Paragliding at 101 – Guinness World Record

We have heard of some pretty crazy ways to celebrate a birthday, but a woman from Ogden, Utah has really taken the biscuit. Marry Allen Harrison has set a new Guinness World Record for the oldest person to Paraglide to celebrate turning the ripe old age of 101!

The grandmother, with four generations of family below her, usually spends her time knitting caps for babies and crocheting bandages for leopards in India, but decided to take up Paragliding “on a whim” after her 75 year old son recently took up the sport as a hobby earlier in the year. Marry said “I didn’t want him to do something that I couldn’t do”, and choose to take the flight as part of her 101st birthday celebrations!

In an interview with the Mary compared the turbulence of the flight with life, saying “…life has its ups and downs, so I guess paragliding can have a little up and down too”. The inspirational OAP said she wasn’t afraid at all because she saw so many other people enjoying the experience without incident, by the time it was her turn to fly she was only excited!

Mary beat the previous record which was set by British women Margaret McKenzie McAlpine who went paragliding while on holiday in Cyprus in 2007, but Mary said she her main aim for the paraglide, (apart from having some fun!) was to encourage older generations to get out there and experience new things while they can and stay positive, because, as she put it: “Friends don’t like a grumpy person.”. It wasn’t until after her flight that her son realised his mother may have set a world record and contacted Guinness to confirm this and later told Mary said she found her new found fame “humorous”!

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  1. Eliziandra says:

    PS. If I’d been in FAPE I would have gone through the new cotositutinn with a finer tooth comb. Alas, when I started reading it, I recognised most of the work the Dodger and I did many, many moons ago in my previous life and lost interest. I even recognised the secretary I had in that life and that brought back fond memories. Not of the secretary but of the time I got qualified in the art and science of flying with the help of Monsieur Guy. And, knowing the Dodger, I know there will be few if any mistakes.Again, fly safe!PPS It was very close a week or so ago, for me to have paxed on a nite flite in a tin can. Hopefully soon! ABJ (now deceased?)

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