Tillman the Surfing & Skateboarding BullDog!

After bringing you Bodhi the Brightonian Skateboarding Dog a few weeks back, we’ve found Tillman the Californian Bulldog who we’re sure would make Bodhi feel ‘hot under the collar’ with his boarding skills…

As you can see for the talented Bulldog, swapping between Skateboarding and Surfing is no problem as he seamlessly moves from wheels to waves to showcase his skills – pretty impressive in our eyes!

With Brighton locals calling for Bodhi to get an ASBO and an £80 fine for showcasing his skills – we feel he is at a slight disadvantage as the Californian residents apparently love seeing Tillman’s tricks on the beach of Oxnard, North Malibu according to owner Ron Davis.

Amazingly, Tillman is now turning his paw to a bit of Snowboarding and can be seen demonstrating his sub-zero skills at the slopes in Wrightwood, California.

“Bulldogs have a low centre of gravity so learning to stand on the boards came very quickly and naturally for him. He’s just as crazy about snowboarding and surfing as skateboarding… he’s nuts about all of them.” Ron Davis, Owner

With a Guinness World Record titling him “The World’s Fastest Skateboarding Dog” we think Bodhi would have his work cut out become top-dog of the extreme-sports world territory… It’s ‘dog-eat-dog’ out there!

Source: The Sun

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