Experience Days Has Gone Mince Pie Mad!


Now that we finally don’t feel sick anymore, we can publish our  Mince Pie Madness blog. It’s fair to say, we went a little mince-pie mad in the office over the last week. We set it upon ourselves to try every mince pie, from every shop and every variety – with a few added freshly baked pies thrown in aswell! We may have gone a little overboard with 19 boxes for only 4 mince pie eaters, but hey you can never have to many mince pies. After last year’s mince pie off, will the Waitrose All Butter Mince Pies remain victorious? Or will a new contender steal the crown. New contenders in the race are….

Tesco Iced Mince Pie

The soft iced topping certainly adds a different texture to the classic mince pie. The pies are not to big or small that you’re over welcomed or feel cheated on with the festive treat. Our one criticism is that the icing is a little too thick and takes away from the mince-pie filling goodness.


M&S Star Mince Pies

These pies get a 10/10 for appearance unanimously across the office critics. The pastry star adds a nice homemade-like element to the pie and they are just about the right size too!



Morrison’s Bakery

There are two contenders coming up from Morrison’s Bakery. Its the battle of the ‘Mince Pie’ vs ‘The Best Mince Pies’. In our opinion, the ‘bes’t didn’t live up to their name – they were just too much to handle and very deep. We’re more of a fan of the tart shaped style of pie.


Asda Gingerbread House Kit

Now we know this isn’t a mince pie, but we thought we’d include it anyway. This include-it-all kit is a great shortcut to having to make all the components yourself. At only £4, this makes the perfect Secret Santa present for any age!


So there you have it, our new contenders for the 2016 Mince Pie Off. There wasn’t a unanimous winner with divided opinion amongst the office. However, my personal favourite was the Waitrose All Butter Mince Pie, so it steals the crown again!

We hope you all had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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