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Cheese and Wine Tasting: Staff Review


Cheese and wine are a combination made in heaven. I’m not sure if there is a single person who could deny a nice tipple coupled with a nibble of savoury cheese! As a true lover of all things boozy and foodie, wine and cheese are up there with the two things I’d never want to live without. So as you can imagine, I was over the moon when La Cave A Fromage invited the Experience Days team along to try out one of their Cheese and Wine Tasting Evenings. Our experience; ‘In Full Bloom and Wine,’ featured a range of ‘bloomy rind’ cheeses (think cheese with soft, white rind like Brie or Camembert), that had been produced in France or Britain and each paired with a white or rosé wine.
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Exciting New Experiences: June 2015

Here at Experience Days HQ, we’ve been hard at work adding a whole range of new experiences across the country, so we’re ready and rearing to go for the summer months…here’s a run-down of just a few of the awesome new activities we have to offer – check them out! Continue reading

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