Countdown to Christmas: Best sellers from 2011

FIVE WEEKS TO GO UNTIL CHRISTMAS!  Apologies if we have just sent you into a panic of how / what / why / when – but once again the jovial joy of Christmas spirit has snuck up on us, and with all of these fantastic gift experiences we’ve got – someone needs to hear about it!

With more than a billion kids in the world expecting Santa to bring them everything from bikes to 40″ 3D TVs – give jolly Saint Nick a break and send an email… or a lightweight gift pack. He knows when you’re sleeping and he knows when you’re awake – so he’d probably know you’ve been kind, and will duly reward you! If he doesn’t, then we certainly will – starting with some of the best sellers from last year…

Bungee Jump in the UK
Price range: £30 – £198

Highest Bungee Jump in the UK
Bungee Jump in London
Bungee Jump with a Friend

Treat your loved one to an extreme thrill and let them leap from a height of 300 ft! Berkshire’s Bray Lake is the host, and this magnificent jump proved the most popular Christmas gift from last year. There really is nothing like a nice casual jump from a crane after the festive food and mulled wine has gone down. Possibly not one for acrophobia sufferers… but for everyone else – wahey!

Supercar Track Days in the UK
Price range: £75 – £795

Vroom, vroom, vroom! Who doesn’t fancy the shiny sleekness of a super speedy supercar?! Too big to fit in the stocking and definitely too big to wrap up – treat them to a day at the circuit instead. A choice of supercars, a professional instructor, a certificate and photo finish… well, that’s just about the perfect gift we say!

Whether those petrol-headed dreams involve a Lamborghini, Ferrari or even an Aston Martin – Extreme Element has more choice than you could wave a chequered flag at. If you made a faux pas and chose the wrong car, no bother – they can exchange at the click of a button!

Goodwood Supercar Experience – Gallardo, F355, Porsche 911
Supercar Foursome in Oxford – Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and Aston Martin
Supreme Supercar Experience – Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Ferrari 360, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 911 and the Audi R8

Stock Car Championship Racing Day in Northampton
Price: £159

Not just a favourite of Extreme Element staff, the Stock Car Racing Day appears to be a chart-topping favourite for gift-hunters too! Forget the preened perfection of supercars and hit the dirt track for a rough ‘n’ ready, greasy overalls day of proper driving! Racing F2 stock cars, Reliant Robins and a whole host of other crazy contraptions – this Stunt car driving and stock car racing day is perfect for getting behind the wheel of something a little different this festive holiday.

Flying Lessons in the UK
Price range: £95 – £395

Soaring through the sky and learning how to fly a plane at the same time – fantastic! What better way to appreciate your local area and the magnificence of aero-travel than a flying experience day? Well, many of you couldn’t find a better way – as the  30 minute aeroplane lesson (two seater) proved one of last year’s best sellers. Hands-on, exciting – and even counting toward your licence – what more could you want? A certificate? …because you can have one of those too.

If thirty minutes just isn’t long enough to satisfy those celestial cravings, take a look at the 1 hour options – or even the vintage experiences, such as one hour flying in a tiger moth.

Well, that is just a mini-snapshot of some of last year’s biggest sellers. With so many ways to make your Christmas extreme, go wild and and really spoil your loved ones this year. It certainly beats socks, Quality Street and books that they’ll never read!

Merry Christmas!

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