John Bishop, Adrenaline Junkie Skydiving

John Bishop is one of the funniest comedians currently on the circuit, but aside from pleasing audiences up and down the country with his hilarious take on everyday life, John is also no stranger to a challenge! Having recently completed a 290 mile run, ride and row from Paris to London, John has already moved on to his next daredevil challenge… a 14,000ft skydive!

John took part in the jump along with his co-stars Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Redkanpp from the Sky 1’s ‘A League Of Their Own’ for an upcoming feature on the new series of the programme. Still able to crack a gag in light of his looming jump, John joked ‘The main thing that crosses your mind when you fill out the form and put your next of kin, you think that lucky cow is going to get a load of money!’.

The trio where still laughing and joking as they practised body positions during the briefing on the ground, but as they time came to get kitted up in the flight suit, they took a much more serious tone as they realised what they were about to do! Gordon who was going to be John’s instructor on the jump said ““I’ve been a sky diving instructor for 13 years, I have seen people bottle it. Before they jump, they need to know what to do on the way down, there is no room for error at 120 mph”.

Once the plane reached the jumping altitude of 14,000 ft all three of the stars took it in turns to exit the plane and begin around 50 seconds of heart pumping free fall! The challenge set for the stars was to see who could keep the lowest heart rate during the jump and this was monitored by a small device inside their suit. Once all three where safely back on the ground, it was revealed that John had the highest increase of 155% with Jamie in second at 140% while Freddie was the bravest with an increase of only 108%!

Skydiving is without doubt one of the most thrilling experiences available and after his recent challenge, John has obviously got the buzz for adrenaline fuelled sports and we doubt this will be his last brush with an extreme sport! If you would like to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush jump from a plane and fall at 120mph back to earth, then check out our vast selection available across the country here!

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