EdgeWalk – Toronto’s Newest and Most Extreme Adventure!

Bringing you some of the craziest and most extreme adventures from around the globe has this week brought us to Toronto, Canada to the world’s highest hands-free walking experience; EdgeWalk – around the CN Tower at a magnificent 1,168ft (356m) in the air!

Wearing some hefty harnesses attached to an overhead rail, dare-devils walk around the outside of the tower in groups of 6-8 with some quite spectacularly breath-taking views of Canada’s largest city, Lake Ontario and Buffalo, NY.

The trained guides at the top of the tower encourage the thrill-seeking customers around the famous Tower’s main pod, enticing and encouraging them to push the adrenaline and lean back over the edge – a frightening feat considering the height and magnitude of what is actually going on!

EdgeWalk lasts for 90 minutes in total, with the actual outdoor-experience totalling around 30minutes – and costs $175 (£108) including a commemorative video.

Edge-Walk is safe! Being the world’s highest hands-free walk of course has sky-high safety stipulations, and these international safety & security standards are of course met and adhered to.

This costs roughly about the same as The Highest Bungee Jump in the UK – so what do you think is more extreme, and which would you rather do?

EdgeWalk - Toronto, Canada

Source: TheSun
Image Source: PhotoBlog

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