as sky diving or paragliding, dirt bike riding, jet skiing, helicopter riding etc. As well as these I’d also really like to do some cooking courses or drink making/ tasting courses to try and develop my culinary skills

.high res 216_1

Maddie: Well considering Leoni and I have already done a bungee jump, any more experiences are a bonus! Although we were both very scared on the day, especially considering this was the first time we had meet our team, I am so proud we decided to do it. It was nice after the jump and the initial meeting of the team that we went for dinner to get to know each other. This made my first day  less nerve-wracking as I knew how welcoming everyone was. Throughout the year, I would love to try some of the water experiences like scuba diving or power boat activities, they all look so fun.

Q: What aspects of the internship are you most looking forward to?

Maddie: I am most looking forward to taking part in the activities and writing reviews for these. This is one of the main factors that attracted me to applying for this placement. It provides something different and interesting to do, whilst still gaining all the experience needed to further progress in my business degree and future employment. I am looking forward to working in a small team as I feel I will be given more responsibility, which will help me develop more employable skills. It will be interesting to learn about a solely online company and the ways in which it operates.

1831_1high res 3

Leoni: I’m really excited about the whole thing really, to learn the ins and outs and about the fundamental runnings of how the company works day to day. I have already learnt so much that I know I’ll be able to apply for the rest of my career and I am excited to learn and do more as time goes on. I am also looking forward to doing experiences with Maddie, as I know we have a similar adrenaline threshold and it will be fun to do all the experiences with her.

Q: What do you hope to get out of your year working with us?

Maddie: I am hoping to put some of the knowledge I have learned at Uni into real-world application. I’m hoping to develop this knowledge through creating content for Experience Days like blog posts, social media activity and website content. This is something I have never done in previous jobs but I am up for the challenge of trying it out. It will be useful to be able to gain feedback on what I create from the experienced team and improve my work. I also want to gain an insight in business life, to help me in whatever I decide to do after my studies.

Leoni: Just to learn more about the company as a whole, as well as all it’s little bits on day to day running etc. I think it’ll be really important to learn how Experience Days operates and I know I’ll be able to apply everything I learn in the next year in the future too. I’m so glad to have got this placement too, as I think it’s a fun company to start my working career in and I’ll get to do a whole range of tasks, – and of course the activities too!


We will be handing over to Maddie and Leoni from now, so we look forward to hearing from them throughout the year!

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Experience Days Interns: Where Are They Now?


Experience Days

So, my year interning at Experience Days has come to an end. And what a year it has been! I’ve learnt loads, experienced amazing moments and worked with the best people. I’m so sad to be leaving, but it’s time for me to return to student life and finish my degree. Not to worry though, I’m leaving the role of Experience Reviewer in very safe hands… Leoni and Maddie, our new interns, are starting very soon!

To try and cushion the blow of leaving such an awesome job, I’ve been chatting with all the past interns to find out where they are now and what life is like after Experience Days… Check it out, these guys have done some incredible stuff!




What are you up to now?

After Experience Days I finished my degree at Bournemouth in Leisure Marketing. I was very lucky to land a job at Living Social in Covent Garden, London. My role started as a marketing manger and then moved into a digital marketing exec role.

However my real passion in life is skiing so after 2.5 years I got my Canadian visa and moved back to Whistler, British Columbia. I have been working as a ski instructor and absolutely love it and can’t see myself changing for a long time.

What was the best thing about working for Experience Days?

Working for Robb was a great experience as he was always keen to share his knowledge with me and help me progress. Working for Experience Days itself in such a varied role made me really grow up fast and prepare me for the real world after uni!

What was the best experience you took part in or best memory whilst on placement?

My most memorable experience was attending a seminar put on by a digital agency at a gokart track. We spent the morning learning lots about digital marketing and the afternoon racing each other in 70mph go karts!





What are you up to now?

I’ve spent the past year as a programming assistant and producer for Capital radio, working along side the presenters and breakfast producers to enhance the shows and provide content. I also learnt how to edit audio for interviews and promotional work, as well as creating posts for social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat for both local and regional shows.

What was the best thing about working for Experience Days?

The experience and skills I gained from working with in a small company with a huge global reach. I developed my knowledge both in the office and out on the road, covering everything from email etiquette to networking.

What was the best experience you took part in whilst on placement?

I was given an incredible opportunity to visit the American office and participate in numerous Experience Days events – including learning how to fly a plane! Can’t really beat that!




What are you up to now?

After my placement ended I continued to work for Experience Days on a freelance basis, fitting in work around my final year studies. When I finished my degree in July 2015, I came back to work full time! It was such a relief to have the job security, knowing I didn’t have to apply for graduate schemes or apprenticeships.

What was the best thing about working for Experience Days?

My favourite part about working for Experience Days was the people. I’m so glad I chose a placement at a small company rather than a large business where you can easily be overlooked, and I’ve made valuable friends and connections here that will help towards my future career – whether that’s here or elsewhere. I found the experience and knowledge I picked up from placement was far more specialised and relevant than those who worked for big corporations, so that’s something I’ll be eternally grateful for.

What was the best experience you took part in or best memory whilst on placement?

Whenever people ask me this the Fire Eating always comes to mind, as this is something I’ve never heard of anyone else doing and makes a pretty good conversation starter. That said, the parties with the UK Bungee Club are always a highlight, and of course visiting our US office in Colorado!





What are you up to now?

I have currently just graduated from completing a Marketing Communications BA at Bournemouth University. I plan to move to the states and start working for a mobile commerce shopping site. I have even been given the opportunity to connect with the Experience Days team in America, which is definitely something I would like to look in to in the future!

What was the best thing about working for Experience Days?

I really enjoyed my time at Experience Days, first and foremost because of all the exciting experiences I was able to participate in. I tried a wide range of activities that I know were one off chances to try something that sometimes challenged me but also just purely things I never even thought to try! My favourite which was probably a combination of both these factors was bungee jumping 60ft near Brighton Pier. It was such a nice day and although I was nervous, it all sort of added to the excitement and ending adrenaline. Also I can’t not mention the staff (shout-out to: Robb, Rush, Gary, Evie, Toby and Rosie)! Even though it was a small team, everyone got on really well and it was just a pretty chilled atmosphere overall, like I wouldn’t describe it as a typical office environment… it definitely wasn’t as corporate as I know some of my friends placements were. That was a something I personally preferred, it sort of took off a certain pressure and I found it quite easy to just be myself and feel comfortable with everyone which I think is important because when you’re making the transition from a university life to a full time job, it in some ways becomes your second home so you want to feel at ease where you are.

Also location wise, I really loved Brighton especially coming from Bournemouth which I would describe as more of a town than a city. Brighton just has a lot more going on, there’s literally something going on constantly. I especially would recommend it if you have an interest in music or art. I also had the amazing opportunity to do a few experiences on holiday in New York due to the company’s American sister- Xperience Days. I went on an interactive theatre bus tour and a food tour which was so much fun and something I never even considered when I initially applied for the position.

What was the best experience you took part in or best memory whilst on placement?

As I’ve already mentioned experiences… I’ll mention a memory connected to my degree- Marketing. I was happy that via Twitter, I approached Krispy Kreme’s and ended up making a connection with their Social Media Manager. We ended up creating Krispy Kreme’s campaign as collaborated for a competition with them via social media. We celebrated with A LOT of donuts and I ate about 8 donuts in one day. So yeah, that was a pretty good day.



Hearing all the awesome things these guys are up to has definitely cheered me up! Who know’s where I’ll be this time next year? For now, it’s goodbye from me and a massive thank-you to everyone at Experience Days for one hell of a year.

Over and Out!

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Poole Harbour Boat Tour with City Cruises

Sightseeing cruise in Poole Harbour

If you have an interest in bustling seaside towns and want to experience Europe’s largest natural harbour, the splendid town of Poole has a lot to offer. I had never previously ventured into Poole, despite only living a short distance away, in Bournemouth. However, last week I had the fantastic opportunity in doing so and was fortunate enough to be invited onto one of City Cruises’ Poole Harbour Sightseeing Tours!

Sightseeing cruise in Poole Harbour1

The quay is located within walking distance from the station, meaning I reached the City Cruises red and white kiosk in plenty of time for the 11am Poole Harbour and Island Cruise boat tour. The 70-minute cruise offers an alternative way to explore the hidden treasures of the beautiful coastline. Want to sneak a peak at some of the rich and famous residents of Sandbanks? Or indulge in the culture of Brownsea Island featuring its ancient castle and green surroundings? Then this is the tour for you!

Even though it was raining, typical of British weather, it didn’t put a downer on our excitement as we stepped on board. Heading out to sea, one of the many landmarks in view was the magnificent Old Harry Rocks visible in the distance, making a great picture opportunity. As we cruised close to Sandbanks, described as the 4th wealthiest place to live in the world, we learnt that these famous houses start from £14 million and is home to QPR boss Harry Redknapp, along with other millionaire football managers. It is known for its blue-flag awarded pristine sand beaches, perfect for a hot summers day!

Sightseeing cruise in Poole Harbour2

The tour came to an end back at the Quay, and despite the weather the experience was really worthwhile. I felt I learnt many things about Poole and was keen to go visit some of the islands on foot. I would highly recommend this boat tour of Poole Harbour for people who are looking to explore more of Dorset’s coast line and bays, and families looking for an enjoyable day out.

Purchase a gift voucher here: Poole Harbour Sightseeing Cruise 

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