Bodhi the Skateboarding Dog Hit With £80 Fine!

Bodhi, the Brighton based Lakeland Terrier has been penalised for his love of Skateboarding!

Being a Brighton based extreme sports company; we were both delighted and bemused to see this report of Bodhi the Skateboarding dog – amid reports his adrenaline seeking attitude is landing his owner in hot water, right here in our home town.

Jonathon Fell is the proud owner of Lakeland Terrier Bodhi, and claims that his pooch’s special talent requires no encouragement:

“It’s something that makes people laugh. I never trained him to skateboard, it’s just what he loves to do.”

Despite appearing on ITV’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, becoming a YouTube sensation and gracing the streets with what many people would consider a fantastic display of fun and animal intelligence, there are those that disagree with Bodhi’s antics – and have called for an end to his ‘terrier-rising’ of Brighton’s streets, with an £80 fine currently looming over his owner for an unfortunate kafuffle involving 2 ladies and Bodhi’s board.

Owner Fell has 14 days to pay the fine before facing legal action and a possible £1,000 penalty. And, this is in fact not the first time bad boy Bodhi has got his owner in trouble, having been previously threatened with an ASBO by Brighton City Council for his best friend’s naughtyness.

“We know Bodhi’s antics are an amusing sight and the dog and spectators appear to enjoy it,” a Brighton Council spokesperson said,

“But when people start getting hurt and we receive complaints we have a legal duty to act.”

Well, we think that Bodhi’s talents should be nurtured and not neglected, so keep on boarding little man!

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