New Bungee Jumps Released!

New Bungee Jumps Released

We’re delighted this week to bring you not one, not two but three Brand New Bungee Jumps! That’s right, we’re bringing you a fantastic new selection just in time for Christmas – so whether you’d like to try the Highest Tandem Bungee in the UK or the mind-blowingly phenomenal Bungee Catapult; check the below and choose with caution!

300ft Tandem Bungee Jump, UKs Highest TandemThe UK’s Highest Tandem Bungee Jump Experience the most adrenaline inducing of Bungee Jumps with someone special, as you can now take The UK’s Highest Bungee Jump in pairs! So if you’re too scared to go solo or just want to take someone special along for the ultimate rush – the choice is yours and can be taken in Manchester or Windsor!

Price: £198 Minimum Age: 14

Bungee Jump Catapult for OneBungee Catapult for One
As recently seen on ITV’s hit TV show Red or Black, the Bungee Catapult is here in a big way. Introducing a new friend to the Bungee Jumping World, the Catapult is here for the extreme adrenaline junkies in search of a new thrill, and for those who just can’t quite bring themselves to leap from a crane at 160ft!

Price: £35 Minimum Age: 14

Bungee Jump Catapult for TwoBungee Catapult for Two
Whether you just can’t face it on your own or fancy taking both jumps on yourself; the Bungee Catapult for Two is the perfect option for double delight as you enjoy the fantastically disorientating and frightening Catapult experience twice! Enjoy the terrifying launch up to 160ft in the blink of an eye – just without the initial terror of a standard Bungee Jump!

Price: £60 Minimum Age: 14

And there we have it, three of the most exciting new experience releases – and just in time for Christmas! If you’re interested in the ultimate adrenaline rush of Bungee Jumping why not check out all of the other possibilities, including our Exclusive Tower Bridge Jump and The UK’s Only Bridge Bungee Jump!

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