Expert Interview with Ghost Bus Tours!

Ghost Bus Tour Expert Interview

Here at Experience Days, we love getting to know our awesome experience providers! This week we have been lucky enough to speak with Ghost Bus Tours. They offer fantastic tour experiences that are truly terrifying, tons of fun and incredibly unique. Have a read to find out more…

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us! Can you tell us a little bit about Ghost Bus Tours and how it all started?

Ghost Bus Interview 3The Ghost Bus Tours is essentially a theatrical sightseeing tour. It’s a comedy horror show while you see the sights! There are a few horror attractions around, so we decided to create an attraction for the whole family that incorporates elements of sightseeing. We show you all the places we’re telling stories about. It was created by professional actors and comedians as a fun way to experience the city at night.

Sounds really interesting! So, what makes this London tour different and exciting for your customers?

The big difference is that we combine theatre with a tour of London. We show you all the famous sites that you see on other tours, but we also have actors on board performing a show. Our actors are all professionally trained and are also comedians, so the audience has a lot of fun whilst being scared! We also have a state of the art sound system and screens on the bus to create a fully immersive audio visual experience.

Ghost Bus Tour Interview 3So we can enjoy a show whilst being whisked around sightseeing on a bus? Sounds awesome! What are the different tours you offer, and is there a favourite amongst your customers?

The main show we have been running since the beginning is the London Ghost Bus Tour. We also have a Ghost Bus Tour in Edinburgh, and one in York. We are currently in production of a New York Ghost Bus Tour as well! Alongside that we have a daytime tour called The Time Tour. This one is not about ghosts, it’s a science fiction time travel tour where you are taken around London by Professor Quantum, a Doctor Who type with some rather eccentric additions added in as well. I wouldn’t say that there is a favourite amongst our customers, all our tours have been very positively reviewed and we have received the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence for the last two years.

CGhost Bus Tour Londonongratulations, sounds like you really deserve it! The Ghost tour looks frightening… Is it suitable for everyone?

The Ghost Bus Tours are absolutely suitable for everyone. It is primarily a comedy show with elements of horror. There are some scary moments (which I won’t go into here so as to keep the surprise!), but it is designed to be accessible to a family audience. Of course, we tailor the show to the audience; if there are no small children on board then we do increase the scariness and pull out all the scary stops! It all depends on the audience, but we make sure that each show is designed to appeal to the specific audience on board.

Finally, have you got any exclusive news you would like to share with us?

Our main exclusive news is the addition of a Ghost Bus Tour in New York! We are currently working on it and are hoping to have it up and running for Christmas. Watch this space!

How exciting! We will definitely be keeping a look out for your venture across the pond. Thanks very much for talking with us, your tour experiences sound fantastic!

The Ghost Bus Tours currently operate in London, York and Edinburgh. These tours offer an unusual and creepy night out with friends or family, perfect for a Halloween treat. They certainly are tours with a difference!

We also provide vouchers for The Time Tour experience here.

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