Tribute to Xavier Murillo – Paragliding Legend Dies

A tribute to Xavier Murillo, the renowned Photographer and world famous Paraglider who was found dead in the Peruvian Andes on Thursday after a week long search.

Xavier Murillo who had more than 25 years experience in his favourite sport of Paragliding went missing on July 1st whilst training for a future competition, where he and fellow Paragliders were hoping to glide from the city of Caraz to the city of Huarez. After separating from his companions, Murillo became un-contactable by cell phone or radio and the worst was feared for the much loved photographer and Paragliding legend. reported that “Murillo made an initial descent on a new route, but then lost control of his equipment”.

The tragic news was confirmed on Thursday when family, friends and fans were informed that the 55 year old’s body had been found in the Cordillera Blanca of northern Peru. The Paragliding World Cup staff, the French Embassy and a number of local volunteers took part in the search which ended when Murillo’s body was recovered on Huascaran Mountain, on a snow covered moraine at an altitude of 5,500 metres.

We salute a legend of the paragliding world.

Source: Living Peru
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  1. jez says:

    very sad news , was well respected within the paragliding circle. Will be sadly missed.

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