Electric Motorbikes – The Future of Racing & Two-Wheeled Travel

Having recently brought you an interview with the owners of World Record Breaking Electric Car ‘Black Currant’ – we’re pleased this week to bring you news of Chip Yates and his fantastic Electric Superbike!

In the same fashion that Black Currant has taken on the petrol engines, Chip Yates and his SWIGZ motorbike team unveiled their latest machine earlier this year; a 241bhp electric powered superbike based around a Suzuki GSX-R750 frame – taking on the petrol engines – and winning!

Challenging a pack of 1000cc superbikes at this year’s ‘WERA Heavyweight Twin Superbike & Superstock’ race at California’s Auto Club Speedway, Chip’s electric bike competed fantastically well and twice finished on the podium.

“History has been made and gasoline bikes are on notice” @ChipYates89

It appears as though petrol engined motorbikes are to be replaced in time, but it may perhaps not be quite on the short notice that Chip speaks of here. While the future of travel is surely to be electric power, we are, by all accounts, a little way off yet. Formula One, Nascar, Touring Cars & World Rally Championships are the world’s leading motor racing events, and the internal combustion engine still remains the most powerful and applicable at this time for competing in these events.

However, motor sport racing is making huge strides in using electric power, with events such as ‘e-Power’, ‘TTXGP Europe’, ‘TTXGP North America’ & ‘TTXGP Australia’ proving hugely successful – a new craze and genre of motor sport racing has spawned.

Taking this to the road however is another issue that manufacturers will face, as amongst many other features that need ironing out; right now the most advanced of models will most likely run out of juice before the nearest electric supporting petrol station is available. Although fantastically economical in cost per mile (around 1/5th of the price), the longevity of charge and available charge-up stations will need fairly drastic improvement first. Another issue in convincing motorcycle enthusiasts to make the transition is the lack of ‘purr’ from the silent engine, as any motor-bike lover would testify to the feeling and rush of goosebumps that comes as standard with an engine over 250cc.

But, as proven with Black Currant and now this – the future of travel is coming, and it’s electrifying!

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Chip Yates Electric Super Bike

Source: Metro
Image Source: Wired.com

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