Defying Gravity at the Highest Canyon Swing in the World

Read our guest blog from adventure travel company Lost Earth Adventures about the highest canyon swing in the world located in Nepal.

If you think swings are just for kids, think again.

Not too far from the chaotic capital of the tiny Himalayan nation of Nepal is an oasis of adventure, featuring the world’s highest canyon swing…. yes, the world’s highest!

The swing is situated a staggering 524 feet above the Bhote Kosi – one of the Himalayas’ wildest rivers. To even get to the start of the swing is a test of your wits as you must cross a steel suspension bridge to get there. Upon the approach you can hear shouts of fear and exhilaration from participants echoing all the way down the valley.

At this point if you choose to look towards terra firma you soon realise 500 feet is a really, really long way down.

It is a genuine leap of adrenaline-fused faith as you experience 100 metres of freefall. Seemingly like an eternity, this 6 seconds of freefall leads into a whopping 240m arch propelling your body forward at over 150kph. Tarzan, eat your heart out!

Still think swings are just child’s play? Absolutely not! This canyon swing will undoubtedly satisfy even the hardiest of adrenaline junkies.
Lost Earth Adventures operates active adventure holidays to Nepal (featuring the world’s highest canyon swing), as well as to Thailand and Laos. You can find out more at Lost Earth Adventures

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